Friday, May 15, 2009

Obeying the Eyeballs

See Steve.

See Steve stare.

See Steve stare at his sumptious birthday cake cookie. (With the smoke ascending from the single candle so recently removed.)

Can you see the celebratory satisfaction on the face that is Steve's?

What's that?

No? You can't?

Hmmmm . . .

You think maybe he was expecting a BIGGER cake? Maybe he was expecting an ACTUAL cake? Maybe he was expecting some EFFORT to be put into the BIGGER, ACTUAL cake? Possibly?

Wait! Don't go! I have an excuse! A really, really good excuse!

And here it is.

Ummm . . . . as soon as I think of one.

Okay, I've got it!

Steve LOVES tiramasu. In fact, he loves it so much that I actually tried to make it. Once.

I will never try it again. I ended up with mysterious little blobs of something or another floating in the pan. The blobs looked like accusatory eyeballs. They were speaking to me in accusatory eyeball language saying, "Do not ever try to make this dessert again. Or we will come and FIND you. We KNOW where you live!"

And so I have obeyed the eyeballs and have never even thought of attempting to make tiramusu again.

Never. I still have nightmares about the eyes.

But anyway, back to my story.

A couple months ago, I happened to see the menu for a restaurant in town that featured tiramasu! I was so excited! My plan was that on Steve's birthday, I was going to sashay on down to this particular eating establishment and purchase for Steve one perfectly made piece of tiramasu. (With NO accusatory floating eyeballs.)

However, when I called the restaurant to see if I could order a piece to go, the nice man on the phone said, "I'm sorry. We no longer carry that dessert."

My heart sank. My spirits plummeted. My face sagged. (Oh wait. My face was ALREADY saggy.)

I called around to a few other places but without much hope because we live in the land of sweet tea, fried chicken and coleslaw. When I asked the first guy if he carried tiramusu he said, "Huh?"
Now how many of you want to take a guess that if a fella has never even HEARD of tiramusu, he probably does NOT carry it?

So when Steve got home from Duke with Sarah on Wednesday, I explained my foiled plot to him. He said in grand husbandly tones, "Oh, that's fine. I'll just have a cookie with a candle on it for tonight."

And so that's what he had.

On his 52nd birthday.

On his ONLY 52nd birthday.

Sniff. Sigh. Cue the sad violins.

Happily, however, the tale doesn't end there!

For the past two days, I have been cooking/baking up a veritable whirlwind, including my famous deep dark choclate cake with pudding/whipped cream icing. After a sumptious feast tonight, Steve will be served his official birthday dessert and the forlorn little cookie will become a faded memory.

Plus, Nathan and a friend are driving home from Florida today so the two of them will be with us for the party, along with a really fun pastoral couple from the area.

So I'd better get back to my cooking, cleaning, baking and chocolate chip cookie-memory erasing.
Because we certainly don't want THIS to be the last memory of his 52nd birthday!

16 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Pam D said...

Steve is such a good sport! And that cake sounds DEElicious! Of course, with 2 college-age young men around, it won't last long (as in... don't blink!). I wish I lived nearby.. I think I'd have to conveniently "remember" something that I left at your house... riiiight about dinnertime...

Anonymous said...

I don't sign very often, but I had to comment on that yummy sounding cake...I assume you will copy the recipe during the next post! =)

Love your blog and Sarah's spot!! I have in mind to write you a huge email, but I am still pondering thoughts to share with you! I will write soon!

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

OOPS!! My name is Krista Harris and I'm from Boise, Idaho!

Sue G said...

You had me at deep chocolate cake.

You lost me at pudding/whipped cream frosting.

But, like Krista from Boise, Idaho, I would love the recipes. I surround myself with friends who delight in creamy, gooey, squishy stuff....

Amy said...

In case you are looking for his favorite dessert again...check Lowes Food. They usually have it in the bakery. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I have never signed before but couldn't resist when I saw that Steve loves Tiramisu. I have a great recipe that has never failed me! It is a bit complicated and uses about every dish in my kitchen to make it but turns out WONDERFUL! I can e-mail it to you if you like!

becky from buffalo said...

don't be sad, be glad steve is good humored and you could give him a cookie with a single candle and he
be happy.

THOMBU1 said...

Happy Birthday Steve!!! Miss you guys at Trinity in Columbia SC. Been a long time. Nathan can't be 19! Ugh, he was just a kid when we first met him. I pray God is continuing to bless you.

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