Saturday, May 16, 2009

How Fun Was That?

Well, it's confession time again.

Not only did I not make Steve a cake for his actual birthday (of course, I DID know his real party and real cake were coming two days later), but I also made the poor man help cook his birthday dinner! Look at him, slaving away here.

And if you're wondering if it was our intention to get every dish in the house dirty in the cooking process, the answer is a big ol' yes! I think we did rather well in reaching our goal.

Snowy, of course, was on hand for the whole event, watching carefully in case anyone needed assistance in picking up dropped food items. He's good like that.

And where was I?

I was afraid you would ask that.

While Steve was cheerily chopping, slicing and dicing, I was happily snoozing in the big chair. And yes, I did try to find a pose that would show off my double chin to its best advantage.

In my defense, I only snoozed for a brief while (I think it was just a matter of hours minutes) before I was back at work.

And all of our hard work was worth it. The party was wonderful, the food was great, the cake was delicious and all the calories were pre-removed.

One of the most special parts of the evening for me happened after the four of us finished cleaning up the dishes; without any prearranged plan, we all just sort of wandered our collective way into the living room. For an hour or more, we sat and talked and laughed, basking in the birthday's afterglow, the memory of the fun guests we'd had, and the joy of having Nathan home again after having been gone ten days.

I know that birthdays are about candles and cake and the passing of years but they're also about a weary mom staying up till after 11:30 just because she can't seem to tear herself away from the people she loves the most. Birthdays are a good time to remember who we love and why we love them.

Unfortunately, our birthday afterglow just also happened to be the time I was hit the realization that in my last entry here, I misspelled tiramisu about a million times.


I apologize to all of you spelling experts out there. Not only can I not make the stinkin' stuff, I can't even SPELL it!

Oh well. My hubby loves me anyway.

And I'm thankful.

I'm thankful for him, for my family, for Snowy, for our dinner guests and mostly, I'm thankful for a day well spent.

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THOMBU1 said...

I, like the cookie monster on PBS love cookies, so thats cool. I will be turning 53 in June, so I can still think of Steve as a young whipper snapper. Hah(-:
He doesn't seem to be shedding any tears, just glad to be loved. Yall are great and we love you guys. You have been an encouragement to us soooo many times. God Bless

Anonymous said...

Just what is that stuff you cannot spell?

By the way, Steve, Happy Birthday!

4 days late!

Will email you all later...

Love and blessings,

Anonymous said...

I love tiramisu, too! (poet?)
and California Pizza and
Trader Joe's are the two places where I eat/buy it.

mrs pam