Monday, December 26, 2011

Update Paucity

All is well here in Smithellaneous Land.

We've been coming and going in a variety of permutations and directions for the past three days and much of that time, my computer has not been able to get Internet access. (I'm writing from Steve's mom's comptuter at the moment.)

So at any rate, that explains my paucity of updates.  (I've always wanted to use the word paucity so it looks like today was my big day!)

Much more to come as the week the meantime, would anybody care to share what your favorite memory or part of Christmas was this year?  A gift?  A surprise event?  An unexected blessing?  A family stress that  was less than last year? A sweet moment?

I always love to hear what's going on with you all! 

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Sue G said...

Favorite memory?

Well, being alive is a biggy. Getting to be with friends Christmas Eve morning and Christmas Eve was great. And talking to all my girls on Christmas day and knowing they were filled with joy as they shared the day with their kids and spouses.

I'm just grateful for all I have, for all God has done in my life, for my friends and family near and far, for the miracle of my life, and especially for the miracle of the Life about Whom we celebrate this season.

I guess limited mobility results in limited shopping (which, unlike you, I LOVE to do) which results in appreciating the things that cannot be bought.

What I like about LOVE is that it can't be bought...but it sure can be returned!!!!

Anonymous said...

Spending Christmas with my Mom, my sister and her family after a long family rift (sp). It was wonderful and more than I expected. Lot's more than I expected. Must say their dog must miss me though, nobody else will sit on the floor and play with her for hours on end!

Can't say how thankful I am though! I see many happy times for all us going forward. Glad I sucked it up and went!

Cindy from Sonoma

Anonymous said...

We had both of our children, their spouses, and our 2-year-old grandson here for Christmas! So much fun to have a little one around at Christmas time! Our daughter and her husband and son live here in town, but it was fun to have everyone together for Christmas. Our son and his wife leave tomorrow to go to her family's house for a few days before they head back home to VA. Sad day for us, but so happy that they got to come home for a few days. :)

Gayle in AL

lesley said...

This year turned out to be, at the last minute, a difficult Christmas for me, as my oldest son could not make it for the holiday. Mamma tears ensued.
But, I rallied and persevered and focused on the awesome in my life. The poignant moment came when I spoke on the phone to my dad on Christmas day. There aren't many Christmases left for him.

brooke r. said...

Midnight services at First Presby of Logan was a highlight. I am Episcopalian, but our local PCUSA pastor is such a wonderful preacher, and a good man through and through.

Oh and the amazing Vickie. Did you see her post "An open letter to a grieving friend?" That was me. When I read it in my email box the first time I nearly cried.

Going to services with my Mormon friends and seeing so many people I adore. It's such a blessing that His spirit really is everywhere, in all our churches. At least, that's been my experience.

Anonymous said...

This was our first Christmas with our 3 month old little boy. It was so much fun watching him stare at the lights on the tree and get excited when we'd rip the wrapping paper. I'm already excited for Santa to come next year!

MusicGirl23 said...

Being alive, yes that's a part that I'm not taking for granted! It was special to be able to go over to my sister's first house-bought just a few months ago-and laugh at the antics of her cats.

Lisa from Georgia said...

I got a tummy tuck for Christmas and have been so pleased with how easy the recovery has been and I love my new shape! Oh, I so hope Megan lets you post the wedding video. I can't wait to see the "song" in action. Wedding Wednesday????

TiffanyH said...

My 4 year old twins were so excited that my grandma (who is 89) was at our house... she is in a nursing home, so I went and picked her up and brought her to our house to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and they were so excited when they woke up, that they promptly went in to wake her up ( at 7 am) She was a good sport about it, though, and just laughed and played with them and their toys! When she is in heaven and not with us on Christmas anymore, I will always remember her sitting on my couch and playing with my girls!

Jenna said...

This year, my family experienced a Christmas Miracle. On May 31, my 57year old Uncle Chris, who we are very close to, was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer that had spread to his liver. There is no treatment (other than the palliative care he has been receiving). He had a very difficult summer, and we did not think there was any chance he would live to see the fall. So to have him still here for first Canadian Thanksgiving (in October) and then again for one last Christmas together was so meaningful to us- and we are so grateful.

Merry Christmas!

Lizz said...

This year Christmas was a breeze! I refused to let it stress me out. I had only positive interactions with other shoppers out there and the meal was easy peasy! We had a deli tray to make sandwiches and lots of snacks. I kindof foiled my kids' big surprise but it all worked out ok anyway. Best gift of all were that my hubby took off almost a whole week and we got to celebrate with all of our family this year! We don't know how much longer our Oma will still be with us so that as great! Also, we were able to pay off a credit card and my heart surgery! Woo hoo!! I hope y'all had a great and wonderful Christmas too!

Lizz said...

Sue G your post brought tears to my eyes! Favorite parts "and especially for the miracle of the Life about Whom we celebrate this season" and "What I like about LOVE is that it can't be bought...but it sure can be returned!!!!" I love the last one so so much! I'm going to use it as much as possible! Wishing you many more Christmases!