Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Marijuana Shirt

Before I get on with the gist of this update, let me mention a couple miscellaneous items.

First of all, the question was asked in the guest book about what tiramisu is. (Since it's been mentioned in several recent posts.) Tiramisu is a mysterious dessert that can only be properly prepared (and spelled) by people with a superior intelligence, people who are able to grasp the complexities of putting together mascarpone cheese, a certain kind of ladyfinger which I seem unable to locate, coffee and other mysterious ingredients and turning it all into a delectable dessert which is usually served at nice restaurants. (But alas, never served in the Smith house, although the Smith Mister loves it.)

Some of you out there in Smithellaneous Land actually took pity on me after my recent plaintive posts on the subject and gave me some leads on where I could buy it; I was also sent a recipe that looked fairly do-able. So maybe, just maybe, our house will not remain tiramisu-less forever.

My second pre-Marijuana Shirt subject is Sarah's Spot. I know I promised (in an unguarded moment) that I would mention it here whenever I posted on her site. But I seem to always forget to do that and then I always feel badly about not doing it and then I promise myself that I will do it the next time and then I forget and then then . . . well, you can see the problem.

So here's the deal. If I happen to write about something of great import on her site--for instance, if she suddenly grew nine inches overnight, or if she were invited to play Taboo with the Obama Family or some such thing, I will mention the update here. Otherwise, just click your way over there whenever you have an extra moment to check in. And then I will be able to stop feeling guilty and conflicted and stressed over not remembering to tell you that I posted.

Got that? Good.

Okay. Finally, on to the Marijuana Shirt.

Recently, Steve found a shirt on clearance that he really liked. He bought it. And wore it. And looked exceedingly handsome in it.

However, some of his minister friends started giving him a hard time about it, saying that his shirt was sporting marijuana leaves.

As most of you know, Steve is a minister. And as a rule, ministers don't make a practice of advertising marijuana on their clothing. And more importantly, Steve is also a former marijuana user who is very much aware of the many damaging effects of that particular substance. So Steve was more than willing to get rid of the shirt if it truly was spouting marijuana leaves; he just hoped he wouldn't have to.

In case any of you happen to be marijuana leaf experts (you don't have to raise your hands, or anything) here is a picture of the shirt in question.

And here is a marijuana leaf.

If you carefully study Exhibit A and then compare it with Exhibit B, you will clearly note that a marijuana plant has seven leaves and the plants "growing" on Steve's shirt have only five leaves.


That is great news for Steve's wardrobe; the shirt is LEGAL in all fifty states! And better yet, he can wear it with a clear conscience.

Now if anyone knows precisely what plant it is that sports FIVE leaves, please let us know so that when one of Steve's minister friends feels compelled to give him a hard time, he can whip out his newly acquired knowledge and say, "Marijuana plants have SEVEN leaves and (fill in the blank) plants have only FIVE leaves." That way he'll be fully equipped to defend his shirt wearing choice.

Since I'm on the subject of shirts, I took Steve with me to Goodwill this past week and he found four great shirts for fourteen bucks! Go, Goodwill!

So as of today, he's not only got four "new" shirts but also a newly sanctioned non-marijuana shirt that he can keep on wearing with no guilt! How great is that?

Well, I guess I've written enough about marijuana leaves for one day. (smile) I'll be leaving in a little while to take Sarah to Duke for her speech therapy. A four hour slot in my day devoted just to Princess Groovy Chick?

Sounds like a good deal to me!

16 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Lyndsay said...

You could say it's:
Virginia creeper vines (Parthenocissus quinquefolia)

(thank you Google).

Anonymous said...

Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac - lather up with Calamine Lotion before wearing the leafy shirt again!!! Or, don't worry, just be happy! Mary H.

Sue G said...

I would just tell his minister friends that the plants on the shirt ARE marijuana plants only they are missing two of their leaves, which Steve already sold at the nearby junior college.

You know, I lived in Chicago during the infamous Democratic Convention when a crowd of hippies distributed marijuana-laced brownies to the unsuspecting crowd. I wonder what affect it would have on tiramisu? Perhaps Steve wouldn't notice the floating eyeball things after eating a little?

(So this is what ministers talk about in their private lives. I always wondered.)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe it when I read the title-my mom did the same thing a few years ago. She is in her late 60's and a foster and day care provider and knows nothing about drugs. One of her foster kids found a bag of clothes in a bag in the street and they looked ok so she wore the shirt. It only had one marijana on it on the front though, didn't look much like Steve's shirt. She went to several places including a meeting with a social worker until at the end of the day a parent of one of her kids told her it was a marijania joint printed on her shirt. I don't know how many leaves it had or anything..she threw it out, but it was pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky, this is Sammi(AKA Anonymous apparently). As to your shirt problem, I see three solutions. One plant that has five leaves is called Virginia Creeper, you could just say it was that. Or, you could say simply that it's a plant with five leaves.

But if you want to have a little fun, just have Steve tell them that every dad is entitled to one questionable shirt...and this is his!

Love, Sammi

amysahoot said...

Pot brownies? Funny Sue G, tell Steve he is entitled if anything would warrant wearing a "pot" shirt it would be raising teenagers, LOL. Sue G is hilarious by the way.

Naomi said...

OH Sue, that is so funny!! I could just imagine the expression on their faces when he shares that with them. My teenager is best friends with our pastor's son. It is amazing the stories we hear about our pastor. :)

The leaves on the shirt look similar to these two plants - or

Here is a recipe from Rachel Ray for Tiramisu. It seems fairly simple and has some high ratings (though I have not read them).

THOMBU1 said...

I am still laughing. Sounds like my kind of luck. I too had a shirt when I was young that was one of those 70s groovy silk shirts that had a print on it that everyone said was marjuana plants, but I dont think it was since I never saw any. THe print looks like what we called a Kentucky Runner vive, but hey at least it isn't weed!

Jane Copes (Professor Sepoc) said...

I think it's a stylized Japanese plant with 5 white leaves. Marijuana doesn't have white leaves! This is art. So there. And Virginia Creeper is a close second.

Anonymous said...

The shirt reminds me of when my Mom came home with new perscription glasses with a "cute bunny" on them - aka the Playboy Bunny! She had no idea. She looked so cute in her pew at the Baptist church with her 'bunny glasses' on!

L in AK

Pam D said...

So, I've been searching the web for a picture, and I can't come up with anything. The shirt appears to be Hawaiian, and the flower looks like a bird of paradise. But those leaves are TOTALLY different. A friend of mine who vacationed in Hawaii said she got a necklace with a gold-dipped leaf from a native plant and everyone thought for sure that it was marijuana. But, it had five leaves and was a local plant. Can't remember what she called the plant, but it started with a "p". That would be my guess. But hey, Steve can certainly have fun with it! "What? This plant? Why, we grow it in the garden at home! Becky has found that it has great herbal use; when she chops it and mixes it in with brownies, not only are they delicious, but it relieves all of our aches AND anxieties. Funny thing, though.. we seem to get REALLY hungry after we eat them. Here.. care for a brownie?"

student doctor said...

Oh silly minister friends! It looks like a bird of paradise. They are very popular out West, like they have them EVERYwhere in San Diego. Its obviously not the gange.=)

Anonymous said...

Actually it depends on the marijuana plant's genetics as well as their age. They start out with one point when they are young. Then they can develop 3, 5, 7 or sometimes even more when it's older. Whether it was intended by the artist to be weed or not though is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

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