Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Pre-Dad of the Pre-College Dude

The first order of business today is to click here to see what this picture is all about. There are some changes ahead for our favorite Princess Groovy Chick!


The second order of business is to let you know that I’m feeling pretty well recovered from my under-the-weatherness of yesterday. I slept about ten hours and woke up feeling a bit more perky. Or if I wanted to practice the fine art of using bad grammar I could always say “a bit more perkier!” (By the way, Lisa asked what book I was reading in bed last night. It was “Nerve,” by Dick Francis, who is one of my favorite authors.)

The third order of business is to ask you to indulge me on a momentary pictorial journey down memory lane. I was looking through my photos earlier today and happened to run across some that featured Steve in all different stages of life. So for your edification and entertainment, I’ve decided to post a few.

They’re not in any sort of logical order so I hope you don’t get dizzy jumping back and forth between the years. However, if you DO happen to get dizzy, just sit down and put your head between your knees. And then report back here when you feel better. Or more better-er.

I seem to be on a “bad grammar kick” today!

Steve as a High School Senior. Dig that groovy hair, man!

Steve Grad Pix

We were in a little town in the Midwest a few years ago when he spotted the name of this coffee shop. Of course, he just had to pose as “Grumpy Steve.” In public. To embarrass his poor family. (You dress him up. You can’t take him out.)


A scene from when we were on the road. He’s performing a song we wrote, “Hard Keeping Up with Jones’” in Garth Brooks style.

4-15-02 1

Sarah and Steve at Busch Gardens Amusement Park. Steve was wanting to be all perky and Sarah was wanting to be all non-perky.


Ridin’ the purple dinosaur together. When Sarah was little and we used to visit this town (Hutchinson, MN) she was always scared to death by that dinosaur. However, she seems to have conquered her fear and even made friends with the scary fella.


Steve, the Crab


On Sarah’s Make-A-Wish Trip to Hawaii in 2005.


Dashing Dad and Delightsome DaughterDSC07230

Showing off their loot after going grocery shopping for me.


On their way out the door to a Daddy/Daughter Dance


A tired cancer girl (sporting wig, hat, and nose tube), catching a ride with her daddy.


Steve and the Smith Sibs


Steve and the pre-College Dude



With the pre-Princess Groovy Chick


“Back in the day” with his 19th-century family.


When we were on the road for fifteen years, Steve spent many a day repairing stuff.


Sharing his mechanical knowledge with Nathan.


Steve got his Eagle Badge when he was thirteen which, from what I understand, is very young. Since I am not “up”on all the Boy Scout insignias, I can’t tell you if this is a photo with an Eagle badge or not. Nevertheless, it IS Steve showing a bunch of badges.

Which is a good thing. And also impressive. And that’s also a good thing. Being impressive, I mean.


Steve and his family. His saintly mother raised three blonde, active boys by herself much of the time since Steve’s dad (a retired fighter pilot) was away a lot in the Air Force.


Nathan is obviously greatly amused and entertained by his dad.


I believe this is his first year of college. (He went to UNC in Charlotte.)


Along the way, he found a girl to marry. She looks vaguely familiar.


The girl came into the marriage with ginormous glasses, which she threw into the wedding deal at no extra charge.


The pre-father of the pre-College Dude.


Goofing off in the recording studio. It’s a wonder we ever got anything done!


Umm. Speaking of “goofing off,” here is Steve performing a comedy song we wrote called, “It Stinks In here.” When he was a boy, his mother told him over and over to brush his teeth but it appears as though he didn’t listen.

Steve Billy Bob

And so ends the pictorial meandering of the day. Thanks for taking the journey with us!

Oh, and one more thing. When you look at the picture above? Don’t try this at home.

That’s all I’m sayin’.

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Pam D said...

The glasses certainly must have sealed the pre-marital deal as the dowry! Those pics are just hilariously awesome, Becky. Steve has been all OVER the map in styles, hasn't he? Which is fortunate, since it gives you endless blog fodder. See... you threw in valuable spectacles, and he threw in a ton of blog fodder. Definitely a match made in heaven....

MaryH said...

A day without Becky pictures, is like a day without sunshine - oh! look! The sun just came out in St. Louis. Thanks, Becky - they were so enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

that took a lot of "braveness" on your part to make that decision. ... hope you are making plans to keep yourself joyfully busy. Am happy for Sarah, that's for sure!
loved all of Steve's photos!!!

mrs pam

Sue G said...

So glad to read you're feeling better. I remember some of the photos very well. . . particularly the one with Steve and the "missing" teeth and the one of Sarah in treatment wearing a wig and an oxygen cannula (cannuli?) Both are remembered for very different reasons.

As an aside, my brother was a Boy Scout and had a young Eagle Scout who helped lead his pack. The Eagle Scout's name was Harrison Ford.

Yes, THAT Harrison Ford. He lived just a few blocks from us. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I love it when you show pictures from the past during Sarah's treatment. It just reminds me of how long I have been following her.
How exciting about school. I always think homeschooling sounds so lonely & obviously you & Steve feel the same way.
Glad you're feeling better today.

Margie M

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky!

Quick hubby is a pilot (private charter)and was wondering what Steve's dad flew in the Air Force? My husband's dream is to fly an F-16 one of these days!!!

Great pictures!!! I can't wait to put together pics like these for my children one of these days! (guess we'd need to have kids first, huh???)

Hunker, PA

Catherine said...

I think it's a great idea for Sarah to start school this year. It'll be a good introduction and won't "count" towards highschool records.

I was surprised to hear that Sarah's old school closed. What is with that?

Jane Copes (Professor Sepoc) said...

Oh, Grumpy Steve's is in St. Paul! When were you here? I could have met you! That's so exciting! (I'm easily excited)

Jessica said...

HI I attend Lone Pine Assembly of God in Louisiana. When I first got saved you and your family were still on the road. And the picture of Steve on satge dressed like a cowboy is taken in our church. One of our youth and I were talking today about your famiy and he told me about your blog, I have been thinking of your family the last week weeks, wondering were the journey has lead you guys. I am so happy to see all the pictures and information aout your family, especially Sarah. Our church has been praying for her for years, ya'll had just left from our church when she was diagnosied. And I remember your family coming I really enjoyed the services especially b/c it showed me you can have fun in church ) I was very newly saved) So thank you for sharing God's love and JOy. P.S. I am so jealous of Nathan for getting to go to Israel and of you photo hook towel holder. Love your sister in Christ Jessica