Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Snowy Plays Dead and Comes Back To Life and Styles His Own Hair In An Amazingly Impressive Fashion

Hi. Snowy here.

This is a really big day for me because Mom (who is a wee bit worn out from the past frantic-esque week )has assigned to me the job of writing today’s Smithellaneous post. She said that she was just way too tired to help me and that it was going to be entirely up to me.

So. Today? I am the Blog Master! I am the King of Smithellaneous! I am the Dog in Charge! Listen to me ROAR! (Or, um, bark, as the case may be.)

Even though I hate to admit this fact (since I am an independent, self sufficient, manly man sort of doggy) my blogging style has really been influenced by my mom’s example. I have sat in the recliner next to her and helped her write countless blogs and if there’s one thing I’ve noticed, it’s that her blog posts usually feature lots and lots of pictures.

Also, I’ve noticed that historically, her best blogs have featured numerous pictures of,well, moi. (I’m trying to be humble here, but it’s not easy.)

And so. Since she is my Blogging Person Mentor, I certainly wouldn’t want to mess around with her successful modus operandi. (Whatever that means.) So today’s blog will be entirely comprised of pictures of, well, you know who.

I thought up a really great and descriptive title which I have put at the top of this page. I hope that you were suitably impressed by my massive intellect and creative titling skills when you read it.

And now, here is my very own post . . .

One day last week, my mom discovered a natural spotlight in our house and plopped me down in the middle of it so that I could (rather against my best judgment) pose in a distinguished manner.


And then (hard task master that she is), she told me to stop posing and to roll over and play dead.


I mean, really, really dead.


I had to peek a little bit to make sure I was doing it correctly. There’s a lot of pressure to succeed in this cut throat, playing dead business.


Once I finally came back to life, my mom told me I had done a good job. All I could say was, “Aw, shucks.” Beneath this studly exterior, I am actually a very humble dog.


But then? There was a crisis! A messy hair crisis! Let me tell you folks, being dead really plays havoc with one’s hair.



Since my appearance is of utmost importance to my overall blogging image, I had to immediately launch into a few emergency hair styling maneuvers. You may think it’s easy to do one’s grooming with no opposing thumbs, but I am here to tell you that it takes ingenuity and contortionist contortions to get myself looking this handsome.

Most of my hairstyling technique (you can take notes, if you wish), involves the act of rubbing my head vigorously against the carpet. You should try it sometime!


Let’s see. Head rubbing done. How do I look?

Naw, this look is no good because it hides one of my beautiful black eyes.


Let me attempt a re-style.


Ahh. That’s better.

I’m a good lookin’ dog, if I do say so myself. And I do. (Um. Say so. Myself.)


Okay. I’m done.

And I’m now off to report (very humbly) to my mom that today’s blog has been written. And published. And enjoyed by thousands.

I am so wonderful.


This is Snowy, signing off.

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Krista Labrensz said...

Aww...great post, Snowy. I always enjoy hearing from a doggy like yourself. We only have a cat (gasp!) here and I like getting your view on life!

I will defanitely try that hair technique you have...rubbing it on the carpet. It can only help, right?!

BTW...I'm so glad you are feeling better. I really didn't enjoy reading when you were sick! Take care of yourself...and your family!


ps...yes, I speak doggy! =)

Anonymous said...

Um. What in the world is that yellow thing on the floor with Snowy????

(please please please tell me I'm not the only one questioning this...)

Yes. I'm bad. And I always - always - admit it.


S in STL

leeanne said...

Well done, Snowy...well done. You have really stepped up to the task! I love your doggy perspective and your hair styling techniques are pretty amazing too!

It was so nice of you to step in so that your mom could rest. I hope she is back to feeling like herself in no time!

Anonymous said...

I love you, Snowy! I'm afraid if I tried your carpet technique for styling my hair, I'd still be down on the floor. I usually hold the dryer in one hand, and work the mouse (computer's, not real) with the other. And, I'm afraid that I often resemble your
after-playing-dead style!

woof and love
Mrs. Pam

Becky, UK said...

Hi Snowy.

My 2 Labradors, Ben and Sparky, were very interested to read about your hair styling techniques. They are both short haired, but wonder if they rub their heads on the carpet like you, will it encourage more moulting for me to hoover up? This who causing me more housework is something they enjoy doing, so any tips from a stud as yourself are most welcome!

Additionally, they think you should start your own section on your mom's blog, entitled 'Snowy's Studly, Stupendous Styling Tips' (or similar) where you can impart your pearls of wisdom for other like minded mutts to share. They are sure it would get more hits than the main blog ;-)!

One more thing...we all hope you are feeling much better - you certainly LOOK much better!

Anonymous said...

Hi Snowy! I enjoyed your post. I work in an animal shelter (ask your mom about that if you don't know what it is) and we have some great dogs here. We also have cats, birds, bunnies and an assortment of other small creatures. Anyway, I've shared your styling tip with some of our small dogs here (the maltese mix, and similar breeds) and they plan to try it out when they see a perspective new family headed their way. They wanted me to thank you for the tip. Hugs to you and all your family!