Sunday, May 24, 2009


I'm not sure how many male readers stop by here but I do know that I have precious few fellas who sign the guest book.

And guys? That could change any time. I don't mind hearing from you. Really!

However, I do know that there is at least one (male) brave, articulate and literate guest book signer out there. You all may know him by the nickname I've given him, The Wonderful Wyatt. Wyatt does all of the fabulous graphics that you see on Sarah's site.

Apart from his graphics work and his endless patience with my endless computer questions, I always knew there was something special I liked about Wyatt. And his recent guest book entry let me know what that extra something special was.

I am re-posting his entry here:

Debbie McKee (Little Debbie) was four years old in 1960 when her grandparents decided to use her name and image in the snack cake company logo.

My father and his brother partnered to bring the very first Little Debbie franchise to North Carolina in 1962. They mortgaged their homes and tapped their savings to pay the franchise fee, purchase a new delivery van and buy their first inventory of snack cakes -- Oatmeal Creme Pies and Devil Creme Cakes.

Little Debbie -- medicine for the soul.

Okay ladies! Let's hear it for Wyatt's dad and uncle who worked so hard at being a part of the first efforts to get Little Debbie snack cakes into our desperate, chocolate-craving hands!

Hip, hip, hooray!

(Although maybe "hip" isn't the best word choice here because after all, the hips are the body parts most affected by the consumption of those snack cakes.)

Alrighty then. Moving right along . . .

My second reference to men today refers back to my post when I was wailing and whining about my inability to make (or spell) tiramisu. Shortly after I wrote that post, I received an email from Pastor Tom, a long time family friend. Back in the days when we were on the road full time, we sang several times at his church on Long Island. Pastor Tom is Italian through and through and if an Italian doesn't know about tiramisu, who does? In his email he said:


Although I hardly qualify as one of those people you describe as "people with a superior intelligence," I do know what "tiramisu' " means. It's Italian for "pick-me-up," or transliterated, "pull-me-up."

I'll also include an Italian recipe to help you out next time you attempt that sinfully caloric concoction on Steve's 53rd birthday.

"Dolce composto da una crema fatta con uova, zucchero, mascarpone e panna, disposta a strati alternati con pan di spagna o biscotti bagnati nel caffè e liquore; il tutto ricoperto da un velo di cacao in polvere.

Get it?

Tom G

Now wasn't that helpful! How often does one get the opportunity to read an impossible recipe in a foreign language? When I forwarded the email to Steve, he just laughed out loud; getting emails from Pastor Tom always bring a smile.

And today's final reference to men goes back to a post from several days ago when I included a picture of Steve as he graduated from High School. I thought it would be fun to re-post that picture along with one of Nathan at the same age.

And just because I've heard a few people over the years say that they think Sarah looks more like Steve than Nathan does, I've included a picture of Sarah for comparison purposes. (We need at least ONE rose among the thorns today!)

Ain't she so purty?

In closing, I just want to mention that Steve is heading out to Charlotte this morning to spend a few days; his mom is having hip replacement surgery tomorrow morning and he wants to do whatever he can to be a help to his parents.

Steve was talking to them both on the phone last night and found out that his mom has to be at the hospital (the same hospital where Nathan was born!) at 5 am. Steve and his dad sort of laughed and said to her, "Okay, well why don't you just go ahead and take a taxi to the hospital and we'll arrive about 8:30."

Nice fellas, those Smith men.

And while we're on the subject of surgery, my dad (in Wisconsin) is also having surgery tomorrow morning for the removal of a large kidney stone. He was on the table to go into emergency surgery last Thursday when they took one final look at his chart and realized he was on a blood thinner. NOT a good thing for surgery purposes.

Steve and I have both been blessed with fabulous parents and our prayers and love go with Vernie and Ed during their surgeries tomorrow.

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Sue G said...

Prayers for your family members facing surgery this week. May God be with them as they have the surgery and as they heal. May He work through the hands, hearts and heads of the medical personnel tending to them. And may they know peace, comfort, protection prior, during and post surgery.

As for the recipe, Google can get you to a translation page if you like. Google can do anything.

Perhaps even make tiramisu.

Dragonflys Daddy said...

Good Afternoon,..

I think you are very correct,.. I don't think many men read blogs or caringbridge sites,.. Some reason I think many more women do,.. Not sure,.. but if you know let me know,..

I am one of those men who follow your blog and Sarahs spot,.. Maybe I am a little weird,.. Or I am just drawn into your writings,.. :)

Wishing your husband safe travels,.. both family members who are facing surgery for everything to turn out well,.. and over all a very speedy recovery,..

My dads name was Ed,.. And my mom faced hip surgery many years ago,. They now rest with our heavenly Father,..

Prayers are with your family now and always,..

Dragondlys Daddy

Anonymous said...

Becky, prayers for those in your family who are in need of them (although in reality can't everyone benefit from prayer?) and even though this really has nothing to do with your post, I have to say that while I was at the grocery store this weekend, alone because all five of my children were driving me crazy and one especially had disappointed me so badly that I was truly heartsore, I came across the Chicken Soup Book and read your entry. And I stood there at waiting for a self serve checkout and read away, letting the tears fall and realized that even though my daughter had fallen short of my expectations and truly hurt me,that I was ever so grateful to have the chance to go home and hold her close and help her work through it.....I think Sarah once said that she wished to know the purpose of her cancer, and you can tell her that there is one Mom in Canada who is holding her own little girl closer to her because of Sarah.

Bridget from Canada

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