Monday, October 3, 2011

Bike Trail Kiss

Although Steve and I have many things in common, we have some major differences when it comes to bike riding.

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He likes to ride veryveryfast. 

And I like to ride mediumish slowish.  And I also like to hop off the bike in a slowish mediumish fashion to take pictures. 

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Despite these differences, we do make a point of riding together once or twice a week, usually in the evenings when my less than speedy mode isn’t an issue and we’re able to talk as we ride.

But in the mornings?  He heads out the door in a veritable flurry of fastness for two reasons:  1) He needs to get his bike ride and shower done speedily so that he can get into work.  2) If he doesn’t ride at top speed, he doesn’t get his heart rate up enough for a good workout.  

This morning, he left for his ride about twenty minutes before I did, made it up to the north bridge and turned around.  I had just been riding along a  few minutes in my most merry moseying mode, when I saw him in the distance heading back toward me.  When we got near each other we stopped for a bike trail hello. 

And a bike trail kiss.

10-3011 bike  woods 260

Well.  At least we tried to kiss.

After thirty years of marriage we have had plenty of practice in that particular department; however, we have not had much practice in the area of kissing while wearing bike helmets with little visors that poke straight out and tend to collide with other little poking out visors. 

As a result, we had to to through a quasi-awkward visor arranging and lip organizing routine which required an interesting array of various head tilts and proper face angling. I couldn’t help but think in the midst of our marital maneuverings,  “Here we are on a bike trail which runs adjacent to the main road in Manteo.  I’m sure we are providing great entertainment for the passing motorists.”

I even pictured what a news headline might look like should there be any reporters lurking in the trees.

“Local Pastor and Wife Steal A Kiss On Bike Trail. Almost Foiled By Sun Visors.”

As Steve and I wrapped up our brief romantic rendezvous and rode away in opposite directions, it occurred to me that when Sarah goes out on her first date, we may just require that she and her fella wear bicycle helmets the whole night; they are truly an effective Kiss Deterrent!

I also mused as I rode that there are at least two ways to light up one’s day.

One of them is riding bike on a sunny fall morning. 

And the other is getting a bike trail kiss.

10-3011 bike  woods 240

New Commenting System Update

My commenting system installer has informed me that there seems to be something amiss with my blog template which is making it tough for her to get the system installed in the right place.  (It’s currently at the very bottom of this page which will not be its permanent place of residence.)   I’ve contacted my original blog designer to see if she has any input. 

Bottom line is that it may take awhile to get all this figured out.  In the meantime, you can just keep on using the regular commenting system under each post although the new commenting system is actually usable—it’s just not under individual posts where it will be eventually.  (Thanks to Ann and Anne and my brother Tim for being brave enough to be the first ones to break in the new system.)

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