Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Dancing The Day Away


Nathan and Meagan’s wedding and reception were both occasions for great joy.

However, after the smile-filled wedding was over,
and before the joyousness of the reception could commence,
the bridal party had to do a little lurking in the entry hall of the country club
so that they could be officially introduced at the proper time.


The ladies in lurking. . . er.. . waiting.


The whole bridal crew waiting for the big moment.

DSC_0582 2


At last!
The Mister and the Missus make their entrance.



Although the reception food was fabulous,
I think Nathan and Meagan only ate about two bites each. 
Too much excitement! 
Too many people!
Too much joy!


Too much dancin’ to be done!dance







Meagan had two special men to dance with that day;
this man is the one who has known her and loved her the longest.





I had a special guy to dance with, too,
someone I have known, loved (and liked) for twenty-two years.
He was so sweet during the dance,
telling me I was doing great even though
I felt as graceful as a 7-legged, pregnant rhinoceros trying to tango.


nate beck dance


And just think! 

The Mister and Missus mentioned above are even now packing their
bags and preparing for Friday’s flight to Manteo.

Nathan is packing his special ping pong paddle and has challenged me to a duel to a death.
Or at least a duel to the point of him laughing so hard at me that he can no longer play.

That works, too. 


(Photos by  Front Porch Photography.)

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becky m said...

very pretty. maybe wedding Wednesday can be replaced with week visit Wednesday cuase we know you will take tons of pics of each day they are there....

Gail Puckett said...

the pictures get better each Wednesday, I can't believe you are running out of pictures. :-( I love the pictures of you and Nathan, there is something about we mamas and our sons. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and keep the pictures coming.

Anonymous said...

You have so many wonderful pictures and memories of the wedding day. It's so nice of you to share them with us. Nathan and Megan looks so happy together. What a blessing. My son and his new wife will be home on Friday night! Can't wait! :)

Gayle in AL

Guerrina said...

You didn't look like a rhinoceros! And probably didn't dance like one either! Ahhh, the laughter sounds like it's already beginning for the Smiths! Enjoy every second!

Anonymous said...

Megan is so expressive. I love looking at her face in all these photos.

You looked gorgeous the day of the wedding.

Connie F-G

Robin said...

Gorgeous pics!

THOMBU1 said...

Congratulations! So happy for you guys (: