Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Momentary, Temporary, Transitory Fit of Goofiness

Since yesterday's post was all serious and somber, I thought I'd do a complete change of pace and post a video! Of Nathan! Making funny noises! And acting goofy!

Is that "change of pace" enough for ya?

When I asked for his permission to post the video he said, "But Mom, the people who watch it will think that's how I am all the time. They'll think I'm some sort of a goofball."

So I am hereby here to tell you that Nathan is not a goofball all of the time--just most of the time!

Actually, he really doesn't act goofy all that much, which is why it was especially fun to capture his momentary, temporary, transitory fit of goofiness on video.

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Sue G said...

If Listerine ever needs someone to gargle for a live commercial, Nathan's their man!

You must be so proud.

MaryH said...

I loved your post about "Seventeen." I also enjoyed seeing Nathan being silly - Sarah made the right choice with the IPod, I'm thinking!!!!

My Grandbaby has gone home - I am sad - the house is ridiculously quiet - he will be back in about 15 days - I stayed up almost all night with him Monday - just holding him, and watching him, and feeding him - I was somewhat of a zombie at work yesterday - I didn't care.

Pam D said...

Not only is he silly and sweeet, he's a mighty good sport, too!

Anonymous said...

Well, that was just great! I'm amazed that Meagan witnessed this and didn't jump out of the van at her earliest convienence. That must be a sign of true love...if I make garling noises will you stay with me and love me?

((((HUGS)))) for all the Smiths, human and furry!

Boise, ID