Friday, May 13, 2011

He Cooks! He Eats!

Wednesday night, Nathan took over the kitchen and whipped up some spaghetti for The Fam. A man who’s cute? And who also cooks? Quite a prize!

nate coo

Deftly donning his Super Man Cooking Pose.


Preparing the side dishes.

_DSC0279 _DSC0280 _DSC0281

Smiling. Son. Sitting.


Smiling Son Showing Off for Smith Sibling Sister


A Smith Sib Merry Moment followed; more pictures of that particular scene to come later._DSC0301

We have just two days left before Nathan goes back to Florida and we’re packing in the memories. Today’s memorable activity will consist of celebrating the fact that Steve turns 54 today. (Or as he puts it, “Next year, I’ll qualify for the senior citizen’s discount at McDonalds!”)

His request for a birthday meal was (get this) a hot dog buffet. Yes, you heard it here first. We are grilling hot dogs and then will provide about fifteen different toppings to choose from so that people can make a Chicago hotdog, or a Carolina hotdog or, in my case, a plain ol’ hotdog with ketchup and onion. (I’m so adventurous.)

And may I just say right here that in all the annals of the known world, there has never been a husband any better than this man I have been blessed with. Happy birthday, favorite person!


Ann Martin said, “ Love the pictures and especially the one of the "happy couple" with many more happy ones to follow within the next few months. Glad you had a safe trip. Are the fires near you? Any affect on you or the church? Been thinking about you and praying for safety with all that's happening.”

(Before I answer her question, let me just explain to the rest of you that there has been a fire burning for several days about 10-15 miles from us. It’s burned at least 20,000 acres and is not yet fully contained. One of the women in our church is a firefighter; in fact, I saw her in the grocery store yesterday buying huge quantities of fruit for all the firefighters. We have been in contact with her during the week letting her know that we’re praying for her and her colleagues.)

Ann, we can see the billows of smoke occasionally when we’re out on the beach road but really haven’t smelled much smoke at all. I guess it’s all blowing the other way since I’ve heard that people are smelling the smoke as far away as Raleigh.

Catherine said, “Congratulations Smithies! I know it was a great trip, great accomplishment. How fast it has gone by. Where will Nathan be working on his Master's? Any colleges in your area? Have a friend whose daughter is at a college on the Outer Banks. Will he be living with in laws or you after marriage? Do he and Megan have jobs lined up? We have 2 former College Dudes who are now Working Stiffs but it took a while to get them there. So much to do, so much excitement here. And, I swear, Megan look more and more like you, Becky, each time I see her pictures. You must go to the same hair dressers!”

1. Nathan’s not sure where he’ll be working on his Master’s; he only knows for sure that he’ll have to do it part-time so that he can work full time. The next couple years are going to be busy ones for him!

2. Yes, there are a number of great colleges near here but since the majority of Nathan and Meagan’s lives as a couple is Florida-based, it makes the most sense for them to look at the options there.

3. At this point, he and Meagan plan on staying with her sister and brother-in-law for a short while after they get married; thankfully, John and Joy have a large house! (Not to mention a cute baby.)

4. Nathan will continue working on Chick Fil A for a while (he just got a promotion) but is keeping his eyes open for other opportunities. Meagan will be looking for a job in her field of elementary education; however, during the summer (and during all the wedding planning) she is being nanny to two babies—one of which is her darling nephew.

Lisa Burt said, “Hello and congratulations. What subject did Nathan graduate in and what does he hope to do as a career. What an exciting time for you all. Love and prayers.”

Lisa, Nathan’s degree is a Bachelor of Science in Human Services. He’s still considering a couple options for a career but knows that he wants it to be involved in some way with helping/leading people.

In closing, I have enjoyed hearing from so many of you who have mentioned you have a child graduating or getting married this year; it’s so much fun to go through these experiences, not only as the Smith family but also as a part of a larger family.

One of the few things in life that can always be counted on is that new seasons and transitions are always right around any given corner. And how much richer it is to share those special seasons with others.

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Catherine said...

Love the idea of a hot dog buffet. Meagan's got herself a prize here.

I'm thinking about colleges for Sarah! Southeastern is gorgeous but ever so far--this from a mom whose one son is nearly cross country away for school, and whose kids all chose colleges at least 7 hours away, sigh.

Catherine said...

Eep--I goofed, you're the one with the prize; it's Steve's birthday! But then both your men are terrific!

Marysienka said...

Happy Birthday Steve!! Hope you have a great day! :)


Anonymous said...

To whom it may concern. . . we also had fixins for New York style hot dogs.

A great time was had by all.

But the various flavors (Chicago, Carolina, New York) were great going down, but didn't sleep so well. Sigh.

Thanks Bec and fam and guests for
a great time.


Anonymous said...

Keep it Simple on the HD, Becky! Didn't the last HD adventure result in a visit to the ER and several days of misery?

Praying for a safe flight to Florida on Sunday.

I know it will be hard, Becky. With a Mom as awesome as you, Nathan will have a difficult time too.

Love you guys!