Friday, April 15, 2011

A Big(ish) Outing

Last October for Pastor’s Appreciation Day, our church gave Steve and me a gift certificate to Owens, a local restaurant. Sadly though, just when we got ready to put the certificate to use, the restaurant closed for the winter and so we had to cool our heels (along with our taste buds) for five months--all the while continuing to hear rave reviews about the place from various local folks.

Well last Friday night, our Big Moment finally arrived and Steve and I were more than ready to go out and do it up big; in fact, we were ready to par-TAY! (Or at least go forth to eat a fine meal in a generally enthusiastic and energetic fashion.)

And oh, what a meal!

May I just say that if you ever come to the Outer Banks on vacation, you must stop by Owens Restaurant for a meal; it is a drop dead gorgeous restaurant (owned by the same family for 65 years) and the food is amazing. I will warn you, though, that it’s a bit spendy; we probably won’t be going there a whole lot unless we’re accompanied by a gift certificate or unless it’s for a special occasion--like possibly our 85th wedding anniversary.

(Or actually, come to think of it, the portions are plenty big enough to split if you and your Officially Accompanying Person are not big eaters.)


But anyway, here we are, getting ready to delightedly delve (not to mention dive) into our delectable desserts. Steve had coconut pie on a chocolate base and I had pecan pie, warmed, with a scoop of ice cream. (And please do your best to not be jealous of our Unique Hand Holding Technique. When you've been married 29 years, you find out there is more than one correct way to hold a hand!)

steve and becky edit

May I just say that we were not, repeat not, counting calories on this particular evening. Life is too short to count calories all the time, and one of those decidedly non-counting times is most definitely when one is dining at Owens.

And even though the meal was expensive, my thrift-lovin’ soul was happy that the leftover filet mignon we took home with us was more than enough to feed all three of us for dinner the following night. I added baked potatoes, a veggie, and some rolls and we got to eat expensive food two nights in a row. How fun is that?

A Few Comments

Kim said, “What beautiful pictures. I'm sure you've told us...but can you tell me again..what kind of camera you have?”

Thanks for the compliment, Kim! I do love taking pictures!

I have two cameras:

  • A “purse camera” which goes with me everywhere. It’s a Canon Power Shot A620 that I’ve had about three or four years; I feel like it’s my best friend. (Well, apart from Steve that is, who is my absolute, very best friend.)
  • I also have a Nikon D5000 which is my “it makes me feel like I’m a real photographer even though I’m not” camera. I’ve only had it a couple months so I’m still finding my way around it but I absolutely love it and am being constantly inspired by all the potential it offers.

My H said, “Is Sarah feeling better now? She was under the weather a few days ago.”

Mary, thanks for your concern about Sarah. Obviously whenever Sarah gets a fever of any variety, we tend to worry a tad because unexplained fevers were one of her original cancer systems. So whenever she does run a temp I say, “Do you have a cough? Runny nose? Sore throat? You do? Oh good!”

I realize it’s a bit odd to do happy dances when one’s daughter has a sore throat but we cancer moms are funny like that.

Anyway, this last fever was (thankfully) accompanied by all the “regular symptoms” so she just stayed home a couple days from school, bounced right back and is currently feeling great!

Anonymous said, “What you had was EXACTLY like the sleep study I just had and waiting for results. What were the results of yours?”

It’s been so long since I had that study that I really don’t remember exactly what the final report was; obviously it wasn’t anything too alarming because no one told me to change anything or do anything different. Good luck on getting your results! There’s nothing quite like going through a sleep study, is there?

Debbie asked, “Beautiful pictures Becky. Out of curiosity, did you find anything at the consignment shop?”

Debbie, actually I did find a treasure. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been on the lookout for summer shoes with toes in them (due to my recent traumatic toenail removal) and I snagged a pair of gold/tannish, leather casual shoes that had some hoity-toity designer’s name in them. (Although hoity toity-ness doesn’t matter in the least to me.)

I looked them up online when I got home and found that they sell new for about $60-80. I got them for $20, which is still a little expensive to me, but hey, I’m a desperate woman! And sometimes a desperate woman just has to shell out $20 for shoes!

But any rate, I just love the whole treasure-hunting vibe of thrift stores and consignment stores because you honestly never know what will be around each corner. The shopping is so much more interesting than at a mall.

And all the thrift store lovers said? Amen!

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Anonymous said...

Becky, Do you know anything about Martinsville NC? Do you live nearby? My husband is waiting on a phone interview with a local hospital there. Guess what area????
Sleep Disorders. Anyway, if you know anything about the town, can you let me know please???

Anonymous said...

AMEN to the thrift stores and flea markets. I love the thrill of the chase. It is finally warming up in Western Pa. and the flea markets are starting again. But I have enjoyed the local thrift stores all winter. We are some of the few people who actually go to another town to go to thrift stores and not the mall.!!

Linda R. said...

Hi Becky!

Thank you!! You gave me a great idea and I'm wondering now why in the world I never thought if it! This is a "DUH Linda moment"!!! I too, got a new camera which has been taking the place of my little 35mm. It still worked well, but I wanted "more" camera for those special shots and trips.

I love to photograph barns and went on a 90 mile jaunt to see my sister in the hospital the other day down in the "country" and forgot the camera. I saw sooooooo many barns that I could have taken shots of. I just read your blog and thought "Why don't I put that 35mm in my purse?" (it's already so overloaded, I'll not notice the extra weight!!). Then I can pull that little dude out and take all the pictures I want even if I don't have the big camera with me. My phone takes pictures, too, but I NEVER think about using it! Another "DUH Linda moment"!!!

I'm gonna go put my small camera in my purse right now! We are going to see Ernie Haase and Signature Sound tomorrow night (introducing 2 of our grandgirls to gospel music). If I forget the big camera (and it could happen in the rush of getting ready and out the door), at least I'll have my stand-in!! Thanks again Becky!!

Have a wondermous weekend! AMEN to the thrift stores!!

Love, hugs and ladybugs...

Lisa from Georgia said...

You have made the Outer Banks look so appealing that I am considering a trip there this summer for my husbands and my 20th Anniversary. Would you be kind enough to do a post of "must see", "must eat" and "must stay" for us?? You have talked about several places since you have been there and I don't know if I have found all of them in the archives. So maybe a Travel Brochure post as such...who knows you may be on to something with that.

Lisa from Georgia said...

Oh and a "must shop" too, of course. :)

Karen in Hammond said...

Hoping everyone is ok in your area.

Unknown said...

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