Friday, October 1, 2010

The Yellow Wall Saga

As you know, our walls downstairs are painted yellow.


When we moved in, that same bright yellow went all the way up the stairs and covered much of the second floor. Which was okay. For a while.

However, when we painted our master bedroom brown and Nathan’s bedroom tan, the bright yellow right outside the door of those rooms didn’t “flow” real well.

So the challenge was this: How were we to gradually transition from the bright yellow color downstairs to a more muted color on the second floor landing so that the transition wouldn’t be too jarring? (Because we all know that there’s nothing worse than a jarring transition!)

Our first idea was to paint the first floor landing wall with a blend of a couple neutral colors. The wall itself looked great but it didn’t blend with its surroundings. (In other words, its report card said, “Doesn’t play well with others.”)


Then we tried painting the wall going up to the second floor a light tan to blend better with the big brown wall. (Because our first idea was to try and transition to tan on the second floor landing.)

But the first floor landing area looked kind of chaotic with bright yellow (coming from the first floor) a brownish blend on the big wall and then a tan-ish color on the wall going to the second floor. (Did you follow all that? There will be a test.)


So when Plan A didn’t work, we went on to--you guessed it--Plan B.

The first floor landing wall (previously brown) is now a blend of the yellow from downstairs and a paler shade of yellow from the second floor.

Can you see the subtle blending on the “mirror” wall? Unless you’re actually looking for it, most people don’t even notice that gradual transition.


It’s a little easier to see in this picture.


(Oops. Don’t know whose dog that is! He’s so cute I may just keep him.)


Now when the pale yellow “arrives” on the second floor, it flows smoothly into our room . . .


. . . and into Nathan’s room without being too terribly jarring. See? I bet you didn’t feel jarred even one little bit.


I just thought I’d throw in a photo showing the built in floor lights. Just love ‘em.


And even though this last picture has nothing to do with the Yellow Wall Saga, I’m posting it just because I really love our new bedroom. And our wonderfully brown and clean carpet. Ahhhh.


(Just a little reminder--this is what our carpet used to look like. Now you know why I appreciate the new stuff so very much!)


And herein and forthwith ends the Yellow Wall Saga.

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Ann Martin said...

You have done wonders with the house! I wish I was creative and could improve ours; but--too much furniture and "stuff" around the walls. ONE DAY I will clean it out and throw away--just have to make the time to do it. Could start tomorrow (really today as it is after midnight) but probably won't. If the picture of Snowy is recent he has grown his hair to look really cute. So glad for him.

MaryH said...

I like it much better than the tan/brownish walls - you have a great eye for decorating. You have done wonders to make your Manteo home YOUR home.

Now, I just wish I could get my daughter to eat casseroles because I could use so many of your great recipes and right now I am struggling with what to cook for dinner tonight - it is a chilly, cloudy, rainy day here in St. Louis and I would love to make something warm and yummy but she is a difficult one to cook for - give her a salad and some chicken (maybe) and she is fine. I am stumped. Have a good weekend.

Rachel said...

I think the colors in your house is very pretty!! We painted our kitchen yellow, and it's a bit too yellow. I wanted the more beige type yellow. Those little samples can be deceiving! lol

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