Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wedding Wednesday. Or Not.

Happy Wednesday to you!   

After giving it a little thought, I decided it would work out better schedule-wise to postpone this week's Wedding Wednesday just a little since I'm many days behind in posting and need to use today to catch up with what's been going on over the past week.

We may (or may not) have a surprise (or two) for you to reward you for waiting a little longer so please don't be too terribly awfully mad at me for the delay.  I know we have some staunch Wedding Wednesday Aficionados out there which have made Wedding Wednesdays all the more fun.

Thanks to those of you who left comments about some of your favorite Christmas memories these year.  I enjoyed reading each one so much and was alternating between smiles and teariness the whole time I read.  Thanks again for sharing.

Okay.   I know I said today was a catch up day but since I don't have my Catch Up Day Post written yet, please check back in a little while.  I just wanted to get a little something written to let you all know Wedding Wednesday would be postponed.

Be back soon!   


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