Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: And A Honeymoon, Too!

(Note:  I have no idea why the spacing is so weird in this post; must be a lovely computer glitch.  Oh joy.)

I’m starting off today with a few pictures from the “Don’t Ask” category.  

That simply means that I have no idea what those crazy people are doing in these photos and I really don’t know if I want to find out.

This first one was actually taken during the engagement picture session but I thought it would be legal to throw it into a  

Wedding Wednesday post since since an engagement is sort of an important part of getting to a wedding.

Nathan was presented with some favorite candy by his fabulous fiancée and decided 

that it would be a good time to put the candy in his mouth.  All the candy.
And then.  Show it off.

wed wed 10-5Here’s a closer look at my “always well behaved in public” son. Do you think Meagan will be able to do anything with him?  

I told her that it was all up to her now; I’ve done the best I could.


Edited To Add This Excited Breaking News:  

I just received a comment from the newest Mrs. Smith who gave us the whole picture behind the aforementioned candy scene. 

Here's what Meagan wrote:

The Twix is the candy he gave me along with six roses the day he first told me he loved me.

The gum balls were actually to be used for a ring picture. However, we decided it would be funny to see how many we could fit in his very big mouth LOL. Nathan, being the good man he is, decided to let us do it even though he didn't like the idea to begin with :) 

We try to make it a party wherever we are.   This coming from the newest

~Mrs. Smith 

Thanks Meagan!  And now back to our regularly scheduled program. . .

Although I have no idea what caused Nathan to suddenly flip his entire person upside down, I’m rather impressed that any human being related to me is able to stand on his hands.  


Same fellas.  Same general wackiness.

And I really, really, really do not want to know what’s happening here. 

(Or.  Maybe I do. Or . . . not.)

Okay.  Let’s move along to some more dignified wedding moments, shall we?

Before getting dressed on Wedding Morning, Meagan sat down to write out a card for Nathan to be delivered to him right before the wedding started. 

She had composed the sentiments on the computer several months prior and asked me to write their wedding song around those thoughts.  

In this picture, she’s copying her computer words into real handwriting.

When she was done sharing written hugs with one man in her life, 

she shared a real hug with another man in her life.

And then it was time to get ready.
A loving mother and sister helped to get the bride arrayed.

And a loving future sister-in-law helped to shod the bride. 

This was one glass slipper that fit the princess perfectly.

A few last details . . .

One last moment to pray together as a family . . .


… and the wedding began!

And then the honeymoon commenced.

Here’s Nathan opening the door to their room.


And their lovely room!

I had to ask Meagan what that shiny thing on the bed was because I had no idea.  Anyone wanna guess?

The married man of leisure.  Don’t let the innocent face fool you.  He’s probably planning on some practical joke for his new bride.

So glad these two found each other.

Lastly, I have quite a few comments compiled that I need to answer but I wanted to get to this one today since it has to do with the wedding.

Fran asked, “Would you post photos of Sheri in her dress? Full length? I love the cobalt blue color... thanks a lot for posting all the photos...I know it is a labor of love.”

Fran, right now, this is the only full length picture I can find.  Sheri’s dress had a gorgeous swingy skirt which you can tell by this happy picture, a picture that perfectly sums up the loving and fun relationship that Meagan and her mom share.

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Amy said...

Love cruising! I know what that shiny thing on the bed is used for....You place your luggage on top of the shiny thing to protect the bedding for getting dirty.

Catherine said...

I love Sherri's dress too. That color would be one that would work well for me. Your outfits are gorgeous, Becky, but too elegant for me.

Jodi said...

The shiny thing is something to protect the bedding or floor from getting dirty; you place the luggage on top of it! Or at least that's what we used it for when we cruised; eight long years ago.

Anonymous said...

Nathan not only can put all of the M and M's in his mouth at once, but he can put his whole fist in his mouth. Too bad Ed Sullivan is off the air, Nate could make millions.

Steve (Nate's dad)

Anonymous said...

The twix is the candy he gave me along with six roses the day he first told me he loved me :)

The gum balls were actually to be used for a ring picture. However, we decided it would be funny to see how many we could fit in his very big mouth LOL. Nathan, being the good man he is, decided to let us do it even though he didn't like the idea to begin with :) We try to make it a party wherever we are :)

This coming from the newest :)
~Mrs. Smith

Jodi said...

Meagan, since you read Becky's Blog I just wanted to personally tell you that you looked absolutely stunning, amazing, and beautiful on your Wedding Day! Your dress was simply magnificent! I love Wedding Wednesday! Thank you for letting Becky share your special day with the Smithellaneous Family! And just because I am curious, how many gum balls was Nathan able to fit into his mouth? LOL! Best wishes, Jodi PS. Thanks for the card in the mail; it was adorable!

Sue G said...

I do look forward to Wedding Wednesdays along with a myriad of other readers...but it is scary to see how quickly they come about. Wow, life is moving fast.

Every time I see Meagan's dress I marvel at how beautiful it was and how perfectly it adorned and complimented her cute little figure. I just love the simplicity of its understated beauty. It is better than any dress I have seen on any of these now popular wedding shows on the Style channel!

As usual, thanks for sharing your family with us. I have learned so much about relationships from you and it has definitely added to my relationship with my daughters and husband. Trust me on that.

Christie Howard said...

The shiny thing on the bed... hmmm... maybe it's if sea sickness kicks in, the bed will be protected!!!