Monday, November 23, 2009

Home Is Not A House, But A Feeling (A Video!)


Today is the day that starts the beginning of the end of our chapter here in Smithfield.

Today, I will cook our last Thanksgiving dinner in this house. (We're having it a few days early because family is in town.) I will unpack from yet another trip to Manteo. Today I will do home school with Sarah. I will start (seriously) packing boxes. Today, I will start to dismantle and unravel the pieces of our life in this house.

I will pack up memories and box up five years of yesterdays. I will spend way too much time wandering in circles, wondering what I should do next, wondering what I should be doing that I'm not and wondering what I should be remembering that I'm forgetting.

Today, I will laugh a lot (having family in town tends to do that) and may even shed a nostalgic (or overwhelmed) tear or two.

I will eat too much Thanksgiving dinner and I will be thankful for Thanksgiving dinner to eat too much of.

Today I will count my blessings and divide my sorrows and try to figure out how to fit five oven dishes in a "four oven dish" oven. I will hug my son and be happy he's home. I will step on my underfoot dog a few thousand times while cooking. (But I still won't ban him from the kitchen.)

Today, I will be glad for home. Because as the video says, "Home is not a house, but a feeling."

Enjoy watching five years of memories.

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Lesley said...

Wonderful video! Enjoy your sweet family these next few days.

Jane Copes (Professor Sepoc) said...

I'm so glad for your new home and work in Manteo, but I know you will miss THIS home and house and friends and places in Smithville. Thinking of you often! Jane in MN

Ann Martin said...

Enjoy the memories as you pack. Hope your Thanksgiving today will be extra special and I'm sure with lots of pictures. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

MaryH said...

Perfect song, perfect video. Now, pack with a purpose and enjoy the memories as you pack and you should shed a nostalgic tear or two. Relish in the fact that this is not an ending but an exciting beginning because that lucky house in Manteo is about to be made into a Smith home!!! Lucky house! Have a great Thanksgiving Dinner today and keep your eye on next Thanksgiving. What in the world be going on at that time, I wonder? So many, many possibilities.

Redeemed1 said...

Thank you for sharing the video - it's so sweet. Enjoy your memories and Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful video, with the perfect song! I could not wait to get home from the office today to read your update, hoping to hear more about this past weekend soon. I know how hard it is to move, not just the physical part but the memory part. Still you will be moving to your new home, with many new memories to be made. As much as I fought my move from Santa Rosa (where most of my family lives) to Sonoma, it turned out to be one of the best choices I have ever made. I have lived here over seven years now and can't believe how many years I thought I could not live in a small town, I was so wrong! Have a wonderful early Thanksgiving dinner with so many loved ones around. When packing seems to be too much just take a deep breath and remember why. That's what I did and sometimes it helped.


Mrs. Bushey said...

Cute video!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I definitely think you should give Windows writer a second shot. It makes blogging much easier.

I hope your move goes smoothly.

Lisa from GA said...

I love your video and perfect! Did you hear the news about Camp Jack? He has relapsed and they have opened their website back up. Pray for them.

Lisa from GA said...

I love your video and perfect! Did you hear the news about Camp Jack? He has relapsed and they have opened their website back up. Pray for them.

Jonna said...

I'm really curios who made that song that you have in youre video..? Really sweet video btw.

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