Thursday, June 18, 2009

Plus and Minus

Steve got a call from a pastor friend yesterday with a last minute invitation to sing and preach in Charleston, SC this Sunday morning.

Okay. That's good. A chance to do what we're called and gifted to do. A chance to earn some income. (Which, in our present state, is a lovely thing.)

As you may recall, we sang in another church about a month ago and I was all nervous about it, since we hadn't done a concert in seven years AND I had no foggy idea what my voice was planning on doing. (It has a mind of its own. Just like my hair.)

But this time around when I heard about the invitation, I was feeling a little bit, sort of, quasi-confident because, hey, I'd done it before! I'd sung seven songs in a row before and I figured my chances were good I could do it again!

However, as I was getting all the details from Steve he casually said, "And by the way, they have two morning services."

I sputtered to a stop. Two? Morning services? I have to sing two services back to back? In one morning? Using only one slightly used, not-so-reliable, undeniably fragile voice?

Um. Hello? Is this such a great idea? Non-stop singing ALL stinkin' mornin'?

Let the butterflies commence their abdominal maneuvers.

The other difference on this trip is that we will be taking Princess Groovy Chick and The Dawg with us since Nathan is not at home to babysit the aforementioned family members. Sarah, of course, is a delight to travel with. Snowy? Not so much.

He seems to get it in his head that the ONLY Snowy-worthy seat in the entire vehicle is on MY lap. Or leaning on MY arm looking out MY window. Which is fine. Except I can't read or work on my computer when my lap is already occupied by six pounds of Snowyness. And we have to find a hotel that takes dogs and find something to do with him during the TWO morning services. AND it's eight hours, round trip. I'll definitely have plenty of "Snowy on my lap" time.


But with all that aside, I know it will be a great outing. Sarah has not heard her parents do a concert since she was six years old so I'm sure she'll be a fascinated audience member. In fact, the last concert she ever heard us do was on Mother's Day, 2002, five days before her cancer diagnosis.

It really amazes me that we can never really know when life is about to change abruptly. We had packed up our equipment on that Sunday so long ago and driven away from the church with a full calendar for the following year and cases of newly recorded Cd's in our truck. We were set to travel forever. And then some.

We had absolutely no way of knowing that that Mother's Day morning marked our very last official, "on the road" concert. Ever.

And now seven years later, here we are on the road again. For a weekend at least. Except with a thirteen year old daughter instead of a six-year old.

And minus one College Dude. (Of course, back then, he was an Elementary School Dude.) Minus one strong singing voice and one healthy set of lungs. Plus a lot more wisdom and maturity. Plus a pound or two. (Or three.) Minus the hundreds of pounds of gear and the semi truck. Plus an actual house to live in. Minus an RV. Minus the youthful certainty that we were in charge of our future. Plus the thankfulness that we still have the opportunity to sing and preach. Minus the knowledge of what our immediate future holds.

Plus the comfort that we know Who holds the future.

Even WITH the dog in my lap for eight hours? It'll be a great weekend.


I'm posting a video here that I will also post on Sarah Smith's Spot. I thought there might be a few people who come here that don't always go to that site and I wanted everyone to see the celebration of ten years of the special friendship between Sarah and Victoria.

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Anonymous said...

looks like your math skills are stronger than you thought!!

mrs pam

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a wonderful thing to serve a God who knows what He's doing! Have missed your concerts these past years. Go Smithies!

Ledyard, CT

MaryH said...

I LOVE CHARLESTON, SC. I have been there twice in the last 8 (yikes-8!) years - first time, I was to fly back on 9/11/01 - didn't fly - drove back with a group of good gal friends - in tears most of the way - just frantically wanting to reach the safety of St. Louis and our families. I love your post - so many things to sort out and figure out for a spontaneous trip - your voice will be fine, your voice will be fine.....there is a reason you were called there to share it - and share it twice - so, enjoy all the "Snowiness" and the "Sarahness" - and the joy she will feel when she sees you and Steve perform - what a journey you have been on - thanks for taking us along for the ride - actually, I would like to sneak in a suitcase and ACTUALLY come along for the ride to Charleston - I am envious! Go see the ocean for me, if you get a chance.

Sue G said...

Break a leg! Metaphorically speaking.

I'm starting to see a pattern emerging. Perhaps God is giving you a sense of where you are headed?

Anonymous said...

It feels very 'full circle' to me, that the last concert Sarah attended was on Mother's Day, and the next one she'll attend, all these years and trials later, will be on Father's Day. Somehow representative of what a great family you guys are.

Madie and Regina said...

I will be sending prayers for your lungs to work great on Sunday morning! And, to have a wonderful Father's Day!! How awesome that will be!
Hugs and Love!

Anonymous said...

Becky..if if really helps you feel any better about singing so much in one morning, I will be saying a special prayer for you this weekend. I know all will go well. Snowy just may have to sit on Sarah's lap during your trip, but I am sure that is ok with her.
I just love the very touching video of Sarah and Victoria.You can see the bond between them and feel it.
I am praying for a house to be sold and a job to come your way, an of course prayers for Sarah's good health.

Debbie said...

Oh wow, I am from Charleston, SC and live in Ohio now. I love Charleston, still have family and friends there. I lived there for 42yrs. I miss home so much. Enjoy my city, and I will keep you in my prayers for your voice to hold out.

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Sue said...

Praying for you and Steve, Becky! I know God is going to use you in a great way this weekend. Go in faith. He knows exactly what He's up to and what you need. Can't wait to hear what happens.

Love Being A Nonny said...

Thanks for the sweet comment!

LOVE Charleston! Love it!! Praying your voice will hold out and that the Lord will send JUST WHO HE WANTS to be there for you to minister to. SOMEONE will be touched by your voice. SOMEONE needs to hear it!