Thursday, March 17, 2011

Then. And Now.

Okay. I know I promised that I would take a little break from posting so much about Nathan and Meagan. I did not promise, however, that I would stop posting about Nathan and Sarah. So I am hereby posting the following Nathan/Sarah shots with a happy heart and a clear conscience!

When we took some informal pictures last week, I was both amazed and amused by the fact that Nathan and Sarah’s picture posing procedures haven’t changed much in eight years.

Then . . .


And now.


Goofing off then.





Goofing off now.




ns3 ns7

But even with all the goofy goofing off involved in a Nathan/Sarah photo shoot, we did finally manage to end up with two proper poses.

Then . . .

old ns1

And now.


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Anonymous said...

Makes me cry (with tenderness) to see them together. They have shared more than siblings should ever have to share, yet the joy shines through. They are so adorable. You can just see the love ooze out of them.

Anonymous said...

becky-FYI the tops of all the tabs are cut off on your blog.


the pics are GRAND!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Love the last picture of Nathan and Sarah!

Raleigh, NC

Linda R said...

Becky, enjoyed seeing ALL the pictures. Hope ya'll are doing well right now. Spring is finally beginning to "spring" here in MO. Rain, rain, rain and now the mighty Mississippi is threatening to flood. Not good! Take care and have a good weekend!

Love, hugs and ladybugs....

LizW said...

What really strikes me is how grown-up Sarah looks! You have such great looking kids, and it is obvious that they love each very much. You have so much to look forward to these next months - enjoy! Hope your mom is feeling ok.

Rachel said...

I remember when those first photos of Nathan and Sarah appeared on Sarah's spot! And the newer ones are just as awesome.

I've always loved the photos you've posted of the two of them, the love of their relationship literally just shines through :)

Kim watts said...

Love them all!!! You talk about that wedding all you want. I'm a's excited as you are! I feel like I know you all and have watched Nathan grow up after following your website all these yrs. I loved all the engagement photos. I really like the one that says I said yes on meghans hand, too cute!

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures Becky, and great post! Sarah has grown into such a beautiful young woman, and Nathan a handsome young man! Time has flown by hasn't it? Can I just say too, LOVE your new blog look!!! You go girl!