Monday, December 6, 2010

Snowy Writes.

Hi.  Snowy here.

Yesterday, I didn’t feel so good.  This morning, I didn’t feel so good either.

In fact, I felt a lot like this.


Since I wasn’t feeling great, my sister and I hung out in my brother’s room and she gave me lots of sympathy while I lolled about on the bed in my most pitiful state ever.  It kinda brought back memories of all the times when I gave her double doses of doggie devotion when she wasn’t feeling well during her cancer treatment.  She and I are real good buddies.


In fact, she even cheered me up a little by telling a few funny stories.  Even though I didn’t feel up to laughing out loud, I was still doing little “sister smiles” in my heart. 


When my Mom took this picture, I tried to put on my Bravest Doggie Face so that she wouldn’t feel bad.  I don’t think I fooled her though.  Mom’s don’t get fooled very easy.  I know that from experience.


This morning, I got up early and helped Mom write her blog. (I tell ya, that woman can’t do much of anything unless I help her. What am I--her personal assistant?)

You can tell she still has her Sad Eyes on in this picture, but I was actually starting to feel  just a little bit better as the morning went on.  In fact, this is my Officially Improving Face. 


In fact, after a little awhile, I asked Mom to take off my little coat (I felt like such a sissy doggie in it) and I walked around the house a few minutes so that I could investigate all the important things that needed investigating. 


I stopped shivering, wolfed down my food, and started acting pretty frisky.  I  also did very good at going outside and “doing my business.”  Ahem.  I decided it would be best not to let Mom post any pictures of my actual and official business-doing.  A man does need his privacy.


Mom told me a few minutes ago that a whole bunch of our Smithellaneous friends are very worried about me and that’s why I figured I’d better write this post.  I feel very happy that when I’m sick, people put on their Sad Eyes for me, just like my Mom does. That makes me feel very much loved.

I heard Mom and Dad talking tonight and this is what they said.  (Um. Don’t tell them that I told you, okay?  I wasn’t supposed to be listening.)

They said that since I was doing my business really well, and eating a lot, had stopped throwing up and wasn’t shivery any more, they were going to wait a day or two to see if my upward trend (their words, not mine) would continue.  However, they said that if I started feeling bad again, they would call the vet. (In fact, Mom is going to touch base with the vet in the next couple days anyway, just to keep the doctor informed on how I’m doing.)

Mom, Dad and Sister have been keeping a close eye on me all day; in fact, truthfully I feel a wee bit smothered.  I just want to say, “Hey.  Could you guys back off already?  Whadya think I am.  A sick doggie, or somethin’?”

Of course,  I really don’t mind it all that much.  It’s not every creature who gets to feel like he is the Center of the Universe.

And I am.  In the most humble sort of way, of course.  

Okay.  That’s about all the words I can think of to say for the moment.  I just wanted to send my sincerest doggie thanks to everyone who has thought about me and prayed for me today.

I think I have to agree with Mom that Smithellaneous Folks are best folks.  Ever!

This is Snowy. Signing off.



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CJ said...

Aww I hope you continue to feel better Snowy! Vet visits arent any fun :(

Anonymous said...

Dear Snowy - I hope you continue to feel better and better each day. You are a very special part of the Smith family and are much loved by lots and lots of people! Linda in Pittsburgh

Anonymous said...

I am so glad! I've been praying!


Miss Judy said...

Poor Snowy, You look so down in a couple of your photos! I have little doggies, too, and I think I worry more about them than I did my 4 kids! I sure hope you feel more and more chipper every hour. I've been sending up prayers for you, Sweet puppy. Get better soon!!
Hugs & Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Dear Snowy,
I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling better! But please promise me that if you start feeling sad again, you will tell your Mom that you want to see a different doggie doctor that might be able to do something different to make you all better again. Ok, do we have a deal? I will be checking on you every day to make sure you are keeping up your end of this deal. I have 6 little doggies and I worry about them when they have sad eyes, and I take them to see their doggie doctor and she makes them feel all better. So pinky promise me that you will let your Mom know if you need to see your doctor sooner than 2 weeks, ok? Much love to you Snowy.
Debbie in Ft Walton Beach FL

Anonymous said...

Dear Snowy,
This is my first time of writing on your Mom's I mean your page, but I just had to tell you I hope you feel better real soon. I worry about my little fur friends when they are not feeling well. I'll tell my little Roscoe to be praying for you too, by the way he is a 10 pound chiweenie. I do love all of your pictures. Continue to feel better my little friend.

Anonymous said... look like you feel a little better. Thanks for keeping us updated and we'll continue to pray that you recover quickly! It sounds like your mom and dad have a good plan.

Cindy in VA

leeanne said...

Oh Snowy ~ I hope you just keep feeling better each day. All that love and attention is surely helping. And you just look so darned cute in that sweater. I mean macho. Yep, macho for sure!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better Snowy! Jill-FL