Monday, November 7, 2011

Sherlock Holmes. Sunlight on Wood. Three Magazines. A Sleeping Dog.

Although the things listed in this post’s title may seem a bit disparate, in my (not always logical) brain, they really do coexist quite peaceably.  In fact, that’s exactly what they all have in common—peacefulness.

Sherlock Holmes

Last week I came home late from a meeting and found two of my favorite people just peacefully hanging out.  Or maybe I should say that there were three people hanging out because Sherlock Holmes was there, too.


Many years ago, Steve’s parents gave him a leather bound volume of Sherlock Holmes stories for Christmas which contains the complete works in the original typeface with the original spelling. One of the many reasons Steve loves the stories is because they utilize underused and underappreciated words like indubitably and disputatious.


Since Sarah is an inveterate lover of words, she also loves Mr. Holmes, his rich vocabulary and his mysterious and intriguing escapades.
She also enjoys peaceful moments with her dad.


Sunlight on Wood

To me, one of the most peace-producing sights in the world is sun-spattered wood.  Love it.



Three Magazines

Even though magazines don’t usually bring peacefulness to mind, these two pictures just make me smile--in a peaceful sort of way.

We don’t read or watch TV during our evening meals,  but lunches will usually find us with reading material of some sort.  Here’s the aftermath of a placid Saturday lunch for the three of us when sandwiches, magazines (and peace) were on the menu. 



A Sleeping Dog

And finally, the most peaceful picture of all.  

Snowy.  By the front door.  Guarding the house.  While asleep. 

He is such a (peaceful) multi-tasker.


So there you have it.

Four scenes of hitherto unconnected peaceful things.


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Anonymous said...

I feel more peaceful just looking at these pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Gayle in AL

Jessica Kramasz said...

A very peaceful post :-)

Rachel said...

hmm, I guess I may have to try reading a Sherlock Holmes someday now that you made it sound so interesting :)

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