Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Manteo Stroll

Before getting into today’s post, let me just mention that tomorrow’s post will feature pictures of Steve and I like you have never seen us before.

Trust me on that.

Okay.  So now that I’ve got your curiosity up, let’s move right along!

A few mornings ago, I got out early and snapped a few pictures of Manteo in all its quaint and colorful glory.

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water front oct 29 116

water front oct 29 120

water front oct 29 126

water front oct 29 137

water front oct 29 169

water front oct 29 140

water front oct 29 159

water front oct 29 176

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water front oct 29 177

water front oct 29 184

water front oct 29 188

water front oct 29 049

water front oct 29 183

I hope you enjoyed your Manteo stroll!


Lisa from Georgia said,  “To what picture is Diane referring? Maybe the 7th graders I teach have finally eaten through my brain, but I could not for the life of me find the picture. Oh, and I LOVE the jumping pictures. They are so good and I must say that is some impressive height!”

Lisa, First of all let me say that I admire your good grammar in saying, '”To what picture is Diane referring?”  instead of “What picture is Diane referring to?”  Very impressive! 

I think Diane was referring to the third picture down in  this post.

Jmckemie said,Do not want to add a down side but just thought since many people read this blog, a reminder that most people think that hair donated to Locks of Love goes almost exclusively to children or others with who have suffered loss of hair due to cancer treatment. Truth is, it rarely does. They specifically market to people who have permanent hair loss, mostly due to alopecia and other diseases. While they are a great organization and serve a much needed and unique demographic, if someone specifically wants their donated hair to go to a cancer patient, and in particular a younger cancer victim, they should check out some of the other organizations such as Wigs 4 Kids or Hugs U Wear. So glad we live in a world where people have the option of making a donation like this - one that will truly make a difference in someone's life, regardless of why there is hair loss; and so grateful for people like Sarah who make the choice to give such a wonderful gift.”

I have to say that if all comments were this gracious and well written in pointing out facts I may have overlooked, this world would be a better place! Thanks for the info you shared; I really wasn’t aware of those statistics and am glad you provided some alternatives for those who are interested in donating hair.

Rachel said, “If you don't mind my asking, why did you and your doctor opt to not do chemo? Was it because the cancer cells were extremely concentrated to one spot only and therefore almost no risk of it spreading?”

Rachel, great question!  Yes, that is exactly the reason there was so chemo recommended; the cancer was contained and completely removed through surgery.  Also, the doctor took into consideration my family history which is clear of breast cancer on my mother’s side.

Sarah asked, “How on earth do you manage to keep the slugs and snails off those hostas?  Here in England the leaves are always chewed into lacework unless you put a lot of poison pellets down, and with a dog you wouldn't want to do that!”

Sarah, I am ashamed to admit I have no idea what you’re talking about;  I wouldn’t know a Hosta if it bit me on the nose! It could be that since the shrubs were just put in, that the slugs and snails haven’t found them yet.  I agree with you though; we definitely wouldn’t want to put down poison pellets with a doggie in the area!

Mary H said, “You have the prettiest house and shrubs. How is Snowy? I though maybe he would be poking around during the shrubbing. Miss seeing that little guy.”

Mary, Snowy continues to look and act like a rejuvenated puppy.   We’re coming up on almost a year since he almost died from his liver issues and every day I see him, I am amazed all over again that a dog who was that sick is doing so incredibly well.  We are grateful.

Lisa from Georgia said,  “Oh, Becky I just love her new "do"!! What a blessing to get a haircut! As you know from my own Sarah's story, we too had the loss of hair. My other daughter Marin (who never knew her sister) and I have donated our own hair a few times to this worthy cause in memory of our Sarah. In the next month or so she will be donating again (I really hate long hair and taking care of it) and we will donate in honor of your Sarah's 16th birthday, one we prayed she would get to celebrate not so very long ago. I am encouraged every time I read this blog that your Sarah is continuing to win the battle against that awful cancer. I continue to pray for a cure for all the children still suffering, I pray for parents, like us, whose babies have gone to be with Jesus and I rejoice for your Sarah as she is one of a very few who has survived so many years. What a reminder of God's faithfulness!!”

Lisa, as always, your attitude  both blesses me and humbles me.  The fact that you can so graciously leave comments rejoicing in Sarah’s milestones and successes when your own Sarah didn’t survive her cancer is just really incredible.

We would be honored to have you donate hair in honor of our princess.


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Love Being A Nonny said...

I have always loved Manteo! Thanks for the tour!

Anonymous said...

Becky I think it is actually the forth picture, but who's counting, lol? But that did make me look more closely at the third picture and I love the ring hiding in the bouquet.


Ann Martin said...

Pictures are great. Have not had time to check in lately but did enjoy reading tonight. So many different pictures from the standard "wedding" pictures.

Marshmallow Woman said...

LOVE them. The Manteo pics. And the wedding pics. And I don't easily like wedding pics. :)

Hugs from Italy!

LeeAnne said...

Manteo is so picturesque and you capture it so well with your photos! Thanks for the tour. :)

Jan said...

The pictures, as always, are wonderful!

Predator nematodes can help with the slug problem, and they're not harmful to anything. I found a site selling them, which also gives a little information about how they work:

I have no connection to the just was the first response when I googled it. I've used them, and the results aren't too bad. Not harmful to pets or anything else.

Guerrina said...

Wow, you are certainly mastering your camera because these are beautiful pics! Have you thought of blowing up and framing some of them? They'd make great artwork to hang!

Also, here's a website for Sarah in England that gives a bunch of ways to get ride of slugs and/or prevent them from accessing plants that are non-toxic to humans & animals.

LizW said...

Not nice to tease us about today's post and then not do it! Hope all is well.

Sheri Hawley said...

Becky, You simply must pursue the note card idea! Your pictures are simply beautiful. (Do you have a copyright for them too? Not sure how that works with pictures.) I love you friend! Have a blessed Sunday. Sheri

Sarah (in England) said...

Becky, thanks for acknowledging my comment! The hostas are the smaller plants which are prominent in the foreground in the 4th pic in your "shrubs" post, with Steve digging or hoeing in the background. They have nice-looking big leaves - as long as the slugs don't find them! Also thanks to your other commenters for their kind suggestions - I shall go and have a look!