Saturday, April 2, 2011

For Your Weekend Perusal And Happy Inspiration.

As springtime tentatively peeks her head around the corner and as Manteo begins to burst back into bloom, I thought it would be fun to recap local loveliness from some of my past photos.

IMG_9501 _DSC0068 IMG_0138 IMG_2153 IMG_2379


IMG_2731 IMG_3466




IMG_5065 IMG_5105




IMG_5562 IMG_6266


IMG_6677 IMG_8071 IMG_8244


IMG_8299 IMG_8621 IMG_8746

Happy springtime, y’all!

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Vickie said...

Beautiful and inspiring. Our spring is sort of weak because of our draught, even though it arrived a long time ago.


Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures Becky! I am jealous....want to trade places a while? You are a blessed lady!!! ;) Love ya!

Rachel said...

This makes me even more excited that we've only got 9 more weeks til our OBX '11 trip! So many beautiful memories we make there every year. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful photos to help me make it through the rest of the year!

Beach said...

Wow all the pics are gorgeous!!!!

:) Heather

Rachel said...

Love the picture with the hedges and the little walk through thingy (yeah I'm so technical, lol)

Unknown said...

Becky, your photos are so beautiful. Thanks for posting. I love Manteo!

Unknown said...

Becky, your photos are so beautiful. I love Manteo!

Anonymous said...

I'm coming in 3.5 weeks for my OBX 2011 trip. I looked at your pictures and just told my hubby that we need to retire there! Or have a year long sabbatical! Thank you for sharing.

Sheri Hawley said...

I feel like I just toured a fabulous art gallery! Thanks for sharing your talents with us! Love you, my Friend.