Friday, October 15, 2010

What A Pastor’s Daughter Does For Fun

I’m going to let this group of pictures speak for itself. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to try and figure out what the sermon title is before Sarah gets to the bottom of the sign. (And no, you may NOT buy a vowel.)

I will mention before we get started that this was the longest sermon title she has ever had to put up; that’s why she’s having to move letters and words from line to line—just trying to make it all fit. (She may have to speak to “Pastor Dad” about shorter titles!)


IMG_9785 IMG_9786 IMG_9791 IMG_9792 IMG_9793 IMG_9796 IMG_9797 IMG_9801 IMG_9804



And THEN she had to do the title all over again on the other side.




A woman’s work is never done . . .

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Anonymous said...

I love Steve's sermon titles. And I love reading roadside signs. If I lived in Manteo, that one would make me want to go right in and hear what it was about!

Great job on the sign, Sarah. You are a totally wonderful pastor's daughter!

Hope you're feeling better today, Beck!

love, deb

Guerrina said...

Great job, Sarah! Hope you're feeling better Becky!

Anonymous said...

It might be worth a trip to Manteo to hear the sermon!