Friday, June 19, 2009

Woned, OE gewunod, ptp. of gewunian

Today was Washing the Car Day, a Smith family tradition which I am, thankfully, not usually invited to. (Except of course, in a purely advisory capacity.)

OR if I just happen to wander up with my camera, as I am wont to do.

And speaking of "wont" which I am wont to do (er, speak of "wont" that is), I looked it up so that you wouldn't have to. (Yes, I AM nice!)

Here's the definition:

Origin: 1300–50; (adj.) ME wont, woned, OE gewunod, ptp. of gewunian to be used to (see won 2 ); c. G gew√∂hnt; (v.) ME, back formation from wonted or wont (ptp.); (n.) appar. from conflation of wont (ptp.) with obs. wone wish, in certain stereotyped phrases

I especially loved the part where it said, "woned OE gewunod, ptp. of gewunian." Wasn't that GREAT stuff? Didn't it SPEAK to your heart? Didn't it SEEP into your soul? Didn't those words change your LIFE? Didn't they just MOVE you?


Well, at least we all know what "wont" means, right? Or maybe we don't. Um, and maybe the reason we don't know is because I forgot to post the actual definition because I was so taken up with all that lilting, lively, life changing language UNDER the definition.

The definition for "wont" is simply, "Accustomed." Does everyone have that? (There WILL be a test. )

Okay. I think I have digressed.

As I am wont to do.

As I was saying (a loong time ago) Steve and Sarah washed the car and I took the pictures. An excellent partnership, to my way of thinking. It requires no Carolina humidity, sweating or wet hair on my part; all I have to do is snap a couple shots and run inside to the sweet coolness of the house and start typing. Ahhh. MY kind of job.

Since I'm in a sort of "wandering around in my writing" mood today, let me just mention that I posted another of my original songs in the upper left corner. It's got a sassy country flavor and is a song that just about every woman I know can relate to on some level. Enjoy! (And order the CD if you'd like!)

We're busy today getting ready for our trek to Charleston tomorrow. I have decided that Sir Snowy is just going to have to have a reality check on the trip and will have to move his cute little behiney to other locations in the car besides my lap. While I DO realize that I have the "fluffiest" lap in the Smith family, that is still no excuse! Sarah and I will come up with a plan to get him to spread his company around so I'm not stuck with him all day. (Don't know what that plan is yet, but we're thinkin'!)

Thanks to those of you who have been so encouraging about our trip and the fact that I will be singing in TWO Sunday services, back to back. Should be an interesting weekend; thank you for your prayers.

In closing, I just posted this picture of approximately 120 sheets of vintage music on Craig's List; however, if any of my blog readers would be interested in buying it all (it's mostly from the 1930's) give me a holler. Or better yet, an email! The price? Best offer.

It's about lunch time. I shall go down and have a little bite of lunch followed by a much larger bite of something chocolate.

As I am wont to do.

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Nancy said...

I am sorry I havent had a chance to stop by and sign. I wanted to comment on you singing 2 services. God will give you strength. As you always taught my family.
That beautiful voice wont fail you. I wish you the best of luck and no cold feet :-)

Tube Girl said...

I had no idea that "wont" has German origins (I am German speaking). There is always something new to learn - even on blogger :-).

Katmayo said...

If you sell your sheet music indivicually on (sign up is sooo simple), you'll be able to get a lot more for you sheet music. I sell books I no longer read, or that I find at garage sales. Just this past week I made over $60.00. Just a thought