Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Git ‘Er Done.

I woke up with great plans to conquer the world, reinvent the wheel and solve the majority of the world’s problems; however, I shortly found myself back in bed with a sore throat, cough and general malaise-esque yuckiness. Three naps later, I have finally dragged myself to the computer so that I can do something more entertaining than lying abed watching my fat cells multiply.

Unfortunately, we have the busiest of busy weekends ahead of us and today was supposed to be my day to git ‘er done! But, oh well. All the things on my git ‘er done list will still be there tomorrow; the only difference is that I will just have to git ‘er done in half the time! (Which might aid the in the dissolution of the aforementioned fat cells.)

However, all is not lost because I do happen to have some lovely pictures to share with you from yesterday’s mother/daughter outing.

Sarah has been contemplating getting her hair cut into bangs for quite a while and yesterday she finally geared up her courage to, well, git ‘er done.

Since we were going to one of the most beautiful salons ever, I took my camera along so that I could occupy myself with taking pictures of all sorts of beauty (human and otherwise) while Sarah and Linda went the through the Cutting of the Bangs Process.

So here then are pictures of Sarah, pictures of Linda (who is a church member and who actually lived in our house for three years!) and also pictures of Linda’s lovely salon. (Which I could take pictures of endlessly because there’s so much loveliness afoot. If loveliness can, indeed, be afoot.

The salon collage I created is followed by a few of my favorite “single” pictures. (I realize I posted a few pictures of this business when Sarah and I had our pedicures but I'm sort of hooked on it!)

salon collage

_DSC0055 _DSC0063



I turned my camera to Princess Groovy Chick as the process began.

_DSC0072 _DSC0116 _DSC0126 _DSC0171

And the final result? Is she cute, or what?


Thanks, Linda, for an afternoon of loveliness!



Let me just say how wonderful it was to once again see Sue Guenther’s name pop up in the recent comments. Sue, we have all missed you around here and continue to send our most heartfelt hugs and prayers in your direction. Thanks for taking the time to sign in; we love you!

Kim wrote, “ pictures. So tell me, what photo program do you use?”

Kim, I actually have Photoshop Elements 6 but every I attempt to open it and learn how to use it, I get intimidated and run screaming from the room. However I have made it a life’s goal to (soon!) master that program ‘cause I know I’ll love it.

In the meantime, I adore using It provides the funnest fun you can possibly have and it’s only $25 a year. Plus, there’s a free option that offers great stuff, too. (My favorite button is the “thinify” button.)

Jill asked, “Has Steve ever shared his story on your blog from his "wild" period? I'd love to hear about it and what made him change his ways.”

Jill, that’s a great question! I’ll forward it on to him and see if he would like to write something up.

21 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Anonymous said...

Sarah...I LOVE it! Good for you brave girl! So fun and stylish.

Connie F-G
LaVista NE

Anonymous said...

I love it! Absolutely beautiful!
Jodie French

Anonymous said...


You look a lot like the actress who played the daughter on Gilmore Girls.

Kathie Mayo

Sarah said...

That is such a beautiful salon! Sarah, that is a great haircut. It looks awesome on you!

Alicia said...

I LOVE Sarah's hair!!! Becky, I emailed with you awhile back and asked you if you had a crisis of faith when Sarah was diagnosed/ill. You said no, but that Steve said he had, and that he would write about it later. Can you nudge him about that, again? Thanks!

LizW said...

Sarah, you look amazing!

Miss Judy said...

Sarah, I LOVE the new do! It's soooo much better than covering one of your beautiful eyes! Just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Love it Sarah! Very cute!
I hope Steve cooperates on telling his story! Come on Steve! Jill-FL

jenny said...

Sarah, the haircut is terrific on you! I always think that when a style looks that perfect the first time you see it, then it is definitely the right style for that person. In think, "Hmmmm, I'm gonna have to get used to that!" Instead, I thought, "Wow! Sarah looks GREAT!"

jenny said...

Shoot, I lost half a sentence.
It was supposed to read: In other words, when I first saw the pic, I didn't think, "Hmmmm, I'm gonna have to get used to that!" Instead, I thought, "Wow! Sarah looks GREAT!"

Krista Labrensz said..., girl and salon! Thanks for sharing the photos.

Karen C said...

Umm, excuse me, but did Sarah grow up by two years overnight?! Very beautiful. :-)

Molly said...

I think I"m turning into an old lady, because whenever I saw Sarah's hair before, I thought "such a pretty face, I wish her hair wasn't in front of her eyes!" - even thought it was surely some kind of official Thing Kids Are Doing that I am officially Too Old To Understand. Well, there we have it. Eyes unobscured, face lovely. Good cut, Miss Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Becky, Sarah just looks amazing. The new style looks sooooo grown up also! Your cute-as-a-bug little girl has grown into a stunning teenager!
Much love from Ohio,


Jan said...

Beautiful, Sarah!

Jan Reuther

Lizz said...

Love Sarah's new hair! She looks so old tho! Where is "our" cute little kiddo? She is a woman now! My Sarrah just recently got her hair done too. She got it in a bob. So cute!

I was driving by a church in San Antonio. The big sign said Pastors Steve & Becky!! I thought that was worth sharing with you!

I would also like to read Steve's story about his "wild" days. I have known another man who went through some wild times and then became a pastor. It is amazing how God works!

Guerrina said...

I love the bangs, Sarah! Great choice!

Margie said...

Sarah love the hair. Guess you're growing up right before our eyes. Yeah.

Sheri Hawley said...

SARAH!! I love the new do! Uh,remind me and when Nathan comes up for spring break we'll send our well-worn, "beating away the boys" stick. Steve will surely need it!

Hope you're feeling better, Becky.

Lisa L. from Georgia said...

I just love Sarah's hair. She looks precious with bangs!!

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