Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beauty Tips and Sons

Thanks a bunch to everyone who has stopped by the comments area in yesterday's post and left some of your beauty tips and favorite beauty items.

I am learning a lot and hope that you're stopping back by to read the tips your fellow readers have left. For those of you have something to share and haven't done so, please do. I'm desperate here, ladies!

Of course, my favorite comment so far has to be the one from my very own husband who declaimed decidedly that he does not wear make up. At all.

That is certainly good to know.

I worked for quite a while earlier today on a post about my recent trip but I didn't quite get it all said the way I wanted to, so I put that on the back burner so I can work on it more for tomorrow.

But for now, just because I miss those good ol' days frightfully, here are a few pictures of my favorite son. (I'm working in a different posting editor so the pictures are laid out a little weird but, oh well! He's still cute!)

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Anonymous said...

I Love that kid. I think when we grow up I want to marry him :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Meagan, we'll be glad to introduct to Nate!!


Jessica Kramasz said...

So cute! He must have been such a sweet little boy.
Congrats Meagan :-)