Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Smiley Face. Sad Face. Christmas Space.

Below you will see an entry from our December calendar.  If you put on your Sherlock Holmes hat for a minute, you can probably figure out pretty quickly what the entry refers to.  But for those of you whose Holmes Hats might be at the cleaners, I will go ahead and explain it for you.  Because I’m nice like that.

December 23.  Nathan and Meagan fly in from Florida.  Hurray!

December 31. Nathan and Meagan leave for Florida.    Boo hiss!

misc dec 177

Steve and I have never had a daughter-in-law fly home for Christmas before and Sarah has never had the chance to be a Christmas sister-in-law, so we are all excited about welcoming Meagan to her first Smith Family Christmas.   (And as much as we love Meagan, I did remind her to please remember to bring her husband with her.)

In the days leading up to their arrival, we’ve been putting a few little Christmas-touches on the house.   We usually have our tree completely decorated by this point but we wanted to save some of it for Nathan and Meagan to do with us, so we put the ribbon on and will wait for their arrival to add the ornaments. 

Steve was sitting on the couch watching TV while I took these pictures and I just want to say how considerate it was of him to be drinking something berry colored that perfectly matched the décor.   (Let’s hear it for pomegranate/cranberry juice!)

christmas lights dec 18 146

christmas lights dec 18 157

More Smith-esque décor.

christmas lights dec 18 019 

christmas lights dec 18 024

christmas decor 022

christmas lights dec 18 026

christmas lights dec 18 030

christmas lights dec 18 051

christmas decor 010

christmas lights dec 18 065

christmas lights dec 18 082

christmas lights dec 18 033

And now for a quick update on the pending blog makeover/changeover/do over.   The guy who is helping me with the switch said he could do it this Thursday and Friday but I sort of panicked about doing something that big so close to Christmas so we are going to wait until after the first of the year.

Just a reminder that if you click on this blog during that period of time, you will not be able to access it because we will be working on the change. But trust me, the wait will be worth it.  I am so excited!

And finally, here are a couple comments.

Connie said (about last week’s Wedding Wednesday), “What song is being sung when so many have their hands raised in praise?
I too will be sad when WW's are done.  Hugs!”

Connie, I have to say that I don’t have any idea what song we were singing; my mind is a complete and total blur because I was in “wedding mode” rather than “music mode” at the time.   I do remember the songs being lively and beautiful and very meaningful, even if I can’t remember the titles.
(And if Meagan reads this, maybe she could chime in with the titles.)

Gayle said, “Another great set of WW pictures! And the photographers are from the town right next to ours!! They did a great job and I'll certainly remember to recommend them if I know anyone needing a photographer. Do they have an actual business?”

Gayle, Kristen (the photographer) actually answered your question herself; I wanted to be sure you saw it so I’m re-posting it below.

Kristen wrote, “This is the photographer! Mrs. Becky, I've really enjoyed reading these posts, and seeing the day from your point-of-view! And thank you, as well, for mentioning us several times!

To Gayle in AL- What town do you live in, if that's not too personal? We started our own business this year, but currently 95% of our business is on location. I do have a small studio set-up in Ozark at our church. Our website is here.


11 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Sue G said...

I must say, I just visited the Front Porch Photography website and was enthralled by the breathtaking photos. They capture the hearts of people, combine those hearts with the amazing DIVINE architecture provided by the one and only God of creation, and present a poignant, joyous, unforgettable moment in the lives of their clients. I am always amazed by the gifts and talents of others, and this young lady and her husband just blow me away. My prayer is that God will bless them mightily in their business endeavors and that they will thrive financially, spiritually, and creatively for many years.

And, speaking of photography, when can we expect notecards from you, Becky? I think your pictures, combined with Sarah's wit and wisdom with words, would make wonderful cards to have on hand for special occasions. Yes, I can "see" Sarah writing the messages--clear as lucite.

As Christmas quickly approaches, may I just take a moment to shower you with prayers and good wishes for a magical holiday. Your family warms the hearts of many across the globe with your sharing, your openness, and your chronicles of Smith family life and loving. May God continue to bless you as you continue to be a blessing to so many.

Merry CHRISTmas. And Happy Chanukah (hey, a miracle is a miracle...certainly worth mentioning!).

Love you, Smiths!

Anonymous said...

Hi Connie! this is Meagan, the song that is being sung is here in your presence by new life worship :)

Anonymous said...

Kristen, we're in Enterprise! :)

Gayle in AL

Anonymous said...

Sue, your words are always so wise and gracious. Merry Christmas to you as well.

Steve Smith

The Pennington Point said...

Everything is so beautiful! I love the picture of the tree with the drink. It's fun to see what you will be seeing on Christmas morning! Have fun on your first Christmas with a married son! Lisa~

Anonymous said...

I love all your elegant Christmas decorating. I have to admit that there isn't one bit of elegance about my house, but what would you expect from a Preschool teacher? I have, though, been included in Christmas House Tours for two years. That was when EVERY nicknack, picture, bedspread, curtain, and most slipcovers were Christmasy, and over 100 Nativity sets throughout the house.

So, now I'm about 50% of what I used to do. But, I did have the help of a dear friend this year who carried up MANY items from the basement and did all chores that required using a ladder.

Snowy, I'd be delighted to join you in singing a Christmas Carol or two. What is your favorite?
Whatever it is, your Christmas photo has to be one
of my favorites!!! woof and love, Mrs. P.

Kristen in AL said...

This is the photographer again. Thank you so much for your encouraging words! This is a dream the Lord put in my heart years ago- I just lacked the self-confidence to make it happen. My husband, however, has gently, yet steadily pushed me toward moving in this gift.

What a small world! My husband and I have only lived here for a year and a half- but we love it! It's very neat to find another reader in such close proximity.

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