Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: (Plus a Honeymoon Sneak Peak!)

I don’t know who the wise guy is that’s making that goofy face but it’s 
quite obvious that he needed better parenting in his formative years.
Let me just say that if someone was holding me off the floor sideways like this? 
I would not be smiling. 
I would be yelling in a highly hysterical manner.
Trust me on that.
Nathan has been blessed with some truly great friends. 
Michael (on Nathan’s right) was his best man and also went with him to
Jerusalem during their sophomore year of college.
And the other two guys are just all around wonderful fellas. 
I remember all the times Steve helped get Nathan ready for church
when he was a baby and a toddler.
Here he is helping him one last time.


The Belle of the Ball and Her Belle-ettes.
Love this perspective.
Awaiting the first glimpse of the First Lady of his heart.
That is one happy mama-of-the-bride!
After twenty-two years of being Nathan’s mom, I thought
I had all the expressions of his face memorized. 
His wedding day changed all that. 

I saw new expressions of joy; new expressions of love.
Oh yeah.  And I also saw this.
Did I give him permission to get all grown up and
 go around kissing beautiful women in public?
Did I?

Sigh. Yeah, I guess I did.
Although it seems to me that Nathan wasn’t the only handsome man Meagan was sharin’ the love with that day.
Here she is with her most darling nephew, Spencer. 
(Spencer’s dad was one of the two ministers who performed the ceremony.)
I’m just not sure if the six of us could have smiled any bigger. 
What a joyful day!
After the ceremony, it was on to the hard work of picture taking. 
And water drinking. 
Can you tell that the bride and her party were dealing with
 some pretty intense Florida heat?
Of course, being Southern belles, they did not sweat.

They glistened.
What a bunch of purdy (glistening) ladies.
wedding pro3
It may just be me, but the two of them look awfully
grown up standing there together.
I still can’t quite believe I am looking at a picture of
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Smith.
My son!  My daughter-in-law!  They’re married! I’m a mother-in-law! 
Someday they will me a grandma!
(insertdeepcalmingbreath here.)

Okay.  May  I just say one more time that this guy seems to be just a little wacky in the face making department? 
I hope his wife has plenty of patience stored up;
she will certainly need it for the next sixty years
of living with her goofy groom.
wedding pro4

Guess what?  
Before I close, I have preview for you! 
Next Wednesday there will be more wedding pictures—
plus some honeymoon pictures!
Like these!
314939_587368422978_116701404_32253136_568869321_n (1)
nate meg

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Anonymous said...

I think Meagan's dress is so beautiful! I watch the tv show, "Say yes to the dress", not sure why I watch it but I do, and I must say Meagan has one of the prettiest dresses I have seen. Love how happy they both look! Thanks for sharing.

nancy irving said...

sigh, such beautiful pictures, can't wait until next wednesday.

toronto, ontario, canada

MaryH said...

So much fun - keep them coming - that was one of the prettiest, happiest wedding I have ever seen! Can't wait 'til next Wednesday.

Sue G said...

I really am starting to look forward to Wednesdays just to see more wedding photos. Usually I don't try to hurry my life from one day or week to the next. Instead, I try to savor each moment that God gives me. But I look forward to these photos because it reminds me that God gives me so much...even in sharing the joy of others and the expressions of love on their faces. It is truly a gift to behold.

Thank you for sharing. (And if you wanted to do Wedding Tuesdays and Thursdays I would not object. I know you love how about Terrific Tuesdays and Tremendous Thursdays? Just a thought.)

Deb M. said...

Oh Becky, I could look at wedding pictures of Nathan and Megean ALL DAY! They look so darn happy - such an exciting day. Again, I loved her color choices for bridemaids dresses the yellow with the pink shoes ADOREABLE!!! Cant wait until next week!