Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Girdle Bra.

You know how stinkin’ uncomfortable it is to wear a girdle for any length of time?

Well, right now I am wearing the girdle equivalent of a bra—a very, extremely, horribly, incredibly tight girdle-esque bra. And what makes the situation all the more lovely is that I have to wear said bra for twenty-four hours a day. For the next seven days. Ug.

Which means no shower or bath. Ug. Again.

And since I’m not allowed to raise my arms higher than 90 degrees, I can’t wash and style my hair. Ug. Yet again.

By this time next week, I will no doubt look like something out your worst nightmare. Plus I’ll probably be just a tad bit crabby as a result of being everlastingly ensconced in this Houdini-type straitjacket. I tell you one thing, next week when the surgeon finally removes this torturous bra and all the dressing underneath, I’ll probably be almost as happy as I was when the surgical drains were removed last time.

Overall though, everything went very well. The surgeon did tell Steve, however, that he had to do some unexpected extra surgery in the area which would definitely cause me more pain than usual during the recuperation process.

So far though, as long as I keep on schedule with my meds, the pain hasn’t been too terrible. And I’m also happy to report I’ve had no nausea whatsoever, which is a wonderful thing. Vomiting in the hours following surgery (which is what happened last time) is pretty awful.

Yesterday morning, after I had been taken back to the pre-op area and had gotten myself all pre-opped, Sarah and Steve were allowed to come back for a few minutes. We talked a little bit and I just vaguely remember Steve praying. (I told Steve it’s great having my very own personal pastor to come and pray with me before my surgeries.)

But what I do remember quite well are the unexpected tears that came to my eyes as Steve and Sarah kissed me good-bye and left the room. Surgery is such a lonely procedure, being so cut off from the whole world and from the people you love. Those last kisses and good-byes only magnify that feeling all the more.

I had another teary session in the shower the night before the surgery and I can’t really put my finger on the name of my feelings. Maybe it was just the knowledge that although I was moving one step closer to my new normal, I was still grieving the old normal that I knew would never come again.

Through the long, hard day (five hours on the road and five hours at the surgery center), Steve and Sarah were extra attentive and helpful and compassionate. They even got to be entertained by all of my woozy ramblings. Steve said I told him the same thing four different times on the way home!

And another aspect of surgery-related wooziness I’ve been experiencing is trying to keep up with the storyline of my mystery novel. I read for awhile last night in kind of a twilight haze and had to keep going back through the beginning of the book to remind myself which character was which. And then by the time I went back and scanned a few pages, I had already forgotten which character I was searching for. And then I couldn’t remember which page I had been on when I started the whole backward scanning process.

So then I just gave up. And went to sleep.

Which I am about to do right now.

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Alyssa said...

So glad that it sounds like your recovery is going well! You are an amazing woman!

MaryH said...

I think a visit to the beauty shop may be in order or enlist Sarah to wash and style your hair. I am thankful for you that you are not having to endure nausea and that the pain is under control. Your new normal will be a comfort at some point and I hope you reach that very soon.

Shannon said...

I prayer the next 7 days FLY by for you!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the bra-girdle--sounds terrible. :-(

So glad you made it through surgery and are home in your pretty bedroom. Convelescing (sp?) commence!

We sure are proud of you and we love you!

Deb and the guys

beckym said...

well i think sara does a nice job styling her hair so maybe she can be your beautician for the next 7days...just put the couch in the bathroom and lay there with ur head in tub and she can even wash it for you too,lol

Anonymous said...

Glad it went well. Surprised that you didn't spend the night - is everything day surgery now??

Yes, have Sarah or Steve wash your hair. Otherwise you can use talcum powder to clean it - works well.

One week - hey, you can do that! So much to be grateful for - no chemo, no radiation, new breasts, good health. Yeah!!!!!!

Amanda said...

Praying for you, Becky - the fastest 7 days of your life! Thanks for sharing your journey so well; you're a great encouragement to my heart.

LeeAnne said...

You're getting back 'on track' such a great post! I sure do hope the next 7 days hurry by for your sake....cant imagine wearing something like that. I HATE tight things so I know I would go crazy. We're all praying you through....

Anonymous said...

actually, you sound quite chipper in this post ... considering the pain and girdle-bra or bra-girdle.
I've been reading lots of mysteries this summer, and I frequently forget how everything was finally solved in the end. And I have no excuse.

continued prayers, that's for sure.....

mrs pam

Stefanie in St. Louis said...

I sure wish you could have had my surgeon! You'd be in the shower right now! I think it stinks your PS won't let you wash up. :(

Glad you're doing well. This time you sound so much more like yourself. :)

Sue G said...

Okay, so how important is a shower--or seven of them--in the middle of hot and humid North Carolina summers? I mean, they're really overrated, right?

French baths, beauty parlor, make-up, pain pills and those new "girls" will be happy as a bug snug in a rug. (Oh my, I sound like something out of the 40's. Oh, wait. I AM something out of the 40's!)

Be well. Everyone loves you just the way you are. You can still shave your legs, right? ;-)

Michelle said...

Oh, Becky, I'll be praying for ya! :)

Rachel said...

Hey Becky -- it's been a while since I commented, but I've been reading.

The part where you talked about getting teary as you headed back to surgery pretty much perfectly explained how I felt when I had surgery last year. It's this totally unknowing and nerve wracking feeling and yes, it's totally lonely. I went in not knowing exactly what they'd find and that made it so much worse.

I'm glad everything went well and I wanted to wish you a speedy, pain-free recovery! And I agree with MaryH -- I would totally head to a salon, explain my situation and see if maybe they would be willing to work something out so that you could get a very gentle and caring shampoo and style. A little tlc if you will. I bet they'd be touched to be able to do something like that for you :O)

Ann Martin said...

Wonderful, Becky, that you can tell us about the surgery so quickly. So glad you are not having nausea or difficult pain. You have your very own Pastor, what about your very own hairstylist? Just maybe Snowy could help with a little licking to clean you for the next few days. Enjoy being pampered--beauty salon -- whatever. So thankful to hear you sound so much like Becky so soon. God bless!

Rachel said...

I'm glad you are doing better during this surgery. I can imagine how uncomfortable the "bra girdle" is - yuk! I badly sprained my shoulder 2 months ago and spent about 4 days in a sling. I was unable to do much with my hair because it was impossible to lift my arm high enough without a ton of pain. So I understand how frustrating it must be for you! Take care - praying time passes quickly for you.

Anonymous said...

Becky, you have been very courageous through this time. I know without the help from the Lord (and your family) it would have been much harder to go through this. I hope that your "girdle bra" won't be too uncomfortable, but that it will do the work for which it is intended. God Bless.