Sunday, May 15, 2011

Both Ends of His Journey

I dropped Nathan off at Norfolk International about three hours ago; he should be landing in Orlando in about five minutes where he will be greeted by his ecstatic (not to mention happy) fiancee. I told him that he was a blessed fella to have women who loved him on both ends of his journey.

We've had a really wonderful week with him and I am happy to say that I have taken approximately 93,000 pictures--give or take a few hundred thousand. However, at this point in my life, my immediate focus does not have to do with photos; it has to do with tucking myself into bed (very early) for a short book and a long sleep. This has been an incredibly busy and emotional week and while I have ever so much to share, I think it will all make quite a bit more sense when I am rested.

Unfortunately, the nearby forest fire that I mentioned in Friday's post is having more of an impact here than it had been; the wind has shifted and Manteo is filled with smoke. For people with COPD, that's not such a great thing. I've been hacking a lot, and using my rescue inhaler and trying to keep my activity level down so that I don't get quite so breathless.

And what better way to keep one's activity level down than to go to sleep early?

Sounds like a plan!

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Anonymous said...

your best family picture ever!!!!

Linda R said...

Becky, glad you had a good trip and a nice visit with Nathan at home. Hope you get some relief from the smoke soon. We've had water, water everywhere and it wasn't fit to drink for weeks now! Thought we were gonna have to start the Ark!!

Have a good week!

Love, hugs and ladybugs......

Krista Labrensz said...

Sweet Dreams, Becky! Hope you get a restful nights sleep. Can't wait to hear all about the week with Nathan. I know a lot of memories were made!


Anonymous said...


As someone with very serious asthma (I use advair AND need to use my rescue and/or nebulizer daily). I often need a steroid rescue when things get really bad or if I am going to be in a place or situation (animals, flying, smoke) that will trigger an attack that requires the ER or 911. Give the MD a call. We need you breathing and safe. Love ya, Jodi

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