Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Beauty Jig. And A Trip.

Last Wednesday, I went to the gym. Because we all know that I am a Health and Fitness Guru and Gym Going Machine. (You can stop laughing now.)

After I left the gym, I went across the street to CVS to pick up an eyeliner pencil, which is one of my (few) must have beauty items.

Take just a moment if you would, to picture me as I’m standing and perusing the beauty aisle. I’m wearing no make up (except for a forlorn dab of lipstick that somehow survived my semi-intense workout), I have an old ball cap pushed down on top of unwashed, mostly unbrushed hair, and I’m wearing a non-too-inspiring t-shirt and sweat pants ensemble that’s perfect for the gym but just slightly less than perfect for wearing out in public.

I’m sure that anybody walking by me would have thought, “My, my! If anyone could use some items from the beauty aisle, that unwashed, uncoifed, unkempt woman surely could.”

After I had picked up my eyeliner, I thought that I would take a few extra minutes to just look at some of the other stuff in the beauty aisle vicinity which turned into a quasi-overwhelming, semi-frustrating task.

Have you ever done that? Have you ever stood in the cosmetic aisle of a store for a month of Sundays, picking up one item after another, squinting at the small type as you read about how this particular miraculous item was being touted to transform your very existence?

And the thing is--while some of those products are an unmitigated waste of money, there are other products that really are excellent. Unfortunately, I am not really on the cutting edge of many things fashion and/or beauty related, so I am generally in a highly clueless state as to what products might be worth trying.

So I continued to stand there and contemplate all the promises of beauty. I sighed a little, squinted a little, read a little, and thought a little. And then I said to myself, “It would sure be nice if I had a hundred girlfriends lined up in the store with me so that each one could recommend her all time favorite item(s) that she just can’t live without.”

And then? Then, I thought about you! And I suddenly got happy! And inspired! And I did a little jig right there in CVS! (Well actually it was an internal jig. Which is much less alarming than my external jig.)

It occurred to me that I could just throw my clueless self on your mercy and ask you to take one (teeny little) minute and leave a comment about what item(s) you truly love when it comes to lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, cleansers, anti-wrinkle stuff, moisturizers, hair products, etc.

If you all will do that, two good things will happen:

  • I can get some much needed input
  • Each of you could get some new ideas when you read what everyone else contributes

So it’s a win-win situation. And plus, the whole idea just makes me want to jig! And that’s really saying something ‘case I am generally a genuinely non-jigger.

So that’s my request for the day. As a (newly turned) 49-year old woman (headed quickly toward being a newly turned 50-year old woman) I really could use a little bit of fresh beauty inspiration in my life.

Can’t wait to hear what item(s) you just can’t live without.


In other news . . .

I mentioned on Monday that I was going out of town briefly. Which I did. And it was a most lovely time.

It’ll take me a day or two to get some of those trip experiences processed and written down but for now I’ll leave you with a couple photos I took on my way home.

IMG_3328 IMG_3360 IMG_3372


I love the scenes of spring.

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Unknown said...

Those pics made me think of Little House on the Prairie.... :) nice

Daisy said...

I love Cetaphil face wash, Neutrogena sunscreen, Eucerin body/hand lotion (fragrance free), and Maybelline Falsies mascara. They are ALWAYS floating around my bathroom and purse. Oh, and EOS lip balm- it looks like an egg. Fantastic stuff!

Anonymous said...

The best thing I have ever done was stop using the stripping hair products like shampoo,conditioner, gel, hair spray, etc. I have very fine, thin fly away, baby fine hair that has NEVER been colored (with some gray hiding here and there which I can still hide (almost). I have traded in all those things for a product called Wen by Chaz Dean. It's Cleansing Conditioner. It doesn't lather but it cleans hair without stripping. It is the best thing I have ever purchased. My hair has never looked softer and healthier. It's a little expenisve but it replaces all hair products. Go to his website or catch him on QVC. However, don't by it from Gentry (I think that's what it is). If it's not from his direct website or QVC don't purchase it! It's amazing and I get compliments on my hair everyday. It perserves your color (according to my friend). There are four formulas but if you want to try one go with Sweet Almond Mint (it was his first and it's all purpose---if you like that one you can pick one of the others). I don't where ANY make-up so this is all I have. Love to all, Jodi

Anonymous said...

I agree with Daisy...I love cetaphil face wash and neutrogena sunscreen. Neutrogena also makes a magic under eye cream that goes on with a roller to reduce's great!!

The one thing that I can't live without is lip gloss. I probably have 5 tubes in my purse right now.

Jenna said...

My beauty advice is:
- less is more
- don't be afraid to try to things- try new colours and products (but save the "flashy" stuff for the kids).
- I have found there's little difference between most more expensive products and the super cheap stuff found in a drug store. Except for eye shadow- that is th exception!
- remember that it is how you feel on the inside that goes a long way to how "beautiful" you are on the inside. Stand tall, smile frequently, and show genuine love and care for others - an you will be truly beautiful.
- mositurize every night
- don't forget that the small details are important- accessories, hair clips, a pretty scarf etc!

Also- LOVE your spring pics! Here in Canada, the snow on my front lawn is still taller than my 11 year old daughter!!! Craving spring to come here too!

Anonymous said...

Go to and you will be hooked on the most reasonable make-up website there is. I am not a make-up fashion guru so name brands are not important. They even send you coupons from time to time and you end up paying very little. So far I have not had any allergic reactions either. Try it .

Anonymous said...

I love the bare essential/bare minerals line of make up products. My daughter used them for years and I honestly thought I was too old for them.
I'm 50. anyway, I purchased the starter kit and absolutely fell in love with everything. Their lip plumping gloss (buxum) is to die for and I have it in every color. I purchase it at qvc as it is a little less expensive and they make specific products just for them. Here is the link. I get compliments on my skin all the time.|1214&rewrite=no&level=2&walk.yah=6285-1214

Hair - I use Ojon damage reverse and love it! Entering this not so fun menopause stuff has been causing my hair to thin a little and this shampoo works wonders.

La Mer face products are awesome.
I also love all the Dr. Wexler products from Bath and Beauty Works.

Beverly said...

...I'm waiting to read about the wrinkle products...!

Anonymous said...

Cetaphil moisturizer (SPF 50)... haven't tried the cetaphil face wash, but use cetaphil hand lotion ALL day long.

I'm hooked on Cover Girl for lipstick... the kind that you put the color on, and then the clear top stuff. The color stays on all day, and you can add the top stuff whenever you feel like it. sorry I can't think of the official name for the topcoat.

I keep switching mascara... so maybe some of your fans will have a suggestion that I'll try next time.

mrs pam

Pam D said...

I have become a real fan of a company called DHC, based in Japan (they seem to be doing fine in spite of the earthquake/tsunami...). I've used their products for nearly 10 years now and have a few that I would be very sad to have to live without. Here's a link to a set that has a couple of them:
The Deep Cleansing Oil and Velvet Skin coat are both amazing. They also have a skin oil called Olive Virgin Oil that REALLY hydrates. I've tried a lot of their products and love many of them, but those 3 are always on hand. I'm 50, and it's crazy hard to watch my skin age; these products make it a LITTLE easier...

Anonymous said...

Becky, I don't use make-up. Never have, never will.


leeanne said...

Becky, My must-have item is mascara and my favorite is from Avon. It's wash-off and waterproof. Comes off easily with soap and water but holds up under moisture (like tears, etc.). I never leave the house without it on. I dont wear much other makeup. A little blush is all. For anti-wrinkle and moisture, I use Avon's Ultimate Age Repair Day Cream and the Night Cream. I just started using it about 6 weeks ago and I can really see a difference. My face is softer, smoother, the pores are more refined and I have gotten a couple of compliments on it too! Great stuff!! (And the Day formula has SPF25!!) For lips, I really like the Burt's Bees lip balm. It comes in several sheer shades. It's kind of pricey but worth it.
I LOVE your pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely the best find, and available at CVS! ALmay Smart Shade anti-aging makeup. I have tried them all, in all price ranges, and this is by far one of the best! Also, Almay eye-color specific shadows, liners and mascara! Wonderful stuff.

Anonymous said...

When I was a teenager, I visited my great aunt in North Carolina and got a little too much spring sun on my face ~ she gave me my first bottle of Oil of Olay, and I've never used anything else! (She was a great advertisement since her skin was gorgeous even in her 80's.) I use Revlon Color-Stay Lipcolor because it really does stay all day (sometimes a quick touch up if I've eaten something), a little Estee Lauder blush, little Cover Girl eye liner and I just found VOLUMINOUS MILLION LASHES which, I admit, I bought because of its name (who wouldn't?) and it comes in a sparkly golden tube. It's wonderful except tends to flake in the evening if I rub my eyes too much. I've never used foundation so not sure about what brand. L.

Guerrina said...

My favorite moisturizer is....refined coconut oil bought in the oil aisle ($8) at the grocery store. A friend's naturopath recommended for all over including face. My friend was a diehard DHC user, but has tossed it all away for this oil. It's the first time I've stuck with a moisturizer! I love it! No, it does not smell like coconut or much of anything!

Lizz said...

I wish I could help you out here! I don't wear makeup very often. If I do it is to take pictures. My hubby hates it! So I guess you could say he has "trained" me not to wear it. LOL! I do wear mascara more and more. It is hard getting used to it because I have blonde eyebrows so brown eyelashes look kindof off. I do like how it makes my eyes look bigger! I use Cover Girl mascara.

brooke said...

this may sound rude, and i don't intend it to sound that way at all.. but honestly becky - the most beautiful women i know don't wear any make up. really. i'm not making that up as some new-agey love your body crap. i'm not about that at all, even though i am a bit of a hippie. some how who they are just comes pouring out and on to their faces, and hands, and feet. and yeah, many of these women are your age.

i suspect that you could pull it off too. how much you care about people, your faith in God, the trials you have been through and come out on the other side of, sounding like a stronger person because of them (sounding like - that's the way it comes across on your blog). i know that that caring, kindness, compassion and wisdom would find its way to the outside with no problem at all.

you probably don't like this beauty advice, and that's okay with me. it goes against the grain to such a great degree. i hope, though, you don't mind me adding my 2 cents.

Lisa from Georgia said...

I use Clinique eye make-up remover (the blue bottle) and love it. My shiny hair secret is baking soda once a week. I sprinkle some baking soda on my shampoo and shampoo/condition my hair normally. I was told it strips off the chemicals etc. that rest on the hair. I don't know if all that is true, but my hair is soft and shiny all the time.

deb8able said...

Dermologica Skin Care Age Smart - best stuff ever!! I don't wear make-up, but this line of skin care is amazing!

moll said...

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. I have the fairest skin I've ever seen, get hives from the sun, and am allergic to most sunscreens. You'd think that was a setback, but it's NOT, because it means I'm forced to wear high SPF, all-natural sunscreen and cover up from the sun every single day, and my skin loves me for it! Never ever leave the house without a good, gentle sunscreen on, and wear a hat if you are in direct sunlight! And sunglasses, even if it's a little cloudy - it'll prevent squint wrinkles and sun damage to the skin near your eyes.

Drink a ton of water, as well. Your skin will look fresher for it.

Also, the more you get used to not wearing makeup, the nicer your skin will be. The prettiest gals I know are the ones who don't go out with a "full face" on every day - it just makes people wonder what you're hiding!

The Pennington Point said...

How fun to rad all of these tips! I'm with Jodie on the Bare Essentials Lip Plumper, it's great. I use Clinique products for most everything else because they are the only things that are still on at the end of a long day. But my favorite new tip is to use a primer before you apply eye make-up (I have very dark circles under my eyes). It makes your make-up look smoother and helps it last all day. Thanks! Lisa~

Ann Martin said...

I like skin care (Merle Norman) more than most makeup but do use both. I have to have eye makeup or I will scare you. The eye makeup remover that I like best is Artisty by Amway. I use some of their skin care but mostly MN because I try to stay with one line. I do like bare essentials foundation and lip gloss. Purchased it on QVC. I am surprised that I go with only eye makeup except on Sunday but always use the skin care.