Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Garage. Nathan and Sarah.

This is what our garage looked like at exactly 8:37 am yesterday.



And this is what my husband looked like yesterday one minute after 8:37. Can you hear him? He was saying, “Get out into that thar yonder garage, woman, and get it cleaned! Move, move, move!” (Such a mean husband.)


Much of our mess came from the fact that we’re trying to get into recycling and we’re not real organized with it yet. Therefore, stuff was just strewn all over in a miserable mishmash of miscellany. And there are few things in the world that are much worse than a miserable mishmash of miscellany.


The only bright spot in the whole mess was this wall which Steve had organized a few weeks ago. Sometimes I had to stop in the middle of my cleaning and just stand and stare at it for a few moments so that I could be re-inspired to continue to work our way through the mess. And the miscellany. And the mishmash-ness.


We worked. And then we worked some more.


And eventually? By 10:47 am? We had made some progress.

And we would’ve made even more progress if we hadn’t spent a whole hour just sorting our recyclables and hauling them off to the Recycling Center. (Which is a blog for another day.)

But all in all, we felt like we’d accomplished quite a bit. And also we got really grimy and sweaty which is an especially good way to judge whether or not you’ve accomplished something worthwhile. If you didn’t know: One part sweat equals one part worthwhile-ness.


On another note, I want to send out hugs and hellos to my Mom up in Wisconsin who fell yesterday and broke her wrist. Love you, Mom!

And on yet another note, I posted these pictures earlier in the week on Sarah’s site. But since some of you who read this blog don’t read that blog, I’m re-posting them here.

This is Sarah and Nathan on a first day of school many eons ago. (He was a senior; she was a fifth grader.)


And in this picture (taken last Wednesday) is our little fifth grader, all grown up and headed out for her first day of High School. Her first three days of the school year went great; she really loves it!


And here’s a recent picture of Nathan who’s changed quite a bit since High School. (I miss my boy! Sniff.)


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Anonymous said...

You're going to recycle?! I am so glad! And your garage looks great. You guys did good.

Love, deb

lesley said...

Can you get your car in there now? Around here, everyone's garages are jamm packed with stuff and no one can get their car in them-lol.I don't have a garage, so I am off the hook :)
PS I am enjoying the bicycle hanging from the ceiling!

Jan said...

Wow! Great job on the garage! (If you like, you could fly out here and do a job like that on my guest room...)

Hope your mom feels better soon.

Ann Martin said...

You two did a great job. The only thing I've reorganized is my computer files. Jim is having back problems and so our "clearing stuff" for our 3 new bookcases is on hold. He did move the boxes from the utility room so I can get in the freezer. Now the three are standing up in the hall. At least we have the bookcases--now just need to use them.

Kris H said...

I could use your skills in my garage! Sorry I haven't been around for awhile. I have been on the road. I'm so glad to hear your surgery went well. I hope you are feeling better each day. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Sue G said...

I'm so glad you waited until you had shower privileges before tackling the garage. I'm sure your family thanks you, too. :-)

Why am I not surprised to see your organizing skills? Could it be the photos of packing for your move, especially the kitchen stuff? Such a gift.

Love Being A Nonny said...

We really need to work on our garage. Trying to wait until the weather cools down just a little!!! We have all of our bikes hanging and I do park my car on one side, but the OTHER side is a different story!

Anonymous said...

This may sound strange, but I've been thinking a lot about your decision to start recycling and the implication that recycling isn't collected at the curb in your area. I'm honestly a bit surprised because because you live in such an environmentally sensitive area. You've made me really curious about what is common garbage collection practice in NC or in the US.
I live in a part of Canada where we have a pretty elaborate and mandatory curbside recycling and composting program. This means that our family only puts out one small bag of actual garbage each week. All the organic waste and recyclable materials are also collected for us. The whole system is mandatory and only clear and color-coded transparent garbage bags are allowed so that the collectors can enforce it. I LOVE this system -- aside from the environmental benefits, garbage is much less stinky and disgusting.
I wonder if other readers have anything similar where they live. Fascinating stuff!!!
GS in Canada

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