Monday, May 16, 2011

Of Endings and Beginnings

Oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear. Those were the first words to visit my brain when I woke up this morning.

And just why was I “oh dear-ing?”

Well, mainly because I’ve just been through a crazy busy two weeks and I have innumerable crazy busy-related stories and pictures to post. However, since the last two weeks have been so (aforementionedly) crazy busy, I’m way behind on all the other areas of my life (in a major sort of crazy busy way) and so therefore I can’t spend the time I would like on blogging about all the previously mentioned crazy busyness.

Hence the oh dear-ing.

So for this morning, I will just share a few miscellaneous pictures and then post much more in the coming days. (Should the crazy busyness happen to abate.)

Here is a Monday Morning Picture Synopsis . . .

Friday we had a total of twenty people at our home for Steve’s birthday dinner.

I used the same simple chocolate cake recipe I’ve been using for the past century or two, topped by our favorite frosting. 1. two small boxes of vanilla pudding 2. mix with two cups of milk instead of four cups 3. add a small container of Cool Whip 4. stir together 5. spread on cake. 6. garnish 7. remove calories 8. eat


Here’s The Birthday Guy and Son, listening to a song on a guest’s iPod.


It might seem strange to wear name tags in one’s own house, but since we had invited several new people over from the church, we asked everyone to wear a tag stating their name and the first job they ever had. We’ve found that putting extra info on a name tag gives people who don’t know each other something to start a conversation with. (You could also ask, What was your first car? or What is the cheapest you ever remember seeing gas? etc.)

And just so you know: Nathan’s tag said, “Chick Fil A,” mine said, “Cleaned hotel rooms” and Steve’s said, “Foreign car mechanic.”


Another Activity of the Week was dance class. Since Nathan and I are slated to do a mother/groom dance at his wedding reception, we figured we’d better practice a little.



Since I am the non-danciest person you have ever seen, I’m sure my efforts to dance with my son will be the humorous highlight of the wedding.


Before going to a movie on Thursday evening, the four of us climbed Jockey’s Ridge.


I last climbed this particular mountain of sand when I was seventeen years old so it brought back some happy memories. (Note: This is NOT a picture of me as a seventeen year old. Just in case you were wondering. Which you probably weren’t. So. Never mind.)


It was a perfect evening for it; the smoke from the forest fire was blowing the other way and it was a bit cool with low humidity--perfect climbing conditions for someone whose lungs aren’t always at their best.

Of course, Steve and Nathan (being all male and macho) had to show off for the women folk and run (yes, I said run) up part of the dune. It make my whole body hurt just to watch them.


It was such a happy evening; one of those halcyon moments in life that you know you will remember forever.

I will always remember the laughter. And I will always remember the tears.

sarah and me cry


As we all stood together in that beautiful place, looking out over the sea, enjoying the last golden glints of daylight, I knew we were close to the end of a precious era of life that would never be repeated.

And as much as our whole family adores Meagan, and as excited as we are about her and Nathan’s upcoming wedding, their happy beginning represents a a bittersweet ending for the four of us. And you know what moms do when precious chapters come to an end?

Yep. We cry. Even when we’re not pretty criers. We just cry.

sarah me nate cry

And then we feel better.

And we go back to enjoying the wondrous, simple moments that that make life’s journey joyful and beautiful. . .


. . . and full of precious endings. And beginnings.


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Jessica Kramasz said...

Beautiful pictures. What a wonderful memory that will be.

Karen C said...

Nathan sure has the most beautiful (sorry, handsome) smile. Could it be all those mama/daddy dollars on braces? Ha!

Don't understand how it feels yet when a son leaves to get married, but do understand the end of chapters in a mom's life (empty nesters in a few months). God sure is good to give us children that we love SO much that we are going to miss SO much. As I looked at your pictures, I celebrated your family's love and chapters of life. Just let the tears flow -- you've earned them. :-)

brooke said...

oh becky, this is beautiful. my grandmother used to cry whenever we'd leave a visit. she never let us know, but i learned this because i do the same thing and my aunt let me know that my grandmother did this too. it made it easier for me.

thanks for your pictures of jockey's ridge. every time you post pictures of the obx -> especially pictures of bodie and hatteras islands (since we never spent time on roanoke island) i get memories of my dad (who died last april from a 5.5 year battle with prostate cancer). glad memories. thank you. and recently i've been doing geneology work for both sides of my family, and my ma's family -> her father's side of the family centered in currituck county. so, more happy memories.

oh, and your dance.. it doesn't matter if you know how to dance properly with your son during his wedding. it matters that you love him as much as you do. i know you know that, but i just wanted to say it. personally, i think it is simply beautiful how much you express your love for your children so publicly. everyone should be blessed with a mother like you.

Anonymous said...

You are killing me! From one mother to another, my heart aches for you. I completly get it. Maybe you should have just grounded him to his room while he was home! (:

Dana Hart, Greenville SC

Sue G said...

See...this is exactly why I tried to never get too attached to my kids! :-)

Seriously, Becky, you have no idea what wondrous doors will be swung open to new adventures upon Nathan's marriage. I know it will be different...and there will be a period of adjustment...but, think what you will be adjusting to:

A new daughter.

A new future.

New experiences.

And new love.

Your capacity to love is untethered. I expect loving the couple will be as gratifying as loving the singular son has been for all these years.

Anonymous said...

Becky: I'll challenge you any day of the week to a "pathetic dancer" contest! I have stomped my way thru 2 of my 2 daughters weddings and alarmed several guests who suggested calling 9-1-1 for my obvious seizure. It was humiliating. Jojy

Lisa said...

Yah'll are just so loveable and beautiful! My prayers are with you all.

Guerrina said...

Awww...can you please start your posts like this with "Tissue Alert"?! I know that happy/sad ache for different reasons with my child. Gosh, was it this hard/emotional for our parents to let us go? Nathan & Sarah have knockout smiles! Just pick a dance that allows you to hold on that extra minute and sway....alot!

Anonymous said...

Great post. The pics of you crying made me cry and my babies are only 3.5 and 10 months! Your family has so much to cherish. God gave you Nathan knowing you would raise him to be a strong, faithful, respectful and loving man. Oh and the best big brother to Sarah. He knew your journey and he knew you needed a son that would endure Sarah's treatment with as much grace and courage as she did. I only hope my children can become such wonderful people like Nathan and Sarah have. They are going to always have amazing lives because they are amazing people with an amazing family.

North Dakota

Shannon said...

Hi Becky, your two newest posts...don't seem to pull up? Just an fyi...unless it is just my computer?

Thanks for sharing!!

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