Friday, December 3, 2010

Tough Times for Snowy.

Three weeks ago, Snowy was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. The vet also said that he had fairly significant anemia, a couple of smallish/medium kidney stones, and some blood in his stools. She gave us an antibiotic and said to bring him back in three weeks to be re-checked.

We took him back today and got good news and bad news.

The good news is that he doesn’t have a urinary tract infection anymore.

The bad news is that he’s lost over a pound in three weeks (he only weighed six pounds to start with), and the stones in his kidneys have grown from medium-ish to “huge.” He also still has anemia and in addition, is now showing blood in his urine.

Is it just me, or does my darling doggie not look like he feels well?


The vet said she doesn’t have any idea what is going on and doesn’t know what would be causing those stones to grow so quickly. (You may remember we had a very bad experience with bladder stones around this time last year and almost lost Snowy after an emergency surgery.) She did tell us that, for Snowy at least, the kidney stones are even more serious than bladder stones.

Over the next few days, she’s going to contact the State Veterinarian University and talk to some of the doctors there to get their input on Snowy’s situation.

Obviously, we are worried. (In fact this afternoon, Sarah and I had a mother/daughter hugging and crying session.) Blood in the stools, blood in the urine, unexplained weight loss, and rapidly growing kidney stones don’t add up to real great news. And the thought of spending a couple thousand dollars on surgery doesn’t add up to real great news, either.

We have an appointment to take him back to the vet in two weeks. (We’ve been told to make some changes in his dog food in the meantime.) He’ll arrive first thing in the morning and be closely observed for eight hours; also while he’s there, urine and blood tests will be repeated, in addition to more x-ray’s. We should know something pretty definitive by that point.

While he was at the doctor’s office today, Snowy also got groomed. When he got home (with his new shorter hair) he seemed kind of shivery so we assigned Sarah the job of Putting The Coat on the Dog. (I have not yet been successful in accomplishing this task so I’m glad Sarah is so good at it.)

To cheer myself up after getting somewhat distressing doggie news today, I thought I would post a few fun pictures of The Coat Putting On Process.

Sarah starts it all off with a confident smile, which is much different than how I would look when faced with such a daunting task.


And the battle begins . . .







I absolutely LOVE this picture. Sarah’s expression is of a woman who has triumphed in her mission. Snowy’s expression is of a man who is saying, “I am macho doggie and I will NOT go down without a fight!” (Too bad the fight’s already over, Snowy!)




And sigh again.


Sarah has a little talk with Snowy to apologize for having to put the Big Old Bad Coat on him. (Although the pictures don’t really show it, he always loves it when he gets that warm, comfy coat on—especially right after he’s been groomed.)

Daughter and doggie—forever friends.


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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear the "Snowy" news. Will pray that things improve quickly for him. I know how hard it is to have to worry about a pet's health!

Ann Martin said...

Will be praying for Snowy. Know the feeling when the pup is not well. We went through that last Thanksgiving and Christmas with Mama's 3-month old. Enjoyed the pictures.

lesley said...

Awww-so sorry to hear he is not feeling well, that the pup has lost his pep.
Snowy is such a treasure and I pray he rebounds.

Lisa L said...

Oh Snowy..please get well..praying for you sweetie..

Krista Labrensz said...

Oh, poor Snowy. I know that pets are defanitely a member of the family. I will keep Snowy and your family in my prayers as the Vets figure out what's going on with your furry son!


jenny said...

Praying for sweet Snowy... and for y'all.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear the sad Snowy news. It's so hard when our furbabies are not well. Especially when we have no idea why. Praying that he gets better!

Gayle in AL

Anonymous said...

Snowy does look sick - his eyes remind me of when little ones get a fever . . . . so sad. I certainly hope that there is nothing too seriously wrong with him . . . . they become such a HUGE, important part of our families - and we hate when they dont feel very good :( Definitly calls for extra snuggle time!!!

Deb Mathy

Alyssa said...

Poor thing. Praying that Snowy gets to feeling better soon and that it is nothing serious. I feel like he is part of my family after all of these years! Get well soon cute little man.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Snowy-dog! Sending get well thoughts all the way from England xx

Frapper said...

I sure hope & pray that the vet will have some ideas on how to help Snowy. Dogs are such a special part of our families & it's hard not to hurt when they are hurting. Our dog had surgery for bladder stones and had to be on a special diet to prevent the formation of more stones. It was a prescription diet of canned & dry dog food you bought at the vet clinic and so far it's worked. Our prayers are with you and Snowy for a return to good health.

LizW said...

So sorry to hear about Snowy - not at all good to have to worry about him. He is so much a part of your family. Lots of prayers being sent your way!

Anonymous said...

Oh Snowy...get well soon! We all need your happy little face to lift our spirits up out here!! Jojy

Leece said...

I hope and pray that Snowy pulls through...our furry friends certainly are heart breakers.I look at my old, wonderful dog and thank God every day that she's still here. God bless, Snowy.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about Snowy. My little doggie has been sick too and I know how heartbreaking it is to see them not feeling well and not knowing what's ahead.

I'll pray that Snowy feels better soon!

Cindy in VA

Unknown said...

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