Saturday, August 8, 2009

Old Pictures, New Prayers

It was certainly fun hearing from you all and discovering which of you have the same a) measuring cup b) toaster c) cooking spray as I do.

I'm just waiting now for some one to sign in and say, "Hey, I have that very same box of Bisquick!" You guys are just too funny.

Since I am a woman of a certain age, and since certain women of the certain age that I certainly am sometimes search for the certainty of the joy that can be found in certain archived photos and family happenings, I am quite certain that I would like to post certain photos from a certain time in 2008, namely the month of August, so that we can all ascertain the joys and memories of the Smith family that were certainly reported to have happened one year ago this month.

In other words, we're takin' a trip down memory lane! Get on the bus! Or the boat! Or the train! Or the donkey cart! Or whatever!

The "What We Were Doing One Year Ago This Month" Photographic Memory Lane Tour starts here:

Nathan and Sarah hanging out with our "wild neighbor." Don't you love the look on Sarah's face?

The Yard Sale Saga where Steve picked up a megaphone and yelled at the customers at the yard sale across the street that our stuff was better. Thankfully, the people across the street are (well, at least were) our friends. (Until the Yard Sale Saga happened, that is.)

The Princess and the Haircut

Meagan and me, back when Meagan was just a special friend of the family's and not yet a special friend of Nathan's.

Nathan and his courageous, amazing mother, fighting the fury of a distant, mighty ocean even as were are about to be set upon by giant squids and even gianter sea monsters. Or something like that.

The Smith Women who deserve extra stars in their crowns for putting up with the Smith Men.

Nathan using sonorous big brother tones to convince Sarah that she needs to get on his back. Sarah wasn't buying it. Sonorous tones or not.

Could she be any cuter?

Getting the car ready for Nathan's first big road trip to Florida for his sophomore year. What you don't see in the background is his weeping, sniffling, mourning mother who is wondering when her little baby boy turned into such a grown up fella.

Those two are usually in the midst of some endlessly fascinating conversation.

Forever friends.

Happy (Almost) End of Summer!


One final thing: If you think of it over the next few days, please pray for my dad, Ed Campbell. (He and my mom live in Wisconsin.) He's in the hospital and not bouncing back well from a couple surgeries he had this month. He's lost about twenty pounds in a month and is extremely weak and not able to eat. Dads are irreplaceable and it hurts my heart to know how much he's struggling right now. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers.

14 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Anonymous said...

Praying for your Dad, and to answer your question "could she be any cuter?" ...the answer is "no".
Love from TN

Pam D said...

Oh Becky. I'm sorry about your dad; I know it's hard to be away from him when he's struggling. I'll be praying for God's healing touch; for him to be able to get nourishment that will bring back his strength, and for him to fully recover from his surgeries. Standing with you and flooding Heaven...

Jeni said...

I am not sure if I have ever posted a comment before but I wanted to let you know that I am Praying for your Dad.

simplykristi said...

Prayers for your dad, Becky!

I lost my dad last Oct. to small cell lung cancer.

Kristi in MO

Marshmallow Woman said...

Sending your dad all the positive thoughts I can muster. :)

I know I might have expressed this opinion already, but you have such an amazing family Becky.

Chill said...

Prayed for Ed last night and this morning and am trusting in Gods touch.
Love memories, old photographs and great times!

lesley said...

Prayers for your dad Becky!
And I just want to say the picture of Sarah and Steve in the chairs on the deck is one of my favorites!!

Georganna said...

Hey, I have that very same box of Bisquick! I will keep your father Becky in my prayers. Did you get my e-mail yet.



Unknown said...

Get well thoughts and prayers for your dad.
My family has been trying to sell our house now for almost a year with no offers even being made. I am starting to question if God wants us to move? Is He making it clear to us that we are right where He wants us? The only reason we are moving is because it would put us on the right track for getting out of debt (we are in serious debt). My husband & I both thought that God would want us out of debt but it just doesn't seem to be happening. Do you ever question if God's plan and your plan are the same and how do we know? I just thought I would throw it out there since you are in the same house selling boat we are in. :)

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