Friday, November 4, 2011

Sorta Scary Smith Pictures.

Today I would like to show off my new, longer hairstyle.  Pretty amazing that I could grow my hair that fast, isn’t it?

But hey, when you’re good you’re good.


Um.  Except that something happened while it was growing.  It seems to have turned  . . . um . . . gray.

How could that be?


May I just say that I don’t believe gray is really my color?  With my coloring, it makes me look a little scary, a little sick-ish, a little not well. (Note to self:  Color your hair when the gray starts to show.)


Good thing the gray hair was just a wig, temporarily stolen from my friend, Cindy, who brought it to work--she’s the church bookkeeper--to show it off.  (She decided to go ahead and get her wig choice settled in plenty of time before the chemo kicks in.)  

May I just say that the wig looks absolutely stunning on her; she was made for those sparkling silvery locks. And I truly admire the panache and sense of humor of a woman facing cancer and chemo who willingly schleps in her wig so that she can provide some chortles for us church folk and break up our work day a little.


And now do you want to see something really, really scary?

Are you sure?

Okay.  You asked for it.



Steve went and grabbed his guitar as soon as Cindy and I informed him (between hysterical giggles) that the wig made him look like an aging country/rock star.


I’m sincerely sorry for any nightmares these pictures may cause you.


The End.

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sharon said...

you know what? Steve is sorta scary with the wig, but I kind of thought you looked god in it. I like the gray myself. I will pray for your friend,

Anonymous said...

I think you looked great with gray hair, Steve not so much. Please let Cindy know that "Cindy from Sonoma" has/will been including her in my nightly prayers. I am so happy everyone got a good laugh, as that is good medicine too.

Cindy from Sonoma

lesley said...

Ok, Those pics of Steve gave me a good hearty laugh, which was quite welcome on a cold autumn day.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... Steve looked a little like Emmylou Harris. 0_o You looked like.. well.. a young lady in a silver wig. Someday in the distant future, you will rock the silver. But for now, not so much. And I've Cindy on my list for prayers.. what a courageous woman! Definitely, humor and a positive attitude have been shown to be VERY beneficial when fighting disease, so she's off to a good start...

Anonymous said...

Praying for Cindy! L.

Anonymous said...

Note to Cindy: YOU ROCK, GIRL!!

LizW said...

Prayers for Cindy - she will look great in the wig, as do you!

Jodi said...

I agree about the salt and pepper hair (some can where it well). My aunt's very good friend has silver; salt and pepper, hair, long, styled and beautiful. I have known her for 35 years and she looked that way then; in her mid/late 30's. However, the style is quite nice for you! Could you alter the picture to make the picture with you wearing the wig in a shade closer to your own; just so I/we can see? It's such a nice style. And Steve, you were looking quite dapper yourself. I like a man with salt and pepper hair (and a little longer than average---not pony tail long of course). Way to pull off the aging, country music singer!

Marysienka said...

hehehe thanks for the pictures, they made me smile for sure!

Best of luck to your friend Cindy!

Ericka said...

My first thought was that the wig was part of a Halloween costume, but I thought to myself, "that wig looks amazing for a costume wig!!" It's very natural looking.

Honestly it looked good on you, too!

Anonymous said...

My seniments are it looks platium blonde in the photos and I think you look good in that color, And Steve, I am sorry but it does nothing for you....

Lisa from Georgia said...

I think longer hair looks really good on you.

jmckemie said...

Praying for you friend Cindy. And, I personally liked both the color and the style on you. Ah, Steve. How blessed you are to have someone who so readily radiates such a wonderful sense of humor.

Guerrina said...

OK...I'm trying to forget the decade or two that Steve represents! On the bright side, you're going to rock the silver (not gray) when it's time! Keeping Cindy in prayer!

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