Thursday, September 29, 2011

Breathing. Blue.

Although I’ve had COPD for about six years now, for most of that time I haven’t been on any daily medication.   I tried several in the past and not only did I not see appreciable improvement, the medications also affected my vocal cords and made it next to impossible for me to sing without hoarseness. 
So. The pulmonologist took me off everything except my rescue inhaler and that was that.
As I’ve written before,  after my cancer surgeries last year I went from being able to blow 350 on a peak flow meter down to 300 with 600 being normal for my age.  And to be quite honest, that was rather discouraging for me.  I couldn’t help but think, “Where will I be a year from now?  Or five years from now?” 
Downward trends in breathing are never terribly heartening.
Well.  When I went to the new pulmonologist last week, he did some tests and then sent me home with a sample of Spiriva to try. I took it along with me without any great feeling of enthusiasm because nothing’s ever helped me before. 
But I am all about being a cooperative patient and so for the past five days, I’ve used the Spiriva every morning.  And yesterday?  I blew a 375 on the meter!  Three. Seventy. Five. 
Can you believe it?  And so far, my voice feels fine—no hoarseness, no strain, no nothing.
So today I am one happy, grateful, breathing-a-little easier woman.

If you love the color blue, you will love the pictures below.
Before you peruse them however, please know that I donated several pints of blood to the Marauding Manteo Mosquitos in the taking of said photos. I have never seen so many mosquitos in my entire life.  Not. Ever. 
But I squirted on some skeeter spray and ferried forth into the fray with fervent, fevered, (f)photographic fervor. 
(These were all taken in a gorgeous harbor front neighborhood about a mile from where we live.)





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Sue G said...

Wow. I am so happy for you. I can only imagine what a thrill it must be to see those numbers coming up.

I love it when God works miracles, especially on someone I care about so much. We both know the medication is just God working through it.

Gotta love the Guy!

Shawn said...

My brother took the same medication and it worked wonders on him. Glad it is working for you. I also love all the pictures you take. They are so beautiful! Thank-you for sharing!

Take care!

Anonymous said...

YAY!! When I saw the title to the post, I knew that COPD was involved somehow. And I was afraid that your breathing (or lack thereof) was making YOU blue. I was gearing myself up for a big burst of prayer... so glad that I could change it to a big burst of praise instead! And those blue photos are stunning. Maybe you should do color collections with your photo cards; these could be part of the "Blue" set. :<)

MaryH said...

Great news about the new meds and an improvement in your breathing. Also, I know you feel this daily, but what a blessing you were led to Manteo to live in such gorgeous surroundings and be able to visit them as often as you wish. Stunning photographs, Becky. I am envious.

Deb said...

I am glad that you found something that will help....and let you continue singing! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures and I am just a bit jealous.
You know, you could keep up Wedding Wednesdays until their first anniversary....just a thought. I would enjoy it. If you run out of wedding pictures, go ahead and document some of the first year "firsts".

Anonymous said... glad the Spiriva worked for you! It unfortunately did NOTHING for my Asthma so I gave it up after about 6 months. Sigh. Haven't found any Asthma med that really works for me except Albuterol as a reactive med.
I am glad you are doing so much better! Jojy

Ann said...

Yay for better numbers! I also was afraid the Blue in your title referred to your breathing, or mood.

I LOVE your photos. Always have, but the pictures lately have just been stunning. Even my husband will stop and look at my computer when I say, "Wanna see some new pictures from Becky?!"

Thanks always for the beautiful pictures and words!
Ann O.

Lizz said...

Wow Becky! I am so happy you seem to have found a medicine that is helping you! That is awesome news!!! I totally agree with Sue G, "Gotta love the Guy!"

Those are beautiful photos! What is that "thing" on the beach? It looks disgusting but then you see the shadow of it and it looks like the "thing" is saying "Look at me! I'm Batman! See my shadow? Beware!"

Anonymous said...

I also have COPD and had been off Spiriva for awhile because it is so expensive. Even with insurance, a month's supply cost me over $50. So I was "making do" with my nebulizer. I went back to Spiriva a couple of weeks ago, and can't believe how much better I feel. I take it right before I go to bed, and I am sleeping so much better, too. Glad it's working for you.

Guerrina said...

Feel like singing the Hallelujah chorus! Wonderful news! Your pics are stunning! What a beautiful place on earth.

Sheri Hawley said...

Oh Becky! What wonderful news!! I'm so thankful with you. And I echo every comment on here about the beautiful pictures. How nice to see the world with your encouraging eyes. Thanks for that! Love Ya.

Anonymous said...

In the picture of the sand with the ... well I'm not sure what it is in the foreground. Dog poop? Sticks? Anyway with some brown... stuff... in the foreground, the shadow it casts look just like the Batman Signal. Hehehe.

Sharon Price said...

I'm so glad to hear that Spiriva is working for you. I've been on the medicine for close to 7 years now. Never had any hoarseness with the drug. However, I never gained that many points on the Peak Flow. I'm still only at 325.

jbaj said...

Love the pictures and so happy this is working for you!!