Sunday, June 14, 2009

Picture Fun and 8-Tracks

Do you recognize this person? No?

It's ME! As a criminal! Who speaks French! And wears a beard!

Okay, Okay. I realize that that is a bit of an alarming sight to see when you are used to dropping by Smithellaneous to experience warm fuzzies and happy family-ness. Does THIS help at all?

WHAT? Seeing Nathan as a ferocious Jedi STILL doesn't give you warm fuzzies?

All right. How about this? It's kind of a nice quirky, Steve-esque picture.

And a few more . . .

There now. Wasn't that fun? (

I'm actually trying to drown my sorrows in picture stuff because my eldest child took off for Florida this morning and will be gone Eight. Whole. Days. The church that Nathan attends when he's at school is covering the costs for Nathan and a friend to come and help them with a week long children's outreach.

So I really miss him! Already! It's a good thing I've still got Steve, Sarah, and Snowy (The Three S's) to keep me occupied while Nathan is out and about.

And speaking of Steve, I was going through some old papers today and saw a letter he wrote to me when I was nineteen years old. (It was right before we got engaged.) My sisters and I had just been in the recording studio and he wrote and said, "If you have your recording on
8-track, I would love to buy a copy."

And the funny thing? He was NOT kidding!


Does that tell anyone how old we are?


Be sure to listen to the song I wrote that is posted on the top of the left column. It's on our "Like a Blanket" CD.

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Hollee said...


This actually isn't in response to this post..but some of your "concerns" on the "other" blog. About Sarah and school.

I teach in Florida, and there is a program here called Florida Virtual School ( You do NOT have to be a Florida student to use this program, although I am not certain of the costs involved if not a FL resident (as a FL student, it's just like any other public school). Anyhow, it's fully accredited and online - with access to teachers regularly and a cirriculum that is totally paced with Sarah. It would provide an opportunity to at least get Sarah over the "hump" - if not all the way to graduation. I want to say that her struggles come in communication, but she's an avid that right? This type of learning set-up might be JUST what she needs.

Anyhow, I hope that helped!


Marysienka said...

omg! Those pics are too cool!! Thanks for sharing :)

*going to*

Whitney said...

Photofunia is so much fun! Thanks for sharing it! I've just spent the last 45 minutes experimenting on it now (thanks to your post)....when I should have been doing laundry. Oops! :-)

Melissa said...

I've been a fan of photofunia for a while; I should warn you, there's also a similar site called that's equally addicting!

Christie said...

i am gonna need to check out that site, that is cool!!

Nancy said...

Ahhhhh Becky, you made me laugh and smile. Thank you. I sure needed it. I love what you did with the pictures. Please keepthem coming lol.
Thank you for continuing to give me and my family words of encouragement. I dont know what the future holds, but you give me hope no matter what the card I'm dealt.
I lov e you guys

Caroline said...

Those are some funny pictures. :) What's interesting is that "Je ne mange pas six jours" means..."I don't eat six days"

Angie said...

I found Golden Graham Treats at my local Wal-Mart supercenter!!!! I posted this on Sarah's site as well, but wasn't sure which site "alerts" you to feedback sooner. And, after all, this is time sensitive information. At my store, boxes were leaping off the shelves into unsuspecting buggies (like mine) hi-jacking their way out of the stores!! :)

amysahoot said...

Becky, I love photofunia it is soo much fun.