Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Forty-Nine Aftermath.

Well, it’s the day after and so far, forty-nine is not treating me too badly. In fact, I don’t feel a day over forty-eight! (By the way,thanks for all the birthday wishes, both here and on Facebook. I have felt loved and appreciated which is certainly the most lovely way to feel.)

Since we had so much fun at my birthday party and since we took so many pictures, I just had to include a few more in today’s post. These are all photos that feature funny faces of one sort or another. In a serious, confused, and sometimes scary world, I believe that posting a few smile-inducing photos is always a good thing.

In the top two pictures of the first collage, I had asked Nathan to come over and sit by me so that we could get a picture of just the two us. Instead, in his usual, teasing way, he happily transposed “by me” into “on me.” As you can probably tell by my face, I was being very dramatic in my moaning and groaning about it.

Nathan, on the other hand, was having a most wonderful time. I especially like his grin in the second photo; I have seen a glimmer of that very grin since he was just a toddler.

nate and becky collage

Even though it looks like it in the bottom picture, Steve is not, in fact, picking nits out of his Dad’s hair. Steve’s mom had mentioned that Ken’s hair was a little mussed so Steve was trying to fix it. May I just say that Steve (regardless of how talented he is) probably does not have a future in hairstyling?

collage 2

And lastly, trying to get a serious photo with two crazy fellas is an exercise in futility. (And sadly, exercises in futility don’t seem to burn up any calories. If they did, I would most certainly be skinny.)

at home collage


Jodi asked, Will the WI Clan be coming out to Florida? I hope so.

Jodi, I’m sure hoping a few of my family can find a way to come to the wedding, especially my sister Debbie, and her husband since they were Nathan’s second parents for the first two years of his life.

CJ said, “How exciting about the wedding! Will you be able to take pictures at the wedding, too?”

CJ, I’m quite certain I will have my camera near me at all times during the wedding and will be completely unable to stop myself from taking a thousand (or two) pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Becky,
Just love all the goings on in your neck of the woods. Your family is so adorable!!
I was wondering how you are doing Healthwise? Are you finished up with all your poking and gouching by your friendly doctors. I hope so. Much in prayer for you and yours.
Love and blessings from Mount Airy, NC
Kaye Joyce

P.S. Your future DIL is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated 49th, Becky! And congratulations to you all, and especially Nathan and Meagan, on the engagement! Even though I've never met the Smith family personally, and don't write comments often, I wanted to let you know that I so enjoy your blog. I look forward to reading your family news each day and seeing all of you photos. Your positive (and humorous) perspective on life is very uplifting. Thanks again for sharing! My very best wishes to all the Smiths!

Whitney in Washington, DC

jenny said...

Just have to say, your hair was ESPECIALLY gorgeous on your birf-day! It always looks nice, but somehow, it just had a little extra pizazz!