Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Going Home Shoes

I wrote yesterday about taking pictures of Steve and Sarah near this pier.
I wasn’t the only one taking photos that day.
Here is a bride on the same sand bar that Steve and Sarah were dancing on a few minutes later.

I’m hoping the wedding was already over so that sitting in a (white) dress in (brown) sand would not ruin anything important!
As we enjoyed walking the pier (and as I enjoyed taking pictures of the picture taker below) we ran across this cheery fellow . . .
. . . who found an equally cheery friend.
I loved looking at the twilight on the water. So simply beautiful.
Jeanette’s Pier has lovely, antique-looking lamp posts all along the walkway as well as windmills?  turbines?  Not sure what they are but they are really, really . . .
. . .  tall.
The pier is a fishermen’s hangout, as you can probably tell by the sun framed within this confluence of poles and lines.
Steve and Sarah perused the informational stuff (we’re all compulsive readers) while I took a few pictures.  (Yes, I admit it.  I’m a compulsive photographer.)
Alternate view of the pier.
View of a lovely lady looking at the pier.
More views of said lovely lady.
Picnik collage sarah two
And one last look before . . .

. . . putting on my going home shoes.

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Anonymous said...

*sigh* You really make me want to live near the beach, Becky. I love the photos, especially the ones of Sarah. And the bride...I would guess that's a "trash the dress" session. Very popular now; I guess there just isn't a huge market for used wedding dresses.

Jenna said...

Beautifully written, gorgeous photos.

Deb said...

It almost made me sad looking at the pictures of Sarah. She is getting so grown up ( and beautiful, I might add)! It also made me very happy. I started following her story many years ago and there was a possibility of this day not ever happening. Love what God can do!