Monday, May 9, 2011

Big Day. Big Trip.

We are home!

After driving a total of 1800 miles (capped off by a 13-hour trip home yesterday), we pulled into our driveway in Manteo last night and just sighed a long, happy sigh. Safe trip, (former) College Dude in tow, many happy memories—what more could we ask?

Since I have to leave for work in just a minute and don’t have time for a longer post, I’ll just share a few pictures of Nathan’s graduation. (And for those of you who have asked, he got his Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services and is wanting to go into some field of helping people although he’s not sure yet which direction that will take him. He plans to start on his Master’s degree within the next few months.)

This was taken from a very long distance in a huge auditorium so it’s not real clear but it gives you a little peek at his big moment. (And may I just say that while you look at this photo you also need to imagine a whole row of friends and family screaming, cheering, clapping, hooting and hollering at ear-splitting levels. In fact, when we finally sat back down, Sarah leaned over and said, “I don’t think I’ve yelled that loud in my whole life!”)


Celebrating with his best gal. . .


. . . and his other best gal.


My favorite men.


So proud!


_DSC0073 _DSC0081

A few more shots . . .




9 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Catherine said...

Congratulations Smithies! I know it was a great trip, great accomplishment. How fast it has gone by.

Where will Nathan be working on his Master's? Any colleges in your area? Have a friend whose daughter is at a college on the Outer Banks. Will he be living with in laws or you after marriage? Do he and Megan have jobs lined up? We have 2 former College Dudes who are now Working Stiffs but it took a while to get them there. So much to do, so much excitement here.

And, I swear, Megan look more and more like you, Becky, each time I see her pictures. You must go to the same hair dressers!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Nathan!!!! I know you are proud. We had one graduate from ODU this past Saturday and another will be graduating from UVA on Sunday, May 23. Happy, proud times!

LizW said...

You must be exhausted but exhilarated at the same time! Congratulations to all the Smith family!

Random said...

Congratulations, Nathan! and the entire Smith family! Major (but super exciting) changes coming up... best of luck to all of you in those. I hope Nathan will be at least close enough during his Master's that he can visit regularly, but either way, it will be a blast.

Ann Martin said...

Love the pictures and especially the one of the "happy couple" with many more happy ones to follow within the next few months. Glad you had a safe trip. Are the fires near you? Any affect on you or the church? Been thinking about you and praying for safety with all that's happening.

Ann Martin said...

I'll try to post Prince's before and after photos as he was groomed today for the first time since mid-December. He is so cute with short hair.

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