Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Terrible Picture. Inspiring Book. Great CD.

Okay. First of all I know that this is a really alarming picture of me; my eyes look just a wee bit shadowy and strange. But hey, it was a cheap cell phone camera blended with department store lighting. Not the greatest combination for making me look all fabulous.

But do you see what I’m holding? I’m holding a book! A book that can be found in Target stores and other major retail outlets across the country. It’s a book that has my writing in it! As well as Sarah’s story! Yahoo!

The reason I had this picture taken is that it was the first time I had actually seen the book on a shelf in a store. A real shelf! A real store! So exciting!


The moment was made even more poignant for me because when I wrote the piece for this book, I didn’t have cancer. But standing there in Target? Holding The Cancer Book? I suddenly had a new appreciation for all the stories the book contained. No longer was I an outsider to the cancer world writing a story about someone else. I held Sarah’s story in my hand, but I had also become one of the stories.

The book has 101 stories all together—amazing, incredible, funny, inspiring stories. And we have only about ten of these books left from our initial order.

If you’d like to give one of these books as a Christmas gift, Sarah and I would love to autograph a copy for you and send it your way. As I said, we only have a few left, so if you want one for Christmas, you’ll have to let me know pretty quickly.

Also, we have some music CD’s available entitled, “Like A Blanket.” Here is the picture from the CD cover and the title track. Unlike our other CD’s which are a mixture of fast and slow music, the fourteen songs on this CD are all slow to medium—the music is warm, lovely and peaceful. Steve and I wrote most of the songs but the CD also includes a few hymns including, “My Savior’s Love” and “What A Friend We Have In Jesus.”

The CD is professionally produced with a studio band, orchestrations, and pro background singers. As some of you may remember, we originally put this CD out right as Sarah was going into transplant and we have given at least a thousand copies away to children’s hospitals and to families that have been touched by cancer or other serious illnesses.

Since one of my life goals is to eventually be able to own a SLR camera , Steve and I have decided that any proceeds that come in from this book or CD will all go to The Camera Fund.

And the cost? Well, it works like this:

CD’s are $2 shipping, PLUS whatever donation you’d like to give.

Books are $4 for shipping, PLUS whatever donation you like to give.

And that’s it! No set price.

If you’d like a book autographed, please let me know the specifics when you order.

If you want the item(s) by Christmas, it would be best to either send the check in the next couple days or else use PayPal. (Just go to PayPal.com and click on the tab toward the top that says, “Send money online.” Follow the steps and when asked for an email, type in beckysmith62@aol.com)

Checks can be made to “Heartsong” and sent to:

Becky Smith

127 Raleigh Wood Dr.

Manteo, NC 27954

Thanks in advance, to those of you who will become our much appreciated Camera Fund Patrons!


In other news, Snowy continues to act like he feels fairly well. The frantic drinking has let off some; I think the fact that the vet put him on a different sort of food made him more thirsty.

Of course, regardless of how he acts or seems to feel, nothing can change the fact that each of his kidneys contains a huge stone. That is the reality we can’t get away from and the reality we’ll have to make a decision about in the next week or two.

Thanks so much for your concern and prayers. Also, Snowy says to tell you, um, Snowy says . . . well, actually Snowy is sound asleep in the chair beside me so I won’t wake him up right now to get a statement.

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Anonymous said...

I can attest to the CD - it is Great! I am so glad that Snowy is feeling somewhat better - it was good to see his twinkling eyes again and his head held high - he has so much dignity, as he should. Also, Snowy, I asked my Greyhound to say a few "puppy prayers" for you - I think that is quite logical and does really happen - as you know, Snowy, dogs hearts and souls are some of the closest to God because they are pure and devoted and loving. So, there is a Greyhound named, Wanda, saying some prayers only she knows how to say for you - I am not sure I convinced the cat to do the same! Sorry, but you know how cats can be. Take care, all of you and I continue to hope for better and better news. Mary H.

Still having password issues - need to fix this

Anonymous said...

The CD is awesome (and I am Jewish): LOL! And the book, the best story is written a lady named, Becky Smith, I think. Yes, her name is Becky Smith. The other stories aren't bad either but that Becky Smith person; hers was by far the best one in the book.

Glad to hear Snowy is feeling better. I was so happy he was feeling well enough to "steal" the computer for a bit yesterday it was surely a welcome surprise.

Today is the one year Anniversary of my Aunt's Cancer Surgery (DCIS the same as Becky's).

Have a great day everyone!

Jodi (from the very frigid Midwest)

Anonymous said...

a little behind the times here on the Snowy News.
sure am sorry about those kidney stones!!!!!!!!!!!!
of course, I'm praying for your sweet boy....

mrs pam (already a happy owner of your inspiring book and great cd!)

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome with the book :D Sadly I cannot get the book or cd. :(

Congrats. :) I am glad to hear Snowy feels better.

I have wrote you an email to the yahoo account :)


Unknown said...

That is so cool you found your book in Target. My husbands story is in "A 5th Portion of Chicken Soup for the Soul" It is the 5th Chicken Soup book written. I remember when I saw that at Barnes and Nobles the first time.
Glad Snowy is feeling some better.
Sandy (your cuz)

Anonymous said...

Yet another enthusiastic CD and book owner who loves them both (as well as the rest of your CDs!!). How exciting to see the book in a STORE... a book with YOUR writing in it. I wish that you hadn't had a story to tell that would fit within that category, but you certainly told it beautifully. And I still get chills when I hear "Like a Blanket" and realize that you wrote that before you ever knew that Sarah had cancer. God provides...

Anonymous said...

"Like a Blanket" got me through some rough spots when I had cancer 3 years ago. Read the book and passed it on . . . Thanks so much!
Jan from Toledo

Anonymous said...

You wrote a http too much so the link does not work to the book:)


Anne said...

Hi Becky! I have been a bit out of the loop so didn't know about Snowy! But some better-late-than-never prayers are comin' now from Canada!! I hope he keeps improving and that he will be back to his old self soon :)