Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fully Displaying the Rotating Foot ( A Video)

As you know, we had our family Thanksgiving meal on Monday night so that we could launch into Major Packing Mode first thing Tuesday morning.

I've put together a little video of excerpts from the evening but before you watch it, a few explanations are in order.

Usually, we are a moderately polite and relatively refined family and are not prone to putting our feet on the table during any meal, let alone Thanksgiving.

However. The video will reveal to you a momentary lapse into unseemliness and we have only the lovely Miss Meagan to blame for it. She told us that if you stick your foot out and rotate it clockwise and then try to draw a "six" in the air (or on the table), your foot will immediately change its direction and go the other way.

Steve was trying the experiment under the table but no one could see it so, being the helpful sort of fellow that he is, he thought that he would enhance the demonstration by propping his leg on the table so as to more fully display the rotating foot. As the hostess of a meal which included crystal goblets and cloth napkins, I turned a blind eye toward the rotating of the foot and instead concentrated on the laughter of the dinner guests.

Laughter always trumps rotating feet, in my book.

You will also see our tradition of preparing a little Thanksgiving plate for Snowy containing a bit of ham, turkey and sweet potato. In the video, Steve puts the plate on the floor and tells Snowy to "sit" and then "come." You will notice that our highly obedient dog moves a fraction of a second before Steve says to come. Ham always trumps obedience, in Snowy's book.

After the video, you will find a few more Thanksgiving pictures and a question/answer session. Enjoy!

For awhile I had been thinking that I would have to cook our Thanksgiving meal just a couple days before moving and wouldn't have my regular stuff to cook with; however, the way it worked out was great because all of my dishes were still in place, since we had the meal so early.

We did, however, have a few "collisions" of packing and Thanksgiving-ing. On the right side are the dishes for the meal. On the left side are the dishes to be packed and the big ol' roll of packing tape.

Getting the goblets ready for the table.

Nathan and Meagan did the wishbone.

Our wish for you is a Thanksgiving filled with, well, thanksgiving!


Note on Nathan: He is due to return his heart monitor to the doctor later this afternoon. They'll send a report to him once they study the results.


The (very logical) question was asked: Why did Meagan need a sound check when she was doing a song with sign language?

The answer has two parts:

1. Meagan wanted to see how the music on the soundtrack sounded on the platform coming through the stage monitors. Was it going to blast her out? Be too soft? Also, the sound man needed to hear what level to set it at for it so that it would sound good to the congregation.

2. In addition, she just wanted to go through a few lines of the song and do some of her signs just to get comfortable in the "space" up there and not have to walk up there cold.

Great question!


The question was also asked recently what the inspiration was for the name Smithelleneous. Actually, when I was desperately looking for a name for this blog, our friend Pam suggested Smithellany. I loved the idea, switched it to Smithellaneous and voila! The blog was named.


I mentioned last week that my computer was having some issues and was on its last leg. (It's a 7-year old computer and I understand that lap tops usually have a lifespan of 3-5 years.) So I thought old age was settling in. But for whatever reason, the problems seem to have worked themselves out and the computer is working a bit better this week. Yay! And hooray!


I wrote a week or two ago that someone had viewed the house and seemed very interested in in it. We heard from our realtor this week who said that couple is vacillating between which of two cities to move to; if they move to Smithfield, our house is definitely high on their list. So we wait!


And now it's on to home school and pack. And pack. And pack some more. I think I'd be packing in my sleep if I weren't so tired.

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Anonymous said...

You look great, Becky. I hope everyone had a lovely time (it's a given when the Smith Famly gathers; I hear). I am sure I missed something as I was unexpectedly in the hospital last week (Sat-Friday). So, if you already answered this or I missed it, blame it on "Hospital Brain" oh and the drugs (LOL). When is the official move? I know you can move slowly as of now, right? What is your goal for now (I hear that sometimes an empty home is easier to sell because it helps them to envision their "stuff" in the home---maybe I am making that up). I hope that lovely, lovely, lovely (as if they read your blog) family decide to select and purchase your home? Please let us know how Nathan is doing. Many prayers for a very clean bill of health. As if the Smith Family need anything else to worry about right now. One, last thing...........what a cute watermelon; I mean couple Nathan and Megan make. Ramble over! Love, Jodi

MaryH said...

Loved all the laughter at the table, so glad that Snowy is eating with gusto again and HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL - very soon I will be hitting the highways on my way to my Grandson and to help his mom cook her very first Thanksgiving Dinner - I will miss my family that will be left behind in St. Louis but their gift to me was to keep everything under control here so I could go to Champaign. Love them all.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Meagan is wearing a ring on her left ring finger. Curious minds NEED to know: just a plain old ring, purity ring, or maybe an ENGAGEMENT ring?

Anonymous said...

Love the video! LOL
Also...checking in to see about Nathan.
~Kim from TN