Thursday, October 28, 2010

179. 603.

A numbers post. What a unique idea!

I hate numbers. Never liked them before. Never will like them. Have no plans to ever, ever like them. Ever. Not to mention, never.

Numbers are boring. I mean, you write a number and nothing happens.


See? Did anything happen? Were you moved? Inspired? Entertained?

I think not.

Fifteen does not have the power to move anyone.

No way. No how.

On the other hand, let’s try this:

summer afternoon

Suddenly, you have been transported from wherever you are sitting right this moment to a summer afternoon memory from some long forgotten time and place.

Can a number do that for you? (All together now! “Nooooooo!”)

I guess I also hate numbers because numbers transmogrify themselves into math problems. And we all know that math problems are evil. Math problems have only one answer.

Well, maybe I should say they have two answers. The right answer. And the wrong answer.

And during the course of my life, I have always shown an amazing propensity for choosing the wrong answer. It’s a gift!

But with words?

No right answer. No wrong answer.

If I said, “What does the word ‘mayonnaise’ mean to you?, I could get seven thousand responses and all of them would be correct.

How can you not love that?

But if I were to ask you, “What does 5+7 equal?” and you don’t say “12” (um, it is 12, right?) then you are just so completely and absolutely wrong that it’s downright depressing.

So having said all that, why would I be writing a numbers post? It’s because I have a couple numbers to talk about.


The first number is 179. (Did anybody feel any wonderful emotion or any little “soul quiver” when you saw that number? I rest my case.)

I am talking about 179 because that, my Smithellaneous friend, is the number of comments generated by A Great Idea post. I have read every single comment and have smiled and nodded my head, and pondered and said, “Hmmmm,” more times than you can count.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to each one who jumped into the conversation and wrote about the place you live and the things you love about it. I feel like I know you all a lot better today than I did even a week ago and that is a wonderful feeling.

Before I knew that the post would get so many responses, I had said that I would tally everything up so we would know which state had the most readers. However, I got just a tad intimidated by that large number (see, there’s the number thing again) and figured it would take me until I turned 78 years old to get it all figured out. So scratch that idea.

However, from what I could ascertain as I was reading through everything, there seem to be an awful lot of readers from the St. Louis, MO area. Although I’m not quite sure why so many readers are from there, I do know that if I ever have a National Smithellaneous Readers Convention, I will most certainly go to St. Louis to do it!

So that’s all I have to say about 179.


And the 603?

As of today, that’s how many posts I have written for Smithellaneous since April 2009.

At first, I was all impressed with myself for having written that many posts. But it only took about 4.5 seconds (anyone at all moved by the 4.5 number? I didn’t think so) for me to realize that who I am really impressed by is all of you! Those of who you have read those posts! Those of you who have taken precious time out of your busy day to stop by this blog and actually read the words I have to say.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you guys; I don’t take lightly the privilege you’ve given me in providing such a wonderful audience for my meanderings, and thoughts, and recipes, and essays, and humorous pieces and pictures. (Not to mention, all those Snowy Stories.)

So I will close this post about numbers with words--words of appreciation.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life—wherever you may live.


Smithellany . . .

1. Stefanie from (you guessed it!) St Louis left a comment asking how Snowy’s tail is doing since it was injured several weeks ago.

I am happy to report that Snowy is doing stupendously; you could never tell he’d had a problem with it..

2. Sarah made a cute video to a song that I posted here if you’d like to stop by and see it.

3. And speaking of Sarah (and Snowy) I ran across a couple pictures of them taken about a year ago. What a cute pair.

IMG_0133 IMG_0154


8 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Love Being A Nonny said...

I'm not a numbers girl either! I much prefer words!! Off to watch the video of Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, "transmogrify," what a delightsomely, delicious word!

Nevets (which is Steves spell "bakards")

MaryH said...

YAY for St. Louis and it would be a lovely place to have a gathering - I am partial because it is my hometown and all the areas surrounding (Webster Groves and formerly from Kirkwood). My office is in downtown St. Louis and I overlook the Gateway Arch, the muddy Mississippi and can see into Busch Stadium and can view the pitcher's mound and home plate - it is fun when there is a day game. I still like Roman numerals - I think they are fun!

Anonymous said...

Actually, 15 brought two things to mind:
15 was Jimmy Edmonds # when he played for the
St. Louis Cardinals, and he has a restaurant named 15.
And I thought of George Burns singing "I Wish I Were Again" (maybe he said 'Was")

I'm all for the St. Louis Convention, that's for sure, and
hopefully Snowy would be included in the gathering!

mrs pam

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I love numbers quite a lot. They often inspire a bit too much excitement in me to be socially acceptable, and the transmogrification into glorious puzzles may be my favorite part. But words are good too. :)


Anonymous said...

Good Morning,..

I would have to disagree with this post,.. Numbers mean a great deal to many people for many different reasons,..

It could be a birthday,.. the passing of a family member,.. a wedding anniversary,.. The day your child got the gift of life,..

I could go on and on,.. But I think you got my gist,..

We also use numbers everyday,..

Numbers are just as meaningful as words,..

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