Thursday, May 28, 2009

Winging It!

First of all, a couple guest book things.
Kim W. asked if I had perfect pitch. The answer to that question is, "I wish!"

And also a word to Sue G., Pam D., and Mary H: You ladies are having a little bit too much fun in the guestbook so I'm going to have to ask you keep it down a little. Fun is NOT permitted around here! :-)

Okay, on to other Smithellaneous business:

I do want to mention that in the next couple of days, you'll be seeing some small changes here on Smithellaneous. There will be new pictures posted of the family, a few changes made to the color scheme and some minor adjustments done to the layout.

I thought I would warn you ahead of time so that you when you log on and see different colors, you won't worry that your computer screen is playing tricks on you.

In other news, Steve is on his way home from Charlotte and should be here in an hour or so. Then we'll have one day to get our act together before taking off for South Carolina Saturday morning for a Sunday morning preaching/singing service there. The thought of doing a whole concert after all these years is just slightly daunting on many levels but I guess the skills we learned being "road warriors" for fifteen years should get us through it.

Even though I've written most of the songs we'll be singing, I still worry about remembering the lyrics. I recall that more than once when we were on the road, I would forget the original words to a song and would just "filled in the blanks" as I went along. The audience usually didn't know the difference but Steve's face was always a picture. That's why I always tried not to look at him while I was "winging it."

(I was going to finish that line with " . . . while I wanged it" but I knew that was wrong. But it is still a very fun word to say! Trying saying it. Wanged, wanged, wanged. There. Now wasn't that fun?)

At any rate, it should be an interesting weekend! Although we'll do our very best to be prepared there still may be a lot of winging (and wanging) involved, especially if my voice conks out after the first (or second) song.
Hmmmm. I think I'm starting to feel a wee bit nervous just thinking about it. If you have any extra prayers to send our way Sunday morning, we would be most appreciative.

Now I'm off to study lyrics so that I can keep the wingin' to a minimum.

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MaryH said...

It's all Sue G. and Pam D.'s fault - they started it - I just joined in - I'll try and do better!

Becky, look at all the great things God is laying at your feet lately - His plan is taking shape - he is getting you out there to brush up on some skills and talents that you must be needing very, very soon. I think you might just be nearing the end of that long hallway - I'm encouraged - you'll do just fine - look to your Sarah's courage and spunk - she sure got it from somewhere - I'm thinking maybe her mama.

Wanged it, Wanged it, Wanged it - yep, that was fun.

Dragonflys Daddy said...

Good Afternoon,..

Change is always a good thing,.. But,..

I sure hope those who are stuck on dial up are still able to get in,.. Just a thought for you to pounder,.. :)

Safe travels,.. and know you and Steve will do great on sunday,..

Sue G said...

Hrmph. Unlike Mary H, I will NOT try to do better. Now I am determined more than ever to have even MORE fun here in the guest book! Fun, fun, fun. That's me.

Pam D, where are you? We need to come up with a plan to hijack the guest book and party like a bunch of kids high on Southern sweet tea (a sugar high, of course)!

Come on, Mary H. You know you wanna.... :-)

MaryH said...

Yeah, I wanna.....I'm back and ready to party!

Sue G said...


Now, on a more serious note, how did the interview go, Becky?????

Pam D said...

Mary H.. shame on you! Trying to shift the blame.. bah. I bet if we went far enough back in Sarah's guestbook, we'd see who the REAL instigator was in the very beginning. I'm just sayin'...
And of COURSE we're taking over here; Becky, you simply CANNOT throw down the gauntlet like that and not expect us to pick it up and run with it (how's THAT for mixing metaphors?). You never know WHAT we might do around here... you just never know.... but be afraid... be VEEERRRY afraid...

Anonymous said...

Hey Becky..I am sure you will do great at your concert. I do wish I could be there though. I would love to hear you and Steve sing in person. You are stars you know!!
Anyways be safe traveling and I am praying for Steve to get the new preaching job.
Did you watch the spelling bee tonight on T.V.? Wow, those kids are so darn smart..I kinda felt a little um..not very smart.
Love and hugs,

Ann Martin said...

God will be with you in the concert I'm sure. I, too, would like to hear the two of you sing. I have been blessed to hear Becky when she spoke at our Relay for Life Survivors Banquet. Charlotte or the SC coast seem a little distant. Guess having you in Smithfield spoiled me--knowing you were close. I know you would enjoy being close to Steve's family. We'll pray for God's will and that if it is so one of these will work out for the Smiths.
Ann in RR

Ann Martin said...

Finally figured out how to put a picture and my name as a follower. Jim is in the picture also. I hate it is cropped like it is because it is the picture of us with the Smiths the first time we met them at Duke. I could have been extra nice and just had Jim and Sarah in the picture instead of me. Oh, well, maybe later.

Lisa L said...

Becky, you're blog just makes me...happy. Our family is going through awful times right now, and to read about a loving, happy, fun filled family makes my heart sing. Thank you for being such a good mum, and such a wonderful person. Wish I had 1/10 of 'you' in my personality!

Lisa L said...

Becky, you're blog just makes me...happy. Our family is going through awful times right now, and to read about a loving, happy, fun filled family makes my heart sing. Thank you for being such a good mum, and such a wonderful person. Wish I had 1/10 of 'you' in my personality!