Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Okay. So Humor Me.

Yes, I realize that I’m acting like a silly, crazy goofy lady, since I’m getting so excited over Nathan and Meagan’s recent engagement and upcoming wedding. But would you (please) just humor me for just one more little ol’ day? Then I promise I will post about something else.

When Nathan and Meagan got back to Florida, they spent Sunday afternoon with their official wedding photographer to get their engagement photos taken. (Photos by Kristen Czuchra)

I just fell in love with the photos and couldn’t resist sharing a few. If you think I’m bad now, just wait till I get my first grandbaby!

The beauty, tenderness and joy of young love is a wonderful thing.








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There now. Wasn’t that fun?

In Other News . . . .

I’m headed out to the plastic surgeon in Greenville today for a little finishing up procedure; it should take 60-90 minutes and then I’ll be free to head on over to Chick-Fil-A and my favorite thrift store. It just makes the whole doctor’s visit worthwhile knowing I have those two exciting things to look forward to. (And no, I don’t get out much.)

Speaking Of Doctor’s Visits . . .

My sister e-mailed all the sibs today with the following report:

“Mom went in to see a pulmonologist today and he showed us the scan of her right lung. There's a small (spiculated) mass in there, about the size of the top of his thumb. Because it is so small, he said there's not a lot that can be done right now. It can't be biopsied and removing it entirely would be too risky because it's so far in the lung. He can't tell if it's cancer; he said it just looks suspicious. (And I, in my warped sense of humor, started getting a mental picture of a little mass with sunglasses and a trench coat with a fedora tipped low over one eye.) I know this is serious stuff, but at least that helped me smile.

Anyway, the plan is to go back in 3 months for another CAT scan to see if anything has changed. Another option is to check with her old hospital (before she moved) to see if any chest/lung x-rays or scans were done over the past few years that showed anything in her lung. If not, that would mean that this is something new.”

I must say that Debbie’s line about “the little mass with sunglasses” made me chortle rather heartily. She has learned the same lesson as so many of us who have faced difficult medical challenges: If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. And laughing is sure a whole lot more fun, if you can possibly pull it off!

Since it looks like any sort of definitive diagnosis will have be to put on hold, we will just wait with praying, loving, and trusting hearts. We know that whatever the outcome, Mom is not just in good hands-- Mom is in God’s hands.

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Guerrina said...

Great pictures! I love the "I SAID YES" photo for its uniqueness. All done so well, they have a wide choice. I LOVE hearing about the planning, etc! Fun stuff...life changing stuff! Will keep your Mom in prayer.

Anonymous said...

the pics are amazing. and i personally enjoy reading about the college dude and his bride to be.
keep it coming!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pix even if they are our kids.


Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

I LOVE the engagement pictures. especially the one with,' I said YES...written on Meagan's hand. Too cute.

I'll continue to pray for your precious Mamma....and for youand your family as well as you enter this waiting season.

Jan said...

Put me down for another, "Loved the 'I said yes'" photo best...although they're all wonderful!

My mother-in-law lived to 97. As the years crept up for her, she needed surgeries for this or that, all of which required pre-op chest x-rays...all of which showed a suspicious something. That something was scarring from an old pneumonia. It isn't always bad news, and I'll be praying that your mother, also, has an old pneumonia scar (or something similar), and not something new and awful.

Jan Reuther

Anonymous said...

Becky, some of us have been reading your writing for 7 or more years and watching your kids grow up from afar - so believe me, though we may not be AS as excited about the proposal as Nathan's own actual mother, we are excited too and totally love all of the photos :-)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous photos, Becky... third picture down is "Like a Blanket"... :<) That song just wraps itself around so much of your life, just like God's love. And He has wrapped His love all around your mother, and I pray she will rest in His hands and feel His peace while she waits.

Lizz said...

I love the photos! Especially the hand one! Awesome!

Prayers going up for your mom.

Please pray for my "adopted" grandma. She just found out she has ovarian cancer and that it has spread though they do not know to what extent yet. They do know it has not gotten to her lungs or colon which is good.

simplykristi said...

The pictures that you posted of Nathan and Meagan are lovely!

Lots of prayers for you, your Mom, and your family!

Me said...

Wonderful pictures, I love the, "I said yes" picture.
Meagan's purple dress is so cute! Would you mind asking her where she got it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky
Wonderful photos. I'm so glad you are happy. I remember how down you were when you couldn't sell the house and you had to have that camera down your throat, and I don't think Steve had a job and Nathan was broke.. and I told you it was going to get better. Doesn't that seem a long time ago? :)
Pam T

becky m said...

like snowny, we can't get enough, so please swoon over nathan and megan as long as you want. its nice to hear about him more often, when he moved he became a guest blog topic, so its nice to hear so many stories and see so many pictures.

Anonymous said...

Loved Debbie's "suspicious mass" mental picture. That made me smile too!

Laura H.

Anonymous said...

loved the first picture with their eyes closed! love hearing all about them.

lesley said...

Love the photos. What color dress are you going to wear as 'mother of the groom'?

Karen in Hammond said...

I, for one, want to hear EVERY detail of the wedding planning!! I love the "I said yes" photo, but the one with their eyes closed made me sigh.

Best wishes to your mom, I'll keep her in my prayers as well.

Jan R. said...

WOW! Absolutely fabulous pictures! I love the very first one of both of them.... :)
And, btw, I CAN'T Wait to hear about Baby Smith when the time comes! :)

Linda R. said...

Becky, loved the pictures!

Will keep the prayers going for your Mama. Maybe the tests in 3 months will be more definitive.One of our daughters-in-law is going through the same thing right now. Take care!

Love, hugs and ladybugs......

Karen C said...

Thanks so much for sharing such beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple. I love all of the creative poses! Prayers for your mom.

Sue G said...

And for some reason, today it let me post. Okay.

Just wanted to say that I will be praying for your mother, that the intruder in her lung is NOT cancer and is relatively easy to fix, that she get a clean bill of health in three months, and that God's unyielding grace and mercy be delivered to her spirit, her soul, her mind and her body.

As for the photos, it is always a joy to see the newly discovered looks of young love. It is so innocent and sweet, yielding much hope and anticipation of the life they will create together. You raised amazing children, and their ability to make great choices is evident in all that they do. You're a very blessed young (yes young) lady.

Anonymous said...

that sounds like pretty good news for your Mom...
praying that it is even better news in three months.

love seeing ALL the pictures of the REALLY GOOD LOOKING/GORGEOUS couple!

you know we'll never get tired of seeing them!

mrs pam

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures...personal prefernce...Like to see happy faces as opposed to backsides! Obviously couple in love!!!!

The Pennington Point said...

Clever photographer. It's fun to "see" you so excited.

Chick-fil-A is the best reward for anything. I hope the dr appt went/goes well.

So sorry about your mom. I'm glad you and Debbie can find some humor in a rough situation. Sisters are even better than an 8 pack of nuggets with waffle fries & lemonade. Lisa~