Friday, June 3, 2011


I posted yesterday that Steve was stranded in Pennsylvania with a transmission that went kapooy. (You may not realize this but kapooy is a term that all mechanics use.)

His parents, who were also at the reunion, had already left for North Carolina; however, they turned back around when they heard about Steve's dilemma. Over the course of the day, Steve found out that although the transmission can be fixed, it will cost between $1000 and $2700 and can't be ready until at least Monday.

Since Steve is a pastor and pastor's Big Days are Sundays, he knew he needed to get on home, even if it meant leaving his car behind.

And so he and his parents hit the road for North Carolina yesterday afternoon and will travel all day today. Sarah and I will meet them later this afternoon at the point where his parents turn off to head to Charlotte. It'll be about five hours round trip for us but that's okay since Sarah dearly loves a road trip. Plus it will give us a chance to have dinner with Steve's parents which is always a treat.

On Tuesday, Steve will probably fly back into Pittsburgh to either pick up the repaired car (if we go that direction) or do some sort of trade in. That is certainly not our first choice in dealing with this situation because we try to buy vehicles and "drive them till the wheels fall off." However, doing a huge repair on a not-so-valuable car is not the most inspiring idea either.

At any rate, we'll get that all worked out and talked out over the weekend. For now, I'm just happy to know that my hubby is headed homeward; he's been gone five nights and that was five nights too long!

Sarah and I were saying last night that the house seemed mighty empty without Steve around. Thankfully we had Snowy, our last remaining Smith male, still at home with us. Although he took great care of us all week, he now says that he's exhausted from all the extra work he did and is going to have to sleep the rest of the day.

If you didn't know, he is very gifted at sleeping. In fact, if colleges offered Sleep Degrees, he would definitely be at the top of his class. So nice to have such talent in the family.

Asleep or awake . . . he's a pretty cute fella. We think we'll keep him.

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Robin said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

Got a word for you and Sarah.......cymotrichous!

Also, I checked with my dad and he confirmed that "KAPOOY" is in fact a technical term for a car that "dies" on the side of the road.

I hope the OLDSmobile lives another 200,000 miles at least. Sarah needs to be seen with her mom and/or dad being dropped of at school in the OLDSmobile. But it only works if you give her a big juicy kiss in front off the school with all her friends watching.

Have a nice weekend! Glad the other man of the house has returned. Sure looks like Snowy has had enough for this week.