Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: The Happy Edition

Before we get started, let me just mention that this particular
Wedding Wednesday just happens to fall on the 30th anniversary of the day Steve
asked me to marry him. So without this important day, there would have been no Nathan,
and therefore no Nathan and Meagan,
and therefore no Wedding Wednesday!

I’m so very glad he asked and so very glad I said yes.)


Welcome to this week’s Wedding Wednesday!  
(Insert small pause here for a moment of Wedding Wednesday Woo-Hooing.) 

Let’s get things started with The Guy Collage . . .

Pro Pics

. . . and The Shoe Collage.


And then we’ll move on to The Guys Plus Bride Collage . . .


. . . and The Gals Collage.


(Are we having fun yet?)

Jumping pictures always make me smile. Or at least they do as long as someone else is doing the jumping.
I’m sure that Sheri would join me in giving thanks that there are no pictorial wedding traditions
requiring mothers of the bride and groom to leap.  Up.  Into The Air. 
Speaking for myself, it would not be pretty. 

Just sayin.’




The “Let’s Pretend To Kiss the Bride” pose is always fun and the expression on Meagan’s face
perfectly captures her sparkling, dramatic personality.

And may I just say once more how much I absolutely love the marvelous detailing of her dress?
So whimsically elegant and so perfectly her.




This picture wonderfully captures Nathan’s fun-lovin’ personality.


And this one is one of my favorite pictures of the day.  I have so many memories (and pictures) of Nathan throwing
his head back in exactly this way as he laughed--even as a little boy.
It brings a smile to my mama heart to see such joy on my sweet son’s face.


Thanks, Meagan, for being the woman who makes my son so very happy.
I know that his heart is safe with you.


(Photography by Kristen and Chris Czuchra, from Ozark, AL.)


There are quite a few comments/questions that have have come in over the past week or so.  I’ll finish answering the rest of them tomorrow but wanted to include the wedding-related ones today.

Lisa from Georgia asked, “Is there a video of the processional with that wonderful song?”

Lisa, Meagan wants us to wait and watch the wedding videos for the first time with them. So when Nathan and Meagan come here for Christmas, we’ll have a chance to do that. After that point, I am hoping to post a few short video moments from the wedding, including the one of the processional and the song.

Jodi said, “I was just looking at the pictures one more time (I am feeling so very sad, and thought they would make me smile) and the 4th one from the bottom.......could those two really be old enough to drink wine? LOL!.”

Jodi, sorry you were feeling sad when you wrote this and hope that the pictures made you smile!  As for the communion photo you referenced, the  “wine” was actually grape juice since the Hawley/Smith clans are non-drinkers.

Mrs. Pam said, “Those were fun photos.  I remember when Meagan surprised Nathan, and I think that he had an inkling she was there because her shampoo was in the bathroom. is that right? Soooo, after the first official date, did they only date each other? and when did they know that they were destined for each other?”

Mrs. Pam, you have a good memory!   As for the first part of your question, here is the infamous picture of the shampoo bottles that almost gave away Meagan’s surprise visit.  (This was about  three years ago.)  Nathan walked into the bathroom and thought, “Hmmm. Why are there two sets of girl products in here instead of just Sarah’s?”

Fortunately, Meagan made her appearance about 2 minutes later, so he didn’t have long to be suspicious.


And as for the second part of your question, you can read this older post which sort of sums up their friendship-turned-to-dating process.

Diane said, “Beautiful pictures, very creative. Beautiful bride and handsome groom. In the bridal photo, was Meagan sitting on the floor in the picture looking down on her? Love her bouquet and dress!”

Diane—Meagan answered this one for you in the comments area.  I posted it again here just to be sure you saw it.

Yes I was sitting on the ground for that one picture. However, I was in a "clean" spot with a sheet under my dress so it would not be dirty for the big day 
Meagan :)

And this final comment isn’t really a question, but it made me happy so I’m posting it.

Anonymous said, “Hey! First of all, I just wanted to say that I have never met you and you do not know me but I found your blog through a friend and your family is absolutely beautiful. You can tell that you enjoy being around each other and it just blesses my heart. Secondly, there have been few Wednesday lately where I have not at some point during my day though "Oh! It is wedding Wednesday" Thanks for letting us in on your joy!”


10 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

nancy said...

I lovvvve wedding wednesday, what will we do when there are no more pictures :(

nancy irving
toronto, ontario, canada

Frapper said...

Loving all the wedding Wednesday photos!

Anonymous said...

Nancy...when there are no more photos, she can start over again. Those of us with mental pause will enjoy all the great new photos!


Fun photos again today. Thanks Becky!

Connie F-G
LaVista NE

lesley said...

what great fun photos! And Becky, i had a bit of deja vu when I saw the picture of Nathan throwing his head back and laughing. My oldest son Jimmy does the same thing and my favorite pictures of him have always been exactly those from babyhood to adulthood. Head back and a huge dimpled grin/ laugh. They're the best. I'm so glad it didn't disappear with maturity.....haha, if they are mature ;)

Jodi said...

I am so sorry Becky, I didn't mean anything by the comment other than the two of them are so young and in love that how could they be possibly be old enough to get married (being all grown up and all) let alone old enough too drink. I am sorry if it came across at something other than that. I am not a drinker either. Since turning 21 (ahem a long time ago) I have ordered a drink three times (one of the rare teens that never drank) and I only ordered to prove that I would get carded and they wouldn't believe it was me (someone else in the group would always drink the beverage---sounds silly now). When (IF) I ever get married I will not be serving alcohol at my wedding. Anyone who doesn't like it, can STAY HOME! Again, I am sorry! MORE WEDDING WEDNESDAY, PLEASE (just want to make sure we get our five comments; come on WW FANS, comment)!

Anonymous said...

wow... 8 years until an official first date with a four year interlude. I must have missed reading that original post.

Definitely a marriage orchestrated in Heaven.

With your two families being so close, I guess it is safe to say that Nathan and Meagan won't be telling any jokes about their in-laws, but I imagine those two wouldn't mind playing jokes ON their in-laws!

mrs pam

Lisa from Georgia said...

I'm just making sure there is a comment so WW's do not end! Oh, and to what picture is Diane referring? Maybe the 7th graders I teach have finally eaten through my brain, but I could not for the life of me find the picture. Oh, and I LOVE the jumping pictures. They are so good and I must say that is some impressive height!

Mars said...

Wait. What?!?! I go away and don't check on sweet Sara for a few years and Nathan goes and gets MARRIED!? Oh my. Guess I should check in more often. :) Congrats to all! Now, I have some catching up to do...

- A Long-Time Lurker and Big-Time Sara Fan & Prayer Warrior ;)

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