Friday, March 11, 2011

A Brief Friday Missive

Hello all!

My computer at home decided that today would be a great day to stop going online. Actually, I guess the whole modem/router thingie made the decision since not one of the computers at home will go online.

Unfortunately, today is the day that I need to get online the most, what with a new design and a few tweaks to accomplish on it over the next few days. Sigh. So I am here at the church doing some Smithellaneous work before I sign in to do my regular church work.

It seems as though we're having a bit of a font issue with the new design; on this computer the fonts all still seem a bit small (blog designer hasn't made any adjustments yet) but I just heard from a commenter who said that on her computer, the fonts are HUGE. If anyone else is experiencing the Dreaded Huge Font Syndrome, would you please comment and let me know?

The right column size and all the little tabs contained therein are still being worked on; all the fix its may take a few days. Thanks for your patience while we're under construction and thanks to those of you who left a comment saying how much you like the new design. I love that it's a quirky and fun look and a little different from what you normally see. (And to answer one of the questions that came in,yes, all the things poking out of the vase are flowers.)

In other news, Nathan and Meagan left at about 8:15 this morning, leaving me sighing and saying "woe is me" in their wake. The week just went by way too fast and now we won't see either one of them until Nathan's graduation on May 6. (sigh)

I was going to post a picture or two but they're all on my computer at home. Technology is a wonderful but complicated thing.

Well, that's it for now. If I can get back online at home anytime soon, I'll try to post some pictures then.

Again, thanks for your patience with the big blog makeover. I'm excited to have a newly refurbished "home" for my writing!

14 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Anonymous said...

I love the new design and the font seems perfect to me! Same as always. You can adjust font size on your computer browser. I know mine has been "off" at times.
Good luck with your internet!

leeanne said...

I love the new design! Very fresh and fun! The font size is perfect here. Happy Friday!!

Anonymous said...

Becky, the font is tiny on my computer at home, but at work it seems "normal". Must be some highly technical computer thingy I know nothing about, huh?
Jan (Toledo)

lesley said...

On my computer the font is just fine, normal, not too big, not too small. I am using internet explorer for a browser.

LizW said...

All looks fine on this end, but certainly can understand your frustration. My browser is Safari.
Hard to believe that Nathan is almost done with college! What an lovely couple he and Meagan are!

Rachel said...

The font looks fine for me. I would say that some people with older computers do not have the font you are using - so it is substituting another font instead - which is coming up really small. I see your font is: Trebuchet MS and size is 9.5. You might want to switch that to something that everyone would have - like Tahoma or Times New Roman or Ariel.

simplykristi said...

I love new design! :)

Try turning the modem/router on and off.

Nancy Irving said...

i like the old design better (sorry), but the new one is okay too. the font is okay on my computer.

Anonymous said...

LOVE it! So cute and kicky and "you"! :<) And on MY end, with my over-49 eyes, the font is PERFECT. I think the person with the "Huge Font Syndrome" may have a browser issue... (I've viewed it on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Explorer and it looks great on all three... )

Anonymous said...

The font is fine on my computer.

I kinda liked when there was a photo of you included in the header because it sort of made it seem more... I dunno, conversational? More personal somehow. Otherwise the new design is really cool.

Jesse Price family said...

Becky, The font size problem is most likely coming from the fact that everyone doesn't have the same fonts on their computer. If this happens, fonts are substituted making it usually very small to read. Try using a font that would be on most computers.
I love the new design. Somehow it makes one feel younger when they're not so young any more.

Jesse Price family said...

I absolutely love the new design. Somehow it makes one feel younger when they're really not so young anymore.
The font problem is most likely coming from the substitution of fonts. You might want to try using a more common font to everyone.

The Pennington Point said...

Poor Mom. All alone again with her beautiful new blog.

It really looks great! You'll get it all fixed and figured out. I love it! Lisa~

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