Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life Goes On.

Although I am positively bursting with pictures and stories from the last few eventful days, I am spending the morning trying to coordinate housing for some flooded folks and also setting up a link on our church website so that people can donate to local victims of the flood. Although I love all things technological, my brain is unfortunately of the non-techy variety so setting up this sort of thing takes me seventy-nine hours (at least) where it might take some of you twenty minutes. (Show offs!)

I’ve been blitzing emails back and forth to the tech guys at the place that hosts our church website and I must say that they are maintaining a very patient attitude in light of my impressive ignorance. They sent me an email a couple minutes ago with a question (trying to ascertain just what I’m trying to accomplish today) and I wrote back “I can’t answer that because I don’t even understand the question.”

I’m sure all the tech guys over there sit and wait with great anticipation to see when my next entertainingly befuddled email might arrive in their midst.

So anyway I’m taking a bit of a break from all of that to do this quick post; my brain was starting to fizzle, sizzle and threaten to self destruct if I made it contemplate even one more technical conundrum. I shall get back to it in just a minute.


Life goes on, despite the flooding. Starting school five days late, Sarah became an official 10th grader this morning.



One of Snowy’s favorite activities in life is taking Sarah to school and he has been quite disconsolate over this past summer since he was downgraded from Official School Escort Doggie to Basic Doggie.

However, this morning, he stuck very close to Sarah so that she wouldn’t somehow forget him when the time came to leave for the Taking Sarah To School Expedition. He is one happy doggie, now that his purpose in life is once again being fulfilled.


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Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Ha...I feel the same way (about computer ?) everytime I contact my work IT guys. I often wonder why they answer their phone by saying, "Kim's personal helpline?" Not funny. :-)

10th grade...oh my....your baby girl is growing up way to fast.

Still praying for all of the midst of the clean up.

Anonymous said...

Great "first day of school" pictures. I love Sarah's sandals!


Richelle said...

I am planning to get rid of some bedding (many sets of sheets, a comfort). Do any of the flood victims have a need for that? Please email if they do with an address, etc. Email address: Thanks, Richelle S.

Anonymous said...

99% of my school stuff is on my home computer.
two weeks ago Jim the Computer Guy set up
Pen Pals Labels at church.
One week later, i couldn't find them. so, I e-mailed him from home, and he sent the very COMPLICATED instructions:
1. click on Word
2. click on File
3. click on Open

I felt sorta stupid!

Hope Sarah has a terrific 1st day of school, and that Snowy isn't too lonely throughout the day.

mrs pam